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  Cling-Wrapped Together: Double Enemas & More
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Trinity is a little devil of a girl...

Featuring : Katia, Trinity and Andre Chance

Young Trinity looks deliciously impish in a skimpy devil's outfit she borrowed for a party. However, when she returns it late -- and with pieces missing -- she gets a hell of a punishment, including enemas, spanking, paddling, tickling, grapes & butter sticks up her butt, and ice-cube torture.

Katia, the runaway who became a live-in sex slave, gets discovered to have stolen one of the missing costume pieces. She gets tied up with Trinity using cling wrap, and gets punished alongside -- including a double enema.

At the end, Trinity gets a wild ride on a sybian.

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The entire feature-length film, split into parts
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enema scene

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

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Age group (1) : Barely Legal / Teen
Bare feet
Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Cling-wrap bondage
Clothing : Completely naked
Enema Expulsion - Thru fingers spreading butt hole
Ice cubes
Positions : OTK
Spanking : bare-hand
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Trinity is a little devil of a girl...
Trinity, being buttered up
Trinity get her enema. Notice her butt still red from the earlier spank
Trinity (top) and Katia, bound together with cling wrap

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Trinity is a little devil of a girl... Trinity is back from a costume party, wearing a devil's outfit I loaned her. She looks deliciously impish in the skimpy red vinyl outfit. A little tipsy, she keeps dropping off her horns!

When she puts down the pitch fork to go to the bathroom, Katia (my live-in sex slave) steals it.

Trinity is several hours late; I needed that costume tonight, to use it for a photo contest. Worse yet, she lost an arm piece. The pitch fork is also unaccounted for, though she remembers bringing it into the house and putting it down somewhere.

I punish her by swinging her onto my lap and spanking her. Meanwhile, Katia is having the time of her life, masturbating with the pitch fork, hiding under a bed!

When I lift Trinity's vinyl skirt, her butt is nicely red -- and sweaty! As I keep spanking her, I lower her black vinyl panties. When her butt gets about as red as the devil's costume, I toss her onto the floor, and put a blindfold on her. I leave her to wonder what I'm going to do to her next -- as she hears she sound of water in the other room. At one point, when I discover she's taken off her blindfold, I pour water on her head. When I catch her peeking again, I spank her.

By hearing, by feel, and by occasional peeks, Trinity is sensing that something weird is going on... Anticipation builds up. She touches a metal object, without realizing it's the enema stand. She touches a plastic bucket, without realizing she'll be expelling there...

I put her back on my lap, and spank her again; then I use 2 paddles on her. I continue stripping her costume off her. When she's naked, still across my lap, I douse her with baby oil.

Trinity, being buttered up I trail a knife on her body, and then use it to trim off the edges of a stick of butter. I shove a chunk of butter into her mouth. After she spits it out with an amusingly disgusted expression, I force a finger, and the whole stick of butter, up her butt. She yells, and yells even more when I twist it around! When I pull it out, the stick is a nearly-perfect cylinder... I ram it back in.

When her butt later "spits" it out, the stick of butter has a surprisingly phallic shape, with a hint of a "head" and a "ridge"! Perhaps it symbolizes that a girl's butthole is perfectly shaped for a cock...

Trinity get her enema. Notice her butt still red from the earlier spank I put the butter stick back up her ass, and shove a large enema nozzle into Trinity's mouth. I also butter her up her pussy. When I unplug her butt, it's so nicely "buttered up" that the large nozzle slips right in. I start the enema, using a red bag and a flow indicator.

While the enema flows in -- as you can see from the spinning ball of the flow indicator -- I tickle Trinity at some length! (She's still on my lap.)

Halfway through the enema, I pause it, withdraw the nozzle, and shove 5 grapes up Trinity's butt. Then I resume the enema.

I make her soak up the entire bag, while spanking her at length during the enema. Her butt is quite red, and her colon is extra full.

After I pull out the nozzle, I re-position Trinity so that her butt sticks off the edge of the bed. I place a bucket underneath her, and rub her belly. She complains of feeling VERY full, but she's too inhibited to expel right there. So, I stick 2 fingers up her butt her spread out her asshole. A veritable flood gushes out, including most grapes. (Try slow motion, and you'll see 3 emerge virtually at once!)

I again reposition Trinity, this time on her back, with her legs straight up and her butt off the edge of the bed. I again stick 2 fingers up her butt, but nothing comes out. However, after a while, she finally expels some more. Afterwards, I let her finish up on the toilet.

While I'm straightening out the room, I hear increasingly loud moans. It turns out it's Katia, masturbating under a bed, using the pitch fork she stole from Trinity! I drag her out from under the bed, and spank and tickle her with the pitch fork.

I spank her hard, till an astonished Trinity walks in. She's outraged at Katia for having gotten her in trouble about her pitch fork -- and spanks and tickles Katia with it!

Trinity's spanking is too wimpy, so I make her lie next to Katia and demonstrate hard spanking, alternating between the two girls. Afterwards, I make Trinity spank Katia, while at the same time I paddle Katia with a thick piece of cardboard. Great 2-on-1 spanking action!

Afterwards, Trinity and I tickle Katia. Switching gears, I tickle Trinity while she tickles Katia. Quite a "tickle fest!"

I make the two girls kneel up on the bed, hug each other -- and then I bind them together with cling wrap! When the complain about getting hot, I throw ice cubes in the tight space between their chests! That makes the girls squeal and squirm plenty... I also rub ice cubes on their butts and backs -- and even masturbate both girls with ice cubes.

Then I spank both girls at once.

Afterwards, I tip them over, so that they lie down on the bed, still hugging each other while their upper bodies are tightly bound in cling wrap.

Then I set up 2 red enema bags, side-by-side on the same stand. The girls continue to act in a smartass way. I punish Katia with cherry tomatoes: first, I make her eat a few, then I shove 2 up her butt. Then I ram in a large enema nozzle.

Trinity (top) and Katia, bound together with cling wrap Shortly afterwards, another large nozzle goes up Trinity's butt. Watching 2 flow indicators both spin together is quite hypnotic...

The two girls squirm bound together as they soak up their respective bags. I give them a little relief in the form of masturbating them. By the time both bags are empty, and I pull out the nozzles, the girls are obviously in pain. They beg me to let them expel ASAP. (Remember, they're still tied together.) Nonetheless, I take my sweet time, and even step away to make a phone call!

Finally, I use scissors to cut loose the cling wrap, and free the girls. Katia bolts for the bucket, and Trinity isn't far behind. Squatting butt-to-butt over the bucket, both girls let out lovely streams. You can see Katia's cherry tomatoes come out!

After a while, I let the girls go on the toilet. Katia, who's obviously in pain with bad cramps, is not too much in a sharing mood, but I make her share the seat with Trinity. Quite a sexy sight. Eventually, I let Katia have the throne all to herself, as she sobs from the cramps -- and make Trinity finish up on the bucket.

In the backdrop of Katia's moans from the other room, Trinity squats on the bucket and keeps expelling. Her discomfort is obvious -- the kind of pain that can't be faked...

While Trinity cleans up in the bathroom, I set up a sybian. I make Trinity ride it, and sneak my finger on the dildo, so that her pussy rides the dildo and my finger at once. I turn on the vibration and the rotation. Then I squeeze her breasts and yank on her nipple rings. Afterwards, I start masturbating her.

When Katia emerges from the toilet, I make her help me fondle Trinity's nipple rings and clit. When Trinity collapses, I let an exhausted Katia lie on top of her. Both girls promise me that they have learned their respective lessons...

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