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  Brutal Sex Therapy for Jeannie
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Jeannie expels her enema on the toilet

Featuring : Jeannie and Andre Chance

Length : 106 minutes

Jeannie is an exotic-looking girl of Southeast Asian ethnicity. She has a great natural tan, and lovely breasts. Her sexual hang-ups are causing problems with her boyfriend. So, she goes to a sex therapist. He explains that the way to get rid of sexual hang-ups is to explore a wide variety of kinky acts. When she agrees to do "whatever it takes," he leads her into a brutal erotic journey – and won't let her change her mind about going along.

The kinky acts include enemas (even one with her own pee!) and bizarre anal penetrations...

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Bare feet
Bizarre Ass Penetrations
Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Bizarre Pussy Penetrations
Clothing : Completely naked
Ethnicity : Asian
Hot wax
Ice cubes
Non-water Enemas
Non-water Enemas : Pee Enema
Pee into Bucket
Positions : OTK
Spanking : bare-hand
Spreader Bars
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paratwow, the pee enema knocked my socks off!!

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Jeannie expels her enema on the toilet
Jeannie gets an enema
Pee enema!

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Jeannie is an exotic-looking girl of Southeast Asian ethnicity. She has a great natural tan, and lovely breasts.

She decides to visit a sex therapist, to get help getting rid of sexual hangouts that were causing problems with her boyfriend. Well, it so happens that one of my ways to pick up girls is to present myself as a sex therapist... It works well!

Jeannie comes to me for help. Posing as a sex therapist, I offer to help her, but I demand a commitment "to do whatever it takes." She agrees...

I explain that "a good way to lose hang-ups is to explore exhibitionism, including being videotaped." Voilą, things get rolling... I start undressing her, and make her dance semi-naked. Then, once she's fully naked, I make her lie down, and eagerly proceed to fondle her breasts.

I learn that her boyfriend asks her to do kinky things, including some "punishment scenes"; she says she had tried to go along, but had freaked out. I explain that she has to practice those acts. So, I put her over my lap, and spank her! She begs for me to stop, but I convince her to stick to her previous commitment, and to continue ("you want to go home free of your inhibitions, don't you?")

I spank and paddle her at length, till her butt is VERY red. Then I cool her down with an ice cube (while she's still on my lap.) I rub the ice cube all over her; I even masturbate her with it, and halfway insert it in her asshole & pussy!

Variety is the spice of life... So, I warm her up with hot wax, then I immediately use an ice cube again, and then hot wax & ice at same time. I masturbate her with a lit candle, which I proceed to stick up her pussy.

Time for anal action! I start with a finger up her butt, then 2, and then I fuck her butt with a candle.

I put her on my lap, and give her an enema, using a red bag and a flow indicator, a little disk to visualize the water filling up her colon. Jeannie gets an enema But first, I make her lick the nozzle, then I make her drink from it, then I fuck her pussy with the nozzle, and masturbate her with it. I discover white pussy juice on my leg. Jeannie, still across my lap, is obviously getting excited... I love the way shy girls get all hot!

I douche Jeannie her with the nozzle -- and I can see white pussy juice in douche rinse. With some difficulty, I finally stick the nozzle up her tight butt. I employ a system I'm partial to: a finger up the girl's butt, then two, and then slip in the nozzle between the two fingers stretching out her butt hole.

You'll enjoy the sight of the flow indicator spinning and spinning. Jeannie soaks up a full bag. To give her relief, I remove the enema nozzle and ram into her butt a large hollow nozzle, which acts as an expulsion funnel. She's still across my lap, and you'll get a sizzling head-on view of the water emerging from the nozzle.

It is very lengthy expulsion -- she makes a mess on my leg! I wipe my leg and her butt. This expulsion scene is not for weak of stomach!

Jeannie expels her enema on the toilet Jeannie finishes up on toilet (you can hear the sound) while I caress her hair and rub her belly, still swollen from residual water in it -- which is giving her cramps. Then I caress her neck, fondle her nipples, and cover her belly and breasts in oil. I end up masturbating her while she's still on the toilet.

Back on the bed, Jeannie is made to lie face down. I whip at length her back, butt, legs and feet; I also lift her by the armpit, and whip her side, breasts, belly and pussy.

I attach her wrists to a spreader bar, which goes behind her neck (an enticing "crucified" look), and telescopes out. I also attach her ankles to another telescoping spreader bar. I again whip at length her back, butt and legs. I lift her arm, and whip her breast for a long time.

By now, Jeannie is saying that she changed her mind about her commitment to the sex-therapy session. However, I tell her that she has no choice; after all, she's rather helpless and immobilized... To enjoy some light fun, I whip her with a wet noodle -- literally! I torment her by making her eat spaghetti. Then I probe deep into her ear with a noodle -- which makes her shiver more than being whipped! Another noodle, this time up her nose, make her squirms nicely.

I drench her in oil, especially down her butt crack, and I masturbate her a little. I cover her up with noodles, I tickle her and push a noodle up her pussy; I then make her eat it, straight out of her pussy. I push a whole bundle of noodles up pussy, then a noodle all the way up her butt, then 2 more noodles partially up butt -- sticking out like a tail!

I again penetrate her butt with a large hollow nozzle: through it, I can see the noodles inside her ass! I stuff the nozzle with noodles, and use a little piston to shove them deep up her butt. I alternate using the hollow nozzle and my finger to get more noodles up her butt.

I fill up an enema bulb and squirt all over her back and butt. I decide to switch to milk. First, I pour cold milk on her back, and then I grab her by the hair and make her drink it.

She says she needs to pee; I make her pee in a small plastic container (she's face down, still in bondage, with her hips raised on a pillow.) It's quite a sight to see a "river of pee", going down the noodles drooping from her pussy and butt!

Pee enema! I fill up the enema bulb from the pee container -- and give her an enema from her own pee. Then an enema bulb full of milk, then another pee enema and then another milk enema. A total of 4 bulbs. To insert the bulbs, I use my system of first inserting 2 fingers, and then slipping the bulb between the fingers.

Once more, I whip her back, butt, legs; then I lift her arm and whip her breast.

Jeannie is now ready to expel. First, however, I make her hold it a little longer -- while I take a candle and masturbate her with it. Then I stick the candle up her pussy and leave it there. Like before, I make her expel through the large hollow nozzle. You can see a lovely milky jet coming out of her. I free her from bondage, and she sits up straddling the bucket. The candle that's still in her pussy comes to rest on the bottom of the bucket -- like a pillar supporting her (impaling her.) The expulsion stream quickly changes between white and yellow (watch carefully in slow motion), while I rub her belly and masturbate her, as "her reward."

As her sex therapy session comes to an end, I make Jeannie repeat after me, "I'll face my sexuality, uninhibited." I love it when virginal girls learn!

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