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Preface: How Katia Became My Enema and Sex Slave

by A Wizard of Ass

As I was driving, I picked up a hot runaway, Katia. She looked VERY young. I was concerned that she might be under age, but she claimed to be 21, and showed me an ID. But the picture didn't completely look like her, and I remained somewhat suspicious.

Nonetheless, I took her to my place for dinner. We got into a discussion about the S/M classic "The Story of O." It turned out that she had read it, and was very intrigued by the submissive "O."

Katia badly needed a place to stay. As a runaway, she had nowhere else to go... I told her she could stay at my place, BUT at one condition: that she'd become my sex slave -- and be videotaped! Adventurous and reckless, as well as intrigued by the prospect of a real-life "Story of O", Katia decided to give it a try...

I continued to be suspicious about her age. A petite 5 foot 1, Katia can look like a little girl -- and often acts like one, with her silly, giggly personality. When she's not bratty (which she is a lot of the time!) she can be an angelic cutie pie. So, I asked her for additional proof of age. She hesitated to show me her passport. When I threatened to take her back to the sidewalk where I had picked her up, she finally gave in.

The brat had lied to me! The first ID was a fake. She was not 21 at all -- she had just turned 18 a few weeks before, when she had run away from home. Fortunately, she was still of legal age (I demanded yet another ID to confirm that.)

Needless to say, I punished her soundly for her lie.

The most difficult thing for her to deal with were the enemas -- her butt was totally virgin and VERY SHY. She didn't even know what an enema was!! However, she has managed to soak up a fair bit of water. And she's also learning to handle intense, extended punishments.

Beneath her shy veneer, Katia is quite a little sex maniac -- but I have to put up with her brattiness. Ever read the classic erotic book "Lolita"? Highly recommended! You can also check out the film, especially the newer one (1997), with Jeremy Irons.

Lolita's author loves the term "nymphette." In Katia, I found a real-life nymphette... A nymphette whose enemas and other intense punishment I'll be sharing with you.

I told Katia that, as part of her punishment, she must keep a detailed diary of her (mis)adventures.


Katia's Diary

Entry 1. The Second Day

[Editor's note: this entry was written at the end of the 2nd day of Katia's new life as an enema slave. Day 1 is captured in the film "Katia: From Runaway to Sex Slave" (upcoming on MyFirstKinkySex.com.) Day 2 is captured in "Runaway Discovers Watersports" (upcoming on MyFirstKinkySex.com)]

Katia about to take an enema underwater

After enduring this evening's long and wet punishment, I was very happy when my master let me lay down a bit before returning to my box. Finally, I thought, a moment to relax! Well, the thought came a moment too soon, because before I could position myself comfortably on my back -- moving carefully because my stomach still really hurt from the last round of enemas -- he returned, spanked me some more, and handed me a notebook and a pen.

"Make yourself useful!" he said. This seems a little too much like homework to me, writing down my experiences here, and I never did like silly assignments. But now I know better than to refuse his commands, so here my words lay testament to the ceaseless torture I experience in my journey to be a good submissive, like "O".

My best friend gave me "The Story of O" years ago, and what more can I say than... wow. This was nothing like sex-ed in school! And now, with my master, this is leaps and bounds better than making out with some stupid boy in the back seat of his beatup old car. I feel like sex breathes from the pores of my skin -- the women from my hometown used to call me a devil child for asking so many questions about sex -- but what can I say? I'm so curious, and the little I know already feels so good! Maybe now I can finally learn something substantial...

"The Story of O" is an old French erotic novel about a woman who enters some crazy sex cult with her lover, and endures countless nights of whippings and sex-acts-on-command with masked men. Her anxiety and fear grow as she realizes she may even *enjoy* some of these "impossible" conditions ... all except for the whipping, of course (I can totally relate -- except for me it's the enemas!). But even these she comes to accept, as her acceptance is proof of her submission to her love. How wonderfully sexy and romantic!

So I guess we'll see how much like "O" I can become. Katia taking an enema underwater

The most submission I've experienced so far is when my master paddled me and gave me an enema while I was face-down in the bathtub -- totally submerged in water. I couldn't open my eyes, and I could only breathe through the small tube of a snorkel. What a terrifyingly vulnerable position! And that was only still early in the night ... And my poor butt is still so sore, now, only a few hours later ...

Entry 2. After the Enemas with Nicolette

[Editor's note: this entry was written after Katia got her first rounds of punishment with another girl -- including enemas together. See "Piled Up: Double Punishment for Nicolette & Katia" ]

I thought I was getting used to being here .. only a few days have passed, but my times of isolation make me anticipate (dare I think - look forward to??) his actions. Sometimes he definitely makes me nervous, but other times his tricks turn me on. Switching a chocolate banana treat with his penis -- arg! [Editor's note: see "Runaway Discovers Watersports" (upcoming on MyFirstKinkySex.com)]

I should have known he would do something like that, and his constant need to record our actions almost made me sick with anxiety. But I do want to please him, and I love the sounds of pleasure he made when my soft tongue danced around his penis -- but to know I'm to be watched?! How nerve-wracking, performance anxiety from inside the safety of my own box!

