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  Intense Medical Exam & Beer Enema Revenge
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Nurse Kitty takes Lexine's rectal temperature across her lap

Featuring : Kitty, aka Madison, Lexine

A naughty redhead nurse gives an intense exam to a lovely brunette – including taking her rectal temperature, and giving her a sponge bath and a milk enema.

When the patient later discovers that the nurse was an impostor, she gets her revenge for all the heavy-handed treatment she received! In particular, she gets a turn at administering an enema – and gives the fake nurse a beer enema straight from the bottle!

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Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Bare feet
Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Body size (1) : Slender / Fit
Butt Plug (incl. Vibrators/Dildos used anally)
Character : Nurse
Clothing : Completely naked
Colonic tubes (catheters) for enemas
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Ethnicity : White
Hair color : Black
Hair color : Redhead
Hair type : straight
Height (3) : Tall
Ice cubes
Medical Exams
Medical Play or Medical Toys
Non-water Enemas
Positions : OTK
Pussy Eating
Rectal Thermometers
Spanking : bare-hand
Speculum - Plastic
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scott_vanswearingen(NEWEST COMMENT) I love this very much I want thank you Ladys and Gentlemen. Most appreciated
olivier2 deliciously kinky enema scenes! i love how they switch roles

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Nurse Kitty takes Lexine's rectal temperature across her lap
Lexine's milk enema spills over from the anal speculum used to deliver it!
It's the patient's turn to give an enema to the nurse
Beer enema for Kitty, straight from the bottle!
Nurse Kitty expels her enema

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Nurse Kitty is a young, hot redhead. She welcomes Lexine into a luxury private clinic. Lexine strips naked and changes into a patient gown.

Nurse Kitty begins her exam by taking Lexine's pulse on her neck. To Lexine's astonishment, nurse Kitty straddles her, and places the stethoscope on her nipple. Nurse Kitty takes Lexine's rectal temperature across her lap

Then the nurse takes Lexine's basal temperature in her pussy, and fondles her in the process. Not content with that, she takes her rectal temperature, too -- several times!

At that point, the nurse brings out a Q-tip, and proceeds to probe all of Lexine's orifices: her ear, her nose, her belly button, her toes, pussy and butthole. Then, with her hands, she examines and fondles Lexine's tongue!

Afterwards, nurse Kitty gives Lexine a sponge bath and probes her pussy with a tampon -- which she removes with her teeth. Not content with that, she starts eating her pussy, too. Then she gives her a douche.

The nurse wants Lexine to drink, but Lexine refuses. When nurse Kitty makes Lexine drink water from a bottle, Lexine spits it out on her. Likewise, Lexine spits out her milk. The nurse licks off the milk that spilled onto Lexine's belly button, and swears that she'll make Lexine take her milk "in a different way"...

For starters, the nurse takes off her wet uniform, revealing fishnet stockings, leather miniskirt and a corset. Lexine is getting more and more suspicious as to whether Kitty is a real nurse...

Nurse Kitty licks and bites Lexine's toes; then she strips naked. Afterwards, she spanks and paddles Lexine at length, across her lap, and gives her a red butt. Then, she rubs ice cubes on her.

Using her own mouth as a container, nurse Kitty fills up an enema squeeze bulb and, after placing Lexine on her lap, almost upside down, she gives her a couple of enemas, which Lexine later expels in the toilet.

Lexine's milk enema spills over from the anal speculum used to deliver it! When Lexine comes backs, nurse Kitty places her again on her lap, almost upside down, and sticks an "anuscope" (a round speculum) up her butt. Finally, she's making Lexine take her milk -- as an enema! She pours the milk into the funnel-like anuscope.

Not yet satisfied, the nurse also gives Lexine a bigger enema, using a 16" colonic tube, which she inserts "to the hilt." She also uses a "flow indicator" that lets you watch the water go in.

Afterwards, the nurse makes Lexine expel into a bucket, in full view. But first she makes Lexine assume an odd -- and sexy -- position, whereby Lexine lies down on her back, on top of the nurse, and expels into a bucket tucked between the nurse's legs.

Then, after placing Lexine once again almost upside down, the nurse repeatedly penetrates Lexine's pussy and butt with the "anuscope". Using a flashlight, she takes a deep look into Lexine's pink butthole!

By now, Lexine's butt is sore after all the treatment she got from nurse Kitty -- who hasn't behaved at all like a real nurse. Lexine finally confronts her. Kitty admits that she's not a nurse after all. She's just a fellow patient at the clinic, who stole a nurse's uniform, and decided to have fun at Lexine's expense! It's the patient's turn to give an enema to the nurse

Lexine wants her revenge for all she was put through. For starters, she gives Kitty repeated bulb enemas. Kitty dashes to the toilet to expel. When she returns, Lexine shoves a speculum in Kitty's pussy. Then she takes a double-ended dildo, and shoves the ends in Kitty's pussy and ass. Afterwards, she finger-fucks Kitty's ass.

Beer enema for Kitty, straight from the bottle! But that's just a warm-up! Lexine brings out a beer bottle and shoves it up Kitty's butt, giving her a little beer enema in the process!

Next, Lexine dons a strap-on, and inserts half of a double-ended dildo in her own pussy. She forces Kitty into a kneeling position, and shoves all 16" of a colonic tube up her butt. The tube is connected to a 5-gallon jug, and there's a flow indicator on the line. Lexine gives Kitty a large enema, and then double-penetrates her butt with a large hollow nozzle that lets the water flow out, into a bucket below. Meanwhile, Kitty is still receiving more enema through the colonic tube -- water is going deep into her, and coming out at the same time! Nurse Kitty expels her enema

While the enema is still progressing, Lexine takes the second nozzle out of Kitty's butt, and proceeds to impale her with the strap-on dildo. Kitty is being butt-fucked while at the same time receiving an enema with the colonic tube! Afterwards, there's an extended expulsion scene. Kitty, still kneeling, often misses the bucket, and expels a lot of water on the bed! Humbled, she apologizes for having pretended to be a nurse.

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