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  Nurse Kitty's Punishment
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Kitty (aka Madison)

Featuring : Kitty, aka Madison and Andre Chance

Length : 83 minutes

Nurse Kitty is a young, hot redhead. But she's a fake nurse. I know her secret and I threaten to expose the truth. To avoid that, she accepts an intense punishment for her lies.

Her punishment includes spanking, whipping, getting the whip handle up her ass, and receiving multiple enemas, which she has to expel in a bucket. She also pees there. The initial enemas involve squeeze bulbs; later, Kitty gets a full-bag enema, with a flow indicator, while in bondage.

Furthermore, Kitty gets nipple clamps, ice cubes, and her underwear shoved entirely up her pussy!

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Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Bare feet
Clothing : Completely naked
Enema - Squeeze bulb or Bottle
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Flow Indicator
Ethnicity : White
Hair color : Redhead
Ice cubes
Nipple clamps
Panties-related action
Pee into Bucket
Positions : OTK
Rectal Thermometers
Skin tone (A) : Fair
Spanking : bare-hand
Spreader Bars
Whipping (flogger)
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waterypee and then enema is an excellent combo

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Kitty (aka Madison)
Kitty gets her rectal temperature taken

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Kitty (aka Madison) Nurse Kitty is a young, hot redhead. But she's a fake nurse. I know her secret. Pretending to be sick, I summon her up to my apartment. When she shows up, I confront her with my knowledge about her fraud. When she begs me not to reveal her secret, I tell her I'll keep quiet only if she does everything I ask her to. She eagerly agrees!

I quickly swing her across my lap, raise her uniform and lower her panties. Then I proceed to spank and paddle her. Afterwards, I remove her panties and shove them into her mouth. Not content with that, I stuff the panties entirely up her pussy -- shoving them in until they disappear inside! I continue paddling her, as well as whipping her and pinching her nipples.

Nurse Kitty is feisty, bratty and unrepentant. That calls for butt punishment! I start by slipping a finger, and then two, up nurse Kitty's butt. Then I switch to whipping her, followed by shoving the whip handle up her butt. A lovely tail. At this point, I finally strip nurse Kitty naked -- and partially shove her bra up her butt!

The panties are still entirely inside nurse Kitty's pussy. I slowly pull them out; but the pussy is tight, and it takes some time.

Nurse Kitty needs to pee. I make her pee in a bucket. Afterwards, I put nipple clamps on her and spank her more, till her butt turns red. To "cool her down", I drop numerous ice cubes on her, and rub them all over her! Nurse Kitty squirms and squirms.

I now cover her in baby oil, making her glisten. Quite sexy. I make her drink some water and ask her to hold it in her mouth. From there, I fill up an enema bulb -- and proceed to shove it up nurse Kitty's butt. Then I give her 2 more enema bulbs. Afterwards, nurse Kitty pees again in a bucket -- and you can also see some murky-looking wetness around her asshole.

Kitty gets her rectal temperature taken It's time for nurse Kitty to have her temperature taken. I stick a thermometer into her mouth, and then reinsert it in her pussy, and finally in her ass.

The previous enemas were just a warm-up! While lying on her side, nurse Kitty gets another bulb enema, while I finger her pussy. Then, nurse Kitty is made to lie on her back. I stick a finger up her butt, and give her yet another bulb enema. Afterwards, I proceed to put nurse Kitty's arms in bondage, using a spreader bar. The bar is so long that nurse Kitty's arms need to be stretched, because her wrists can barely reach the straps!

The serious enema action now begins. I completely fill up a red enema bag, attached to a flow indicator and a large nozzle. I shove the nozzle up nurse Kitty's butt, while she's on her back, helplessly tied up. The flow indicator helps you see and feel the water filling up her colon. She soaks up the whole bag!

Nurse Kitty has so much water inside her -- the whole bag plus the water from the earlier enema bulbs -- that the expulsion scene is delightfully long. She expels into a bucket, in full view, in a number of awkward positions. Initially, she expels while still lying on her back, tied up. Then I make her stand up -- and make her continue to expel in the bucket while are arms are still in the spreader bar. Kitty Finally she does her third round of expelling in a squatting position, after having been at last released from bondage. You can see the water get progressively murkier throughout the long expulsion scene. At the end, nurse Kitty's butt is so wet -- and her punishment has been so lengthy -- that I tenderly wipe her butt, and declare that she has been adequately punished (for now!)

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