And then, out of nowhere, this other girl (Nicolette) shows up. I've heard voices outside my box before, but I never thought I would see the faces to them -- let alone get punished with one! Perhaps he is trying to make my experience more like O's, now by adding more girls? Katia (left) and Nicolette, about to be squeezed into a box together She was beautiful. Maybe too beautiful. Could I be jealous of him already? Does a slave have the right to be jealous? Well, at least he didn't ignore me. Nicolette and I got equal punishments -- and my rewards are quite a bit better than a little math tutoring!

It did make me more shy, though, with somebody else there. She didn't seem to mind though. She was even pretty nice to me when we were smashed up together inside my box. And I guess, how shy can I be with her now that we've even shared an expulsion bucket together?

Katia on top of Nicolette

Mmm one nice thing I *really* liked was being masturbated with a lit candle. Hot stuff! Fire is my favorite element ... and to receive such pleasure from the same item that had just burned and hurt me made it even that much more thrilling.

What an odd man he is with his asparagus and cherry tomatoes. I never know what's going to happen next -- or what previously "odd" new things I might find I enjoy.

Entry 3. After the Enemas with Lena

[Editor's note: this entry was written after Katia got a 2nd round of punishment with another girl -- including enemas together. See "Lena & Katia: Intimate Double Punishment" ]

Today I had another encounter with one of my master's girls -- I wonder how many of them (us?) there are. Imagine if one of them turned out to be somebody I knew, how intense would that be?

Katia and Lena

Before I came here, I never acted out on my various sexual fantasies, or even really dared to let my imagination wander long in erotic settings like my current home. But now I'm here .. and these things are really happening. I thought I was obsessed with sex; how naive I was, it was all only in my mind! Now it's in my body, sensual memories weaving through my flesh, stirring my blood, dripping white heat between my thighs.

Katia (left) and Lena

The intensity with Lena started with a blindfolded introduction to her body. Her skin was so soft, and it made me tremble to bite her nipple knowing and sensing the pleasure that must have seared through her. And what a wonderful spanker she is! So sharp, but then she would smooth out the pain on my sore butt with her cooling fingers, spreading the sensation throughout my entire body. My pussy started to burn and sweat - wow I wonder if hers was, too. She was wearing these really hot butterfly panties that showed off her pussy lips, what a ready sex kitten she was.

Submitting to somebody other than my master was interesting. She gave me some oddish looks for being a sex slave -- but hey, she's here too, submitting for her own reasons! I'm feeling more like O every day. The sexy girls my master keeps bringing in charge my sexual curiousity even more. With them being here, I'm somewhat more aware of what it's like to be watched while these things happen ... I was so nervous before about being recorded, but imagine, could I actually be an exhibitionist??


Entry 4. After the Enemas with Trinity

[Editor's note: this entry was written after Katia was punished with Trinity. See "Cling-Wrapped Together: Double Enemas & More" ]

Trinity Well, we were supposed to do a photo shoot with this hot devil costume, but my master lent it out to a girl (Trinity) who forgot to bring it back in time. I never ended up seeing how it looked on her -- but I did get to know her pretty well! My master punished us both together, wrapping us up in plastic wrap (where our flesh was chockingly stifled), and giving us enemas together.

He was upset with her for being late, and punishing me for ever so innocently using a toy I saw just laying around. I just loved the kinkiness of masturbating with a devil's pitch fork. How was I supposed to know Trinity would be punished doubly before me for misplacing it?

Poor girl, but at times I think she felt the pleasure we seek in the discipline.

Katia, underneath Trinity Speaking of pleasure, I think I'm starting to like parts of my punishments that I always thought horrible -- maybe even the first parts of the enemas. The initial anxiety tightens up my belly, but once the nozzle enters me and the first tiny waves of water lap their way into my colon, the anxiety subsides and I allow myself to be filled up.

Poor Trinity was whimpering and forceably submitting in our sweaty pink plastic bondage, but then she started gently biting on my neck! So even she, despite her complaints, felt the eroticism in it. Despite enjoying her nibbling, I started feeling serious pain once my stomach felt too full .. my master likes to see to it then that the suffering anguishes us, teasing that maybe he wouldn't cut us free from one another. That part I still dread, the holding and the embarrasing rush to expel anywhere we can.

Trinity recovered faster than I did, having had an enema earlier while I was playing. My master treated her with a sybian ride. She really seemed to enjoy that! I was all relaxed and calm after the enema, and the sight of her riding really turned me on. I got to fondle her, but even though I've been with a few girls now, I still felt so shy to touch her.

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