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  Enema/Gyno Clinic: Krystal & Nurse Leona
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Krystal, with nurse Leona

Featuring : Krystal, Leona and Andre Chance

Length : 66 minutes

Sexy nursing student Leona and a male doctor give a VERY thorough exam -- and a series of enemas – to an extremely shy, young Asian girl named Krystal.

ALL of Krystal's orifices are looked into, with flashlights. Vaginal and anal specula for her 2 tightest holes! All along, super-shy Krystal tries to "protect her modesty" – a losing battle... Looking inside Krystal's pussy, it's obvious that the shy slut is getting very turned on... Her basal temp (vaginal and rectal) is also taken.

To help relax Krystal, the nurse gives her an oil massage. Then it's a series of 6 enemas with a squeeze bulb, alternately delivered by the nurse and the doctor. Afterwards, to help Krystal retain the water, the nurse and the doctor masturbate her!

You'll get to watch (and hear) her expelling the enemas on the toilet. She gets bad cramps, and the doctor rubs her belly. To console her, the nurse strips naked and has a sexy cuddle with her on the bed, while the doctor rubs both girls with baby oil.

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Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Bare feet
Character : Nurse
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Nurse uniform
Cramps from enemas
Enema - Squeeze bulb or Bottle
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Ethnicity : Asian
Ethnicity : White
Masturbate others
Medical Enemas
Medical Exams
Medical Play or Medical Toys
Positions : On Toilet
Rectal Thermometers
Setting : Bathroom
Setting : Bed
Speculum - Plastic
Undressing oneself
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CRICRI(NEWEST COMMENT) Il n'y a pas la prise de température rectale pourquoi ? C'est pourtant bon.
A Wizard Of Ass (webmaster)We alternate between releasing new movies, and re-releasing old ones that had previously appeared on this site as partial clips (which we re-release as full feature films, at much-higher resolution)
TopbitchWhen will the videos for this and the others that have not been posted be released?

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Krystal, with nurse Leona
Krystal's shy undressing
Krystal, about to receive her thorough exam
Nurse Leona examines Krystal
Nurse Leona about to give Krystal first rounds of enemas
Nurse Leona consoles Krystal for her post-enema cramps

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Krystal, with nurse Leona Krystal is a very shy 22 y.o. Asian. She arrives, with stomach complaints, to the clinic that I and nursing student Leona run.

Leona and I learn that Krystal hasn't had any exam -- including OB/GYN -- for 3 years!

Krystal's shy undressing

Krystal is so shy that when nurse Leona gives her a patient gown, she tries to wear it ON TOP of her clothes! With great embarrassment, she takes off her clothes in Leona's presence -- but not without asking numerous times whether she really must take everything off. She slowly undresses completely, trying to face away from the nurse and to cover herself as much as possible. Finally, she slips into the gown and lies down.

The medical exam starts with the usual (blood pressure, oral temp.) Then the first orifices get inspected: nose, ear, mouth. When I listen to her heart, I discover it's beating very fast: she's sooo nervous!

Krystal, about to receive her thorough exam She gets even more nervous when I open a tube of KY jelly and tell her that we'll be taking her basal temp... Leona inserts a thermometer in Krystal's pussy. Super-shy Krystal keeps a hand over her pubic area!

I make Krystal roll over and stick the thermometer up her butt. Leona holds it there for a while, and then pulls it out.

Nurse Leona examines Krystal As if all that weren't bad enough for Krystal, I tell her that we now need to "inspect her vagina and anus." I make her lean back on the bed, and position her legs on leg rests. Krystal tries to "protect her modesty" using her hand and keeping her legs clamped together; however, the nurse and I move Krystal's hands out of the way, and pry her legs open. Quite a fetching OB-GYN position...

Leona and I don gloves. I lube up a large plastic speculum, ease it into her pussy and spread it wide. Then the nurse shines a light into it. To our astonishment, Krystal's pussy is overflowing with juice -- practically oozing! Krystal's shyness probably involved shame at getting as turned on as she did. But now there's no hiding from the proof of her sluttiness...

When I bring out a metal anal speculum (item ST785), Krystal's eyes almost pop out! To calm her down, nurse Leona gives her a nice oil massage.

Then I glove up, and penetrate her virgin rear opening first with a finger, and then with the speculum. I take a good look deep into her butthole as Leona shines a flashlight there.

I give Krystal a rest by withdrawing the speculum. To help stretch out gradually her shy rectum, I have Leona insert a gloved finger there. Then I insert, at the same time as nurse Leona, a 2nd and a 3rd finger up Krystal ass!

Nurse Leona about to give Krystal first rounds of enemas While Krystal lies face down, I give her a squeeze-bulb enema, and Leona gives her a 2nd one. Then I make Krystal assume a knee-chest position, and take the gown completely off (she's now deliciously naked.) Leona gives Krystal a 3rd squeeze-bulb enema, while I rub her belly.

I make Krystal lie on her side and give her a 4th enema. To insert the squeeze bulb, I use my favorite technique of putting 2 fingers up her butt and sliding the squeeze-bulb tip between them.

Afterwards, I make Krystal lie on her back and, while Leona massages her front with oil, I hold her legs up in the air, and give her a 5th enema. Then, in the same position, Leona gives her a 6th. A grand total of 6 squeeze-bulb enemas!

I ask Krystal to hold the water. She says she can't. To help distract her, Leona and I do something "unorthodox" -- and start masturbating her. That keeps her mind occupied while she holds the water...

Eventually, I send Krystal off to the toilet. You'll be able to hear the 6 bulbs of water come out! She gets bad cramps, and I rub her belly. Nurse Leona consoles Krystal for her post-enema cramps

To console poor Krystal, Leona strips naked and lies down with her on the bed, caressing and cuddling her -- while I cover both