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  Piled Up: Double Punishment for Nicolette & Katia
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Katia on top of Nicolette, getting her enema

Featuring : Katia, Nicolette and Andre Chance

Bad-student Nicolette, a sizzling coed in a miniskirt, shows up unannounced at her tutor’s place, desperate for help with an imminent exam.

The tutor, who was in the middle of punishing nymphette 18 y.o. Katia, agrees to help Nicolette – but in exchange for punishment alongside Katia.

The girls get locked up in a box, drenched in oil, stacked up on the tutor’s lap and spanked. Later, while still stacked up on the tutor’s lap, they endure enemas, using red enema bags and flow indicators. Next, they have to expel the enemas into a big bucket, squatting side-by-side, in full view.

To finish up, it’s hot wax and getting their holes stuffed with cherry tomatoes and asparagus!

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Age group (1) : Barely Legal / Teen
Bare feet
Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Bizarre Pussy Penetrations
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Sexy / Skimpy
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Flow Indicator
Enema Nozzles - Small Plastic Nozzle
Height (1) : Petite
Hot wax
Positions : OTK
Red enema bag
Spanking : bare-hand
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wateryit takes my breath away to see 2 beautiful young girls stacked up while both receive enemas!!

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Katia (left) and Nicolette, both inside a large box
Katia getting paddled while stacked up on top of Nicolette
Nicolette behind Katia, both anticipating their imminent enemas
Katia on top of Nicolette, getting her enema
Katia (left) and Nicolette expel their enemas into a bucket
Nicolette (front) and Katia receive a 2nd round of simultaneous enemas. Notice the asparagus in Katia's pussy!

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Detailed description of the entire film :

I let Katia out of box where I made her spend the night. She's cute as a button in her pigtails, tank top, sexy panties and frilly socks. It's time for her daily punishment: I swing her over my lap and start spanking her.

She admits she's beginning to enjoy being my sex slave, though she feels scared by never knowing what's going to happen next. Just as her butt is getting nicely red from my spanking, there's a knock on the door. I put Katia back in the box, and answer the door.

It's bad-student Nicolette, who has a test tomorrow and desperately needs tutoring now. Hot as ever, in pigtails and sexy miniskirt...

I try to send her away, because tonight I'm busy with Katia, but she's insistent. I finally agree to tutor her, but only if she "helps me with what I was doing," and also submits to a new round of punishment. She agrees.

Nicolette notices a big box shaking, and wonders whether there's a little animal inside... I open it, and surprise her with Katia! Before the two girls have recovered from their surprise, I push Nicolette into the box, making her share tight quarters with Katia -- but not before stripping them naked and shoving their panties into their mouths.

Katia (left) and Nicolette, both inside a large box Defiantly, the girls spit out their panties. I punish them for it! First, I shove both girls to the bottom of the box, and drench them with cold baby oil straight out of the fridge.

Afterwards, I tape the box shut, with the girls squeezed inside, while I get the punishment gear ready.

Katia getting paddled while stacked up on top of Nicolette When I let them out, I swing Nicolette onto my lap, and pull Katia on top of her! I spank both at once; then I paddle them with 3 paddles, progressively bigger... Afterwards, I pass a spiky wheel all over them.

I toss the girls to the floor, and then make them lie on the bed, on their backs, stacked up. I hang 2 enema bags side-by-side. First, I spray the girls with the cold water in the enema bags, and make them squeal nicely; then I once again stack them up on my lap, with petite Katia on top of Nicolette. Nicolette behind Katia, both anticipating their imminent enemas

I do another round of double spanking, and then I pour hot wax on both. They truly scream in pain at length! I take one of the lit candles, and masturbate Katia with it. At times, it drips onto Nicolette below...

Katia on top of Nicolette, getting her enema I shove an enema nozzle up Nicolette's butt and one up Katia's. Each hose has a flow indicator -- and as the simultaneous enemas proceed, you'll be hypnotized by watching the 2 little balls spinning at once.

As the girls soak it up, I spank them both. The dried wax on Nicolette breaks off as I spank her! Katia soaks up 1/2 of bag; Nicolette most of hers. (Keep in mind that Katia is very petite, just 5' tall.)

Katia (left) and Nicolette expel their enemas into a bucket I make them sit side-by-side on a large bucket. Katia expels; Nicolette is unable to. So, I make Nicolette expel in the toilet. She's having bad cramps; I sit next to her and rub her belly while she's on the toilet.

Nicolette (front) and Katia receive a 2nd round of simultaneous enemas. Notice the asparagus in Katia's pussy! Afterwards, I make the girls lie side-by-side in a fetching OB-GYN position, using large pillows under their legs. I squirt them with lots of cold oil. I make each girl eat a cherry tomato. Then I shove one up Katia's pussy, and one up her butt. Turning to Nicolette, I insert one up her pussy and 3 up her butt.

Not content with that, I stick some asparagus in the mouths and pussies of both girls! Katia spits it out, and I vow to punish her harder. I start another round of dual enemas. Once again, you'll see both flow indicators spinning. Katia soaks up 1/3 of bag; Nicolette most of hers.

I make Nicolette expel in a novel way: by sticking 2 fingers up her butt, and stretching it out, so that the water flows out into bucket underneath! Then shove asparagus up her butt.

I continue Katia's enema. Then I make Nicolette sit on bucket and expel there. I help her again with the 2-finger system, and water floods out. Finally, I yet again stick a finger up her butt, but feel no presence of water. So, I let Nicolette go.

Katia is patiently waiting, lying on the bed, with the asparagus still in her pussy,and her colon full. I make her sit on the bucket and expel. Then I tell her to go back in the box, so that I can tutor Nicolette as promised.

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