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  Nicolette's Tutor Teaches her a Lesson
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Nicolette gets a sponge bath in the kitchen sink!

Featuring : Nicolette and Andre Chance

Length : 80 minutes

In her slutty miniskirt and stockings, bratty Nicolette is a hot student, with lush, long brown curls. But her mind is not on her studies, and she’s failing her classes.

At her tutor’s place, while he steps out, she snoops around his box of spanking, enema and sex toys. He catches her red-handed, and punishes her for being a bad student and a snoop. Under the threat of having her parents informed of everything, Nicolette submits to the tutor’s kinky punishments – and he uses on her the same toys she discovered while snooping.

In particular, she gets spanked OTK and she receives multiple enemas, including a a squeeze bulb with her own pee, and an enema with a colonic tube!

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enema scene

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

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Bare feet
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Socks or Stockings
Colonic tubes (catheters) for enemas
Non-water Enemas
Non-water Enemas : Pee Enema
Pee into Bucket
Positions : OTK
Spanking : bare-hand
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water masterwhat a beautiful girl... the sponge bath is a great teaser before her multiple enemas!

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Nicolette gets a sponge bath in the kitchen sink!
Nicolette, about to get an enema
Nicolette expelling her enema

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Detailed description of the entire film :

In her slutty miniskirt & stockings, bratty Nicolette is a hot student, with lush, long brown curls. But her mind is not on her studies, and she's failing her classes. I'm lucky enough to be her tutor...

She comes over to my place for her tutoring session, but she hasn't done her reading. I step out to run an errand, while she reads. As I leave, she's rather inquisitive about large box, where I keep my sex toys. I tell her to leave it alone!

While I'm gone, she snoops around my toy box -- and finds enema bags, whips, a large paddle, etc. Fortunately, I had forgotten something home and come back right away, catching her red-handed! I threaten her to tell her parents. She begs me not to. I tell her that the only alternative is getting a punishment from me. She reluctantly agrees.

"What are you gonna do?", Nicolette asks me. "Something that you'll remember for a while," I reply. I swing her over my knee and start spanking her. She's very bratty. When I say that the spanking is going to teach her a lesson, she retorts "no, it's not."

I spank her more. When I lift her miniskirt, her butt is quite red. She continues being bratty, saying that's she's "not sorry." I continue spanking and undressing her. I switch to the large paddle I had caught her looking at. Her butt turns very red. I also whip her.

I remove her stockings and shove one up her mouth, in spite of her complaints. I continue paddling her at length, including in the inside of her thighs. I remove her panties and spread out her pussy lips. After sticking a finger in her pussy, I bring it out -- full of pussy juice -- and make her lick it. Then I shove her panties entirely up her pussy.

Nicolette Her butt is now VERY red. I trail a spiky wheel all over her body. I finish stripping her naked, then I painstakingly pull out her panties from inside her tight pussy, and shove them into her mouth. After attaching a little clothespin to her thigh, I take a good view up her pussy through a speculum. When I pull it out, it's full of blood -- she just started her period!

She announces she needs to pee. I make her squat on a bucket. She seems unable to pee, but I make her drink -- and she pees at length!

Nicolette gets a sponge bath in the kitchen sink! I decide it's time to REALLY clean her up. I tell her to get into my kitchen sink! When she refuses, I spank her hard, till her butt gets very red. She gets in the sink... I soap her up and give her a sexy sponge bath. Then I tell her it's time to get cleaned inside.

She says she needs to pee -- again! I make her kneel on all four, on top of a bucket, and make her pee there. Then I lube up her butt and stick 2 fingers up it. I fill up a squeeze bulb with her own pee and give her an enema with it. Then a second round. There's only a little pee left; so, I add water and give her a 3rd squeeze bulb. Then a 4th one. I let her expel on the toilet.

When she's finished, I tell her that I'll let her go if only she says she's repentant. Stubbornly, she maintains she isn't! So, I give her a much bigger enema... Nicolette, about to get an enema First, I make her bend over a large triangular foam pillow. Then I drench her in cold baby oil. The shimmer is breathtakingly sexy. I spank her at length, till her butt is very red.

While she's still in a kneeling position, I insert into her colon ALL 18" of a fat colonic tube, attached to a red bag. I use a flow indicator to give you a good view of the water going in. I spank her at length during the enema, while the little ball in the flow indicator spins. Her butt turns VERY red.

I give her a full-bag enema, till the bag is as flat as a pancake. To prove that the colonic tube is really 18" long, I pull it out slowly (no camera cuts) and lay it down next to a ruler!

Finally, Nicolette says she's going Nicolette expelling her enema to behave. I stick a finger up her butt, and I can feel the water inside her colon. I decide to give her relief by shoving an anuscope (a round speculum) up her butt, and letting the water flow out into a bucket below.

When she "spits out" the anuscope, I re-insert it. As she expels at some length, I make her re-iterate her promise to be a good student from now on...

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