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  Lena & Katia: Intimate Double Punishment
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Katia (left) and Lena have to share a single toilet to simultaneously expel their enemas

Featuring : Katia, Lena and Andre Chance

Lena is beautiful in her miniskirt. She has seductive, lush hair. But she’s a pathetic would-be athlete, lacking discipline.

Her trainer gives her an ultimatum: be punished – or be expelled from the team. She learns about discipline alongside 18 y.o. sex-slave-in-training Katia, through enemas, spanking, paddling, hot wax and more.

To expel their enemas, Lena and Katia have to share a single toilet!

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enema scene

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

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Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Age group (1) : Barely Legal / Teen
Bare feet
Bizarre Ass Penetrations
Clothing : Completely naked
Colonic tubes (catheters) for enemas
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Hot wax
Pee into Bucket
Positions : 2 Girls Sharing Toilet Seat
Positions : On Toilet
Positions : OTK
Setting : Bathroom
Spanking : bare-hand
User comments

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akula66This is one of my favorite films :) I love Lena...she sooooooo HOT!!! OMG!! Drop-Dead Beautiful...she has an ass to die for and a sweet sassy attitide that makes me want to amuse myself with her for hours. Great Job! ALL!

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Lena paddles Katia OTK
Lena's turn to get naked
Lena (left) and Katia both expel their enemas into a shared bucket
Katia (left) and Lena have to share a single toilet to simultaneously expel their enemas

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Lena looks hot in her miniskirt, bra and heels -- but is inappropriately dressed for her athletic training, where she arrives 1/2 hour late, straight from a party. She has been goofing off lately.

As her trainer, I'm very annoyed, but I agree to proceed as scheduled, and I make her do stretches, situps and pushups -- in her tight party clothing.

She assumes a number of sexy positions, in her very revealing skimpy clothing. Out of practice, and perhaps tipsy from her party, she's clumsy. She struggles to maintain some enticingly precarious balances, including on a large exercise ball. She ends up falling and complaining. Lena

I get tired of her whining, and dismiss her, revealing to her that her sports team is considering dropping her off. She begs me not to. I tell her that she must learn discipline to be an athlete. She must do everything I tell her to do, if I am to continue training her, and she's to remain in the team. She agrees.

I explain that she must learn discipline "the hard way." To her astonishment, I swing her over my knee, and start spanking her! I spank her at length -- until a noise disturbs us. I tell a suprised Lena that it's my "pet" -- a big one...

In fact, it's my live-in sex slave Katia, whom I had put in a closet. She's getting restless.

I toss Lena to the floor and I go fetch Katia. She's cute as a button in her panties, socks and tanktop. I tell her that I'll let her out of the closet, but she must help me. As she gets up, she knocks off a clothes-hanging bar. Annoyed, I spank her with it.

I bring Katia out to a surprised Lena. Then I swing Lena over my lap, and tell Katia to "make herself useful", and help me spank Lena.

Katia has never spanked anyone before, and is very uncertain about it -- but she begins to enjoy doing that. Her sex-slave training is making progress... Nonetheless, her spanking is too wimpy. To show her how to do it right, I swing her on top of Lena, and spank both girls hard!

Lena I lower Katia's and Lena's panties -- and discover that Lena is wearing a sexy open-crotch, butterfly underwear. Virginal Katia has never heard of such a thing, so I make her get up and take a look!

I train Katia how to properly spank Lena -- until Katia's hand starts to hurt... I also make Katia remove Lena's panties. Lena keeps complaining, so I tell Katia to shut her up. My slave-in-training obviously remembers what I had done to her and Nicolette recently, because she ventures to ask Lena, "Do they taste as good as they look?", as she proceeds to shove Lena's panties up her mouth, finally shutting her up.

Katia and I spank Lena in unison. I tell Katia to fetch me the paddles. She accidentally brings me back a blindfold, too. I put it on her, and make her grope -- and later spank -- Lena purely by touch. I use different paddles on Lena, after first "testing them out" on Katia, still blindfolded.

I strip down Lena, and discover that her nipples are erect... I make Katia bite one nipple, and I bite the other one. I paddle both girls with several other paddles, a riding crop and even a kitchen spatula. Lena's butt is getting nicely red.

At one point, I tell Katia to "make herself useful", and paddle Lena. She's hesitant at first, but soon afterwards begins to enjoy it. Then I stack up both girls, and paddle both at once, with all the paddles, spatula and riding crop. It's like playing drums! Katia is still in her underwear and cute socks (which I finally take off), with her panties slid down.

Lena paddles Katia OTK Later, I give Lena a chance to get even with Katia, and make her spank and paddle Katia across her lap. She leaves some nice marks. I make Lena stand up, a little bent over, and spank her again. Lena's turn to get naked Then I strip Katia and make her lean against Lena -- and I spank both.

I swing Lena onto my lap, but on her back, and I stack Katia, also on her back, on top of her. I spank and tickle both. Then I lock them up in a closet, huddled up against each other.

When I later bring them out, I puzzle Lena with the sight of a large bucket. Katia already knows what to expect... I make Lena straddle a large cylindrical pillow, and make Katia climb on top of her. I spank and paddle both girls at length.

Afterwards, I drench them in cold baby oil; they squeal and squirm a lot! I make Katia slide back and forth on top of Lena. Then I pour hot wax on both girls -- never knowing which girl the wax will be landing on!

Smartass Katia blows out my candle; I punish her by sticking 3 fingers up her butt, and then I shove the candle up her ass, and light it.

I take a dildo, and make Lena suck it. Then I stick it in her pussy and, after widening her butt with 3 fingers, up her ass. As I spank her, the dildo wiggles like a wagging tail... I pull the dildo out of her butt, and straight into her mouth (no camera cuts!), and make her suck it, against her protests.

I fill up two red enema bottles. But Lena says she has to pee. I make her pee in a container (while she's still astride the cylinder, and Katia on top of her. I immediately fill up a squeeze bulb with her pee, and give it to her as an enema (no camera cuts!) Then seconds and thirds...

I bring out a colonic tube; after whipping Lena's butt with it, I line it up agaist a ruler: it's 16" (41 cm). I paddle Lena with the ruler. I stick 2 fingers up her butt, and "sneak in" the tube between them. Thanks to the flow indicator, you can see the water going in.

When I stick a finger up her butt (in the middle of the enema), water gushes out. I insert the colonic tube "to the hilt". All along, Katia sits on top of her. Finally, I pull out the tube.

It's now Katia's turn: I impale her with a large nozzle (while she's still astride Lena), attached to a flow indicator. During her enema, I whip and paddle both her and Lena. Meanwhile, Lena is struggling to hold the water inside her. Lena (left) and Katia both expel their enemas into a shared bucket

At last, I make both girl squat butt-to-butt on a large bucket, and they both expel at once! Katia (left) and Lena have to share a single toilet to simultaneously expel their enemas Then I maked them both sit on the same toilet seat together, side-by-side, and I rub their bellies because they're having cramps. Lena has learned her lesson, and Katia's sex-slave training is progressing well...

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