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DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors and cannot legally give medical advice. All the answers below are "how we do it" -- not how YOU should do it. No claim is made about the safety of any enema method below, or of any other type of erotic play. Don't assume that what you see in films is safe to imitate! Please use great caution and, as they say, "do it at your own risk."

Q.: What is an "Inflatable Balloon Nozzle", and how does one use it?

Lexine's enema, with Double Inflatable Balloon Nozzle A.: Together with colonic tube, the "Inflatable Balloon Nozzle" is the most fascinating of the nozzles. A "Double" Balloon Nozzle has 2 little inflatable balloons at the end. One goes up the butt and one stays out. When they both get inflated, they make a seal around the butthole, almost completely preventing the enema recipient from expelling! Usually, even a "feisty" enema slave who tries to resist the enema, can do no better than expelling a trickle of water when (s)he has a double Balloon Nozzle up the butt.

Missy, upside down, gets an enema from Veronica with a DOUBLE-BALLOON INFLATABLE NOZZLE! Moreover, the sensation of fullness from the inflated balloon in one's rectum is simply delicious. It often generates an urge "to go", which further enhances the sensation of being blocked from expelling!

The inner and outer balloons get inflated by means of inflating bulbs, usually attached to the ends of internal air ducts that lead to the balloons. The most typical bulbs are the same as those used by doctors in the old days to measure the blood pressure on someone's arm. Make sure that the air valve on the inflating bulb is closed; otherwise, the balloon won't inflate.

Inflatable Double Balloon nozzles are expensive but well worth the money!

One can also buy single balloon nozzles, with only one balloon (which goes inside the butt), but they don't make as good as seal and are nowhere as much fun. In my opinion, not worth the small saving.

As a safety note, avoid overinflating the inner balloon. The receiver should say, "ahhh" or "wow", not "ouch"! The rectum isn't all that big, and the balloon shouldn't get much bigger than a small woman's fist. I usually give no more than 2 full squeezes to the bulb that inflates the inner balloon. The outer balloon is a different story -- I usually inflate that quite a bit!

Needless to say, I use inflatable balloon nozzles in a number of videos and photos...


"ENEMAS 101" (part 2)

Q.: I am really interested to try out enemas! How do I go about it?

Trinity soaks up her enema A.: Enemas are more about psychology than paraphernalia. I discussed the psychology in the previous question. Here I'll talk about the mechanics.

If the enema is self-administered, I recommend using a bag, rather than a squeeze bulb. (Squeeze bulbs are great with a partner, but awkward for solo play.)

For starters, buy an enema bag from your local store. If they don't carry it, or you're feeling extra shy, you can order them online, from many drugstore companies. Or check the equipment page on this site. My advice for a beginner is to start simple. Plenty of opportunities to get elaborate later on...)

Set up your room in a way that turns you on -- such as music or scents or sexy pictures.

If you got a sizable enema bag, fill up maybe 1/2 of it with LUKEWARM water. Feel the water temperature on your elbow (which is more sensitive than the hand); preferences vary, but I think the optimal temperature is when it feels a shade on the COOL side. "Cool", not "cold." Watch out for the water temperature changing mid-fill! Check often, or just keep a finger in the jet.

After filling up the bag, briefly open the clamp and let a little water out into the sink, to push out any air bubbles (not dangerous, but they can give people cramps.)

Hang the bag no more than about 20" (50 cm) higher than the position where your belly will be. If too high, the jet could feel a little too strong, and the enema happen a little too fast for comfort. (You can also reduce the jet's strength by partially closing up the clamp.) If the height is too low, the pressure might be insufficient to deliver the enema; you might also have water backing up from you into the bag, which may clog the hose.

Coat racks, door knobs, tripods, partially-opened drawers, etc., often work well to hang the bag.

As far as positions, everyone has their favorite ones. You'll have to figure out your own -- which is part of the fun. For a beginner, I'd recommend lying on your back on a mattress.

Small nozzles, like the standard drugstore ones, don't need much lube. Just lick it! If you're a girl, you might enjoy masturbating with the nozzle, and getting it wet that way. However, lube (such as K-Y or oil) will come in handy for later re-insertions.

