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  Chocolate Birthday Enemas
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Featuring : Lilah and Andre Chance

Length : 100 minutes

Birthday girl Lilah goes to a job interview, and ends up in a rough and sensual game of complete chocolate cover – followed by a sponge bath and 3 enemas to clean her inside and out! She also gets butter sticks and bananas up her butt, a rough “birthday spanking”, a round of “drilldo” (sex machine), and cum in her hair.

She’s made to pee into a bucket, and also to expel all her enemas there. The first enema is directly from a squeeze bottle, the 2nd is from a bag (with a large nozzle), and the 3rd one is with a long colonic tube.

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enema scene

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

enema scene

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

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Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Bare feet
Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Bizarre Pussy Penetrations
Clothing : Completely naked
Colonic tubes (catheters) for enemas
Enema - Squeeze bulb or Bottle
Enema Nozzles - Large Plastic Nozzle
Pee into Bucket
Pleasure Enemas
Positions : OTK
Spanking : bare-hand
Sponge bath
User comments

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robertocean(NEWEST COMMENT) This girl is sexey, beautiful and enjoys enemas, what's not to like?
tightbuttsmakemehardI think Lilah is the most arousing girl! She has a great combination of innocence and sensuality, of coyness and flirtatiousness
shykatiei love this girl, and i relate to her. i'm new to enemas, too. she's quite a sensualist who is new to enemas but keeps an open mind, eases well into them, and by the end has a lot of fun! i want to become like her!!! :D

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Lilah's chocolate cover
Lilah gets a taste...
Chocolate-covered Lilah
Lilah's first enema, directly from drinking bottle
Lilah contemplates her imminent 2nd enema
Lilah gets her birthday spank
Lilah takes her 2nd enema
Lilah takes her 2nd enema
Lilah soaks up her 3rd enema with a colonic tube

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Lilah My new Enema/Gyno clinic (see, for example, Enema/Gyno Clinic: Krystal & Nurse Leona) is going to need a secretary, so I interview Lilah for the position. She seems eager for the job, and I decide to hire her.

She's OK with starting next Monday -- even though it happens to be her birthday. She explains that her birthdays are just boring affairs. I intrigue her with the prospect of a birthday she won't forget...

I tell the story of what Malena did on her birthday, and I start painting oil on her wrists with a brush. Gradually, I undress her as I "paint" her with oil. Her nipples are very pointy -- a good sign... But she gets increasingly shy -- and feisty -- as I get to her innermost items of clothing. She even tries to bite me!

To get her naked, I have to tickle her, wrestle her, spank her, and return her biting! Then I shut her up by shoving her stockings in her mouth. When she spits them out, I shove her panties in her mouth.

Time to drench her in cooking oil! Lilah Lilah's chocolate cover After she's all oiled up, she announces she has to pee... I make her sit over the headboard of the bed -- and make her pee right there, into a bucket!

When she tries to spy on my next preparations, I blindfold her. Then I pour melted chocolate all over her!! I cover her from head to toe, at times pouring the hot chocolate directly into her butt crack, her pussy or her mouth.

When she's thoroughly covered in chocolate sauce, I make her sit in the saucepan, and kiss her. Afterwards, I apply frosting to her. I remove her blindfold, and make her lick the frosting off her own nipples.

I apply icing, too. After I drop both frosting and icing in her mouth, Lilah gets a taste... I place a birthday candle in her mouth, one in her navel and one in her pussy.

Chocolate-covered Lilah Then I drench her in oil and rinse off the chocolate with a sponge, giving her a sensual sponge bath and fondling her at length with the sponge.

She asks about her hair. I say, "I have something better than water, to clean your hair"...

But no cake is complete without butter! When Lilah is clean, I bring out a stick of butter. I make her lick it; then I butter up her pussy really well, outside and inside. After trailing a knife on her body, including on her butthole, and smoothing the edges of the stick of butter, I roughly shove the fat stick of butter up her rear entrance. She screams in pain and pushes it out.

I stretch her rear entrance more gradually, first with a finger then two. Next, I insert a new stick of butter, which stays there for a while -- quite a lovely tail -- till it splits in two (half falls out and half is "swallowed up" by her butt.) I promptly re-insert the part that falls out.

Then I stick a peeled green banana in her mouth and one in her butt.

Lilah's first enema, directly from drinking bottle Lilah is thirsty. I make her drink from a squeeze bottle. Then I shove the squeeze bottle up her butt, and give her an enema with it! I wring the bottle till it's practically dry. Lilah gets her birthday spank

When Lilah expels into a bucket, you can see bits of butter come out. As times, the butter coming out of her butt looks like mayonnaise out of a tube!

Time for another tradition: the "birthday spank"! I swing Lilah onto my lap, I douse her in oil, and I spank her at length, at times biting her ear. I make her butt turn quite red.

I now give her an enema with a red bag, a large nozzle and a flow indicator. First, however, I give her a "mouth enema", and I play with her pussy. Lilah contemplates her imminent 2nd enema

Lilah takes her 2nd enema I make Lilah soak up the whole bag. Initially, she lies face down on my lap. But during the enema I turn her to be on her side, and then on her back -- still on my lap. That allows me to fondle her and play with her breasts.

Afterwards, I make her expel into a bucket while she's still on my lap, on her back.

Then I make her kneel on the floor at the edge of the bed, and expel some more. In that same position, I give her yet another enema, her 3rd one. This time, I use a colonic tube, again with a flow indicator. Lilah takes her 2nd enema

I tease Lilah by repeatedly pulling it out a few inches, Lilah soaks up her 3rd enema with a colonic tube putting it back in, pulling it out again, etc. I insert all 16" up her, "to the hilt". Then I withdraw it, and let her expel again into the bucket.

Finally, I do a round of "drilldo" (sex machine) on her pussy.

To finish things off, I cum in her hair. The "hair lotion" I had promised her earlier...

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