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  Wine Enemas for Patient and Nurse
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Nurse Sasha about to get her wine enema

Featuring : Nina, Sasha

Nina, a bratty and wild brunette, pigged out on ice cream and isn’t feeling well. Nurse Sasha, a sexy redhead, comes to her rescue, with an exam and enemas – including wine enemas.

Later, Nina decides to give the nurse “a taste of her own medicine,” with more wine enemas. The nurse/patient power struggle eventually leads to wild sex and rides on a sybian.

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The entire feature-length film, split into parts
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A total 3 enemas: 1) with a squeeze bulb; 2) colonic tube enema; 3) wine enema from syringe.

NOTE: This enema clip will get re-released as a FULL FEATURE film. The full-film version will include footage never shown on this site before. Furthermore, the re-release will be at MUCH HIGHER video quality than the original enema clip. Please stay tuned! (details)

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Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Age group (1) : Barely Legal / Teen
Anal Beads
Bare feet
Character : Nurse
Clothing : Completely naked
Colonic tubes (catheters) for enemas
Ice cubes
Medical Enemas
Medical Exams
Medical Play or Medical Toys
Non-water Enemas
Pee into Bucket
Pussy Eating
Rectal Thermometers
Spanking : bare-hand
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paratfeisty and sexy, the way i like it!

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Nurse Sasha about to get her wine enema
nurse Sasha
Nina, about to receive a squeeze bulb enema from nurse Sasha
Nina probing Sasha's ass!
Nina on top of Sasha

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Nina, a bratty and wild brunette, nurse Sasha has been pigging out on ice cream and isn't feeling well. Dressed in a revealing patient gown, she awaits for nurse Sasha, a sexy redhead.

Nurse Sasha asks Nina to put down the ice cream, which she's still eating. Nina resists, and the nurse has to wrestle her to get it! In the process, Nina's pussy does a great "peek-a-boo game" through her skimpy gown.

After gaining the upper hand, nurse Sasha tells Nina that she'll have to give her an exam. She starts with a breast exam. Then the nurse takes Nina's temp: oral, vaginal and rectal. All 3 at once! The rectal thermometer has a digital display, and you can see the numbers rise! It's also a talking thermometer, and it announces how hot it is inside Nina's butthole!

Nurse Sasha announces that Nina needs an enema. But, first, Nina needs to pee. The nurse helps Nina out of her gown and makes her pee in a bucket, squatting naked over it. Nina releases quite a big flow!

Nina is so bratty and anxious at the idea of the enema that the nurse decides to "loosen her up" with some wine. She makes Nina drink a few glasses of it, sometimes directly from the bottle, and then instructs Nina, about to receive a squeeze bulb enema from nurse Sasha her to hold a mouthful of wine. The sadistic side of nurse Sasha reveals itself when she dips an enema bulb into the wine held by Nina in her mouth, fills it up, and gives Nina an enema with it! It stings, but the nurse keeps going.

Afterwards, nurse Sasha makes Nina hold a mouthful of water and, once again, she fills up the enema bulb from Nina's mouth and gives her an enema with it. Both holes are now filled up with water, just like they were with wine earlier...

But that's just a warm-up! To conclude the enema, nurse Sasha brings out an 18" colonic tube, and shoves 2/3 of it up Nina's butt. She uses a flow indicator, so you can watch the water going in. When nurse Sasha finally pulls out the tube, Nina makes a mad dash for the toilet!

Nurse Sasha has prescribed a "hydrotherapy" session for Nina. Nina has a blast cavorting in the Jacuzzi and masturbating with the water jets.

When the nurse returns, Nina coaxes her into joining her in the tub. Nurse Sasha strips naked of her alluring nurse uniform, revealing the sexy clothes she's hiding underneath. Nina steals the nurse's stethoscope and uses it to take Sasha's "pulse" -- on her butthole!

Nina is feeling better, thanks to the earlier enema, and her nympho side comes out: she licks the nurse's asshole, and finger-fucks the nurse's pussy. Not content with that, she grabs a loofah bath brush Nina probing Sasha's ass! and shoves the handle up the nurse's pussy. Then she inserts 2 fingers up her butt. Finally, she fucks the nurse's ass hard with the bath brush handle. She also spanks her and fondles her breasts.

Nina tells nurse Sasha that now she'll give her enemas, like she had been given them. The nurse protests: "I give enemas; I don't receive them!" But Nina wrestles her on the bed. Nina on top of Sasha The nurse is feisty and even spits on her! Nonetheless, Nina gains the upper hand, and it's time for her to get her revenge. So, she brings out a large industrial syringe and tells the nurse to open her mouth. When Sasha refuses, Nina sticks the syringe up the nurse's ear, then deep up her nose -- and from there straight into the mouth! In response to such abuse, the nurse spits on Nina, who promptly slaps her.

Now Nina puts the nurse in a patient gown and paddles her, making her butt very red. She also teases Sasha's rosy pussy with the paddle's handle. Nurse Sasha about to get her wine enema Then Nina pours wine into the nurse's mouth and makes her hold it; directly from the wine in the mouth, Nina fills up the syringe, and gives it to Sasha as an enema.

When Sasha needs to pee, Nina makes her pee in a bucket.

Using the large industrial syringe, Nina gives Sasha several rounds of enema, this time using water. At the end of the last round, she takes the syringe straight from the butt into the mouth (no camera cuts!) and makes a hesitant Sasha lick it. Nina then gets hold of an "anuscope" (a round speculum for the butt) and shoves it into Sasha's pussy -- which is very pink and dripping wet. She also inserts a second anuscope in Sasha's butt. So, both of Sasha's holes are now wide open. To take a good peek inside, Nina shines a flashlight into Sasha's gaping holes. Quite a view! In particular, you'll be able to see liquids (presumably water and/or wine) sloshing around inside Sasha's butt, at times "bubbling up" through the anuscope like a geyser! Hotter than "Old Faithful"!

Nina brings out a sybian and rides it. While she's on top of it, nurse Sasha paddles her. Nina, apparently not wanting to be spanked, subdues Sasha and makes Sasha get onto the the sybian. After her ride, Sasha "pops out" of it, and Nina immediately licks the sybian's dildo.

Nina, in a feisty mood and tired of Sasha's attitude, wrestles her on the bed and gains the upper hand. She pulls out a bobby pin from her hair and, after "testing" it on her own nipple, she clips it onto Sasha's clit. The pussy stimulation leads to a steamy 69. Sasha loads up Nina's butt with anal beads; when she pulls them out, they go straight (no camera cuts) into the mouth of Nina, who sucks them. In revenge, Nina shoves other anal beads into Sasha's butt and afterwards takes them out, straight (no camera cuts) to fill up Sasha's mouth -- like they had filled up her asshole just moments before.

Nina shoves a sizable eggplant into Sasha's pussy. Not to be outdone, Sasha does the same to Nina, sometimes holding the eggplant in her mouth as she fucks Nina's pussy with it. Finally, Sasha takes an ice cube and rubs it all over Nina's leg, pussy, clit, belly and nipples. Nina cringes, especially when the ice cube is in direct contact with her clit.

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