Now insert the nozzle up your butt and unclamp the hose. Voilà, your first erotic enema! If the water rushes in too fast, partially re-clamp the hose. Once you find the right rate of flow, enjoy masturbating to your favorite fantasy while the water fills you up. (If "nothing happens" and the bags doesn't empty out, try raising it.)

Katia (L) and Nicolette jostle for bucket space to expel their enemas When you feel "desperate" to go (full but not painfully so), make a dash for the toilet or a handy bucket. Then continue masturbating on the toilet and/or go "for seconds" later. Maybe try more water. People can usually take a full bag. But take it easy while you're figuring things out.

Once in a while, enemas can give cramps. Not to worry. They go away quickly. Just rub your belly with oil or lotion, in a large square or circle. Go up on your right side, then across over the belly button, then down and close the loop. This helps move along the air bubbles, which tend to be the cause of the cramps (rather than the water itself.) Did you remember to let the air out of the hose line before taking the enema??

Something else that can happen after a large enema is a feeling of an "empty stomach", like the sensation people sometimes get after skipping a meal. This feeling can be easily confused for nausea, but it's nothing to worry about. The remedy is very simple: just eat something, and it goes away at great speed!

One of the great dilemmas on the toilet (or the bucket, etc.) is "will there be more water coming out later?", or "how can it be that so much less water came out than went in?" It's normal! A round of expulsion, then nothing happens. And then, even 20 minutes later, there might be another round. Or several rounds. I affectionately refer to them as "afterthoughts"! Eating can contribute to bringing forth new rounds. Do not strain yourself trying "to go"! It's not good for your rectum, and in the long term it might contribute to hemorroids. Just surrender yourself: let the water come out whenever it wants to. Finally, do yourself a favor and do not leave the house immediately after an enema! I recommend eating something, and then waiting at least 20 minutes. For extra safety, consider stuffing an adult diaper (or other absorbent materials) in your underwear if you must go out -- unless you are into public scenes...

Iris (standing) strokes Irina's distended belly Distendend Bellies

Short summary: VERY SEXY!

Most enemas result in some belly distention, but if the enema is large and/or the recipient is petite, the effect is more noticeable.

Many people like to see some distention because it plays into the fantasy element of "large enemas."

The distention can be seen better in side view, especially if the person is standing, sitting or kneeling on all four.

In many of our films, we get enticing shots of distended bellies! When they are especially visible, we often mention them in the film's synopsis. Go to the EnemaWizardVideo.com main film page, or the SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com main film page and do a text search for distended.

Q.: What about the HEALTH aspects of enemas?

Nursing student Leona, with patient A.: Many people discover enemas for health reasons. In that context, they are usually called "Colonics." Other terms used include "Colon Irrigation", and "Colon Hydrotherapy."

Many holistic health practitioners recommend enemas for general digestive cleansing or more specific reasons.

Here are some books that mention enemas:

Elson Haas, MD, "The Detox Diet" (1996)
Linda Rector-Page, Ph.D., N.D., "Healthy Healing" (1997)
Linda Rector-Page, Ph.D., N.D., "Detoxification" (1999)
Skye Weintraub, N.D., "The Parasite Menace" (1998)
Bernard Jensen, "Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management" (1981)
Josiane Mignot, "L'hydrothérapie du côlon" (1997, in French)
Christopher Vasey, "Manuel de détoxication" (1992, in French)

Giving and receiving enemas for good health can be a beautiful, uplifting experience. I recommend combining the enemas with massage.

Enema recipients sometimes have told me that the experience felt "purifying", often at an emotional level, too. Receiving enemas is a vulnerable state that often leads to the breakdown of emotional defenses, and a great sense of closeness between the giver and the receiver.

Any tips or questions about the health/holistic aspect of enemas? Please post them on our message boards



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DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors and cannot legally give medical advice. All the answers above are "how we do it" -- not how YOU should do it. No claim is made about the safety of any enema method above, or of any other type of erotic play. Don't assume that what you see in films is safe to imitate! Please use great caution and, as they say, "do it at your own risk."

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