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Missy (upside down) and Veronica
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Do you love to watch young/teen (amateur) girls getting big nozzles up their asses and their colons filled up with water or other fluids?

Or maybe you like enemas only as a part of anal play, or punishment scenes, or watersports, or bizarre penetrations, or other scenarios?

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The Story of E(nema)
Alyssa (below) and Samantha get simultaneous enemas!

Featuring : Alyssa aka Elena, Samantha and Andre Chance

Length: 76 minutes



Schoolgirl Samantha, young and beautiful, continues her S/M learning. She’s given a lovely slave girl, Elena (aka Alyssa), to dominate. But Samantha is inexperienced and Elena, who’s more aggressive, ends up turning the tables on her! Great wrestling and pussy eating...

Next, their Master makes both suck his cock, and gives them a double enema – with both girls stacked up on his lap, nearly upside down! For lube, he makes Samantha lick Elena’s butthole, and then he uses a stick of butter, which goes up Samantha’s tight end.

While holding their full-bag enemas, Samantha (with a very distended belly) and Elena need to suck their Master’s cock again. Then, after they expel the water in buckets and on the toilet, the Master cums into their mouths.

Finally, he teaches them spanking, paddling, caning and belt whipping – and he ends up subjecting Samantha and Elena to all those things while they’re tied up together! Masturbation and ice cubes soothe the poor girls as they endure their S/M initiation...

(Note: the title is a reference to the erotic classic “Story of O”)

Featured Film:

Runaway's Med Exams & Enemas
Missy nervously contemplates her upcoming enema with a monster-sized metal nozzle

Featuring : Missy and Andre Chance

Length: 87 minutes



Missy is a beautiful 18 y.o. runaway who trains as a nurse. She discovers that the training consists of receiving an extended med exam, and a gruesome series of enemas – including with an antique, large metal syringe, a gigantic metal nozzle and a long colonic tube. When she can’t take it any more, she gets immobilized in a straitjacket and receives yet another enema! Missy’s embarrassment is greatly increased by having to expel her enemas (into buckets and in the toilet) in clear sight of the male doctor who performs her exams.

The doctor even changes her tampon, shoves a suppository up her butt, and simultaneously takes her rectal, vaginal and oral temps. When Missy gets cramps from the enemas, the doctor rubs her belly and gives her a full-body massage.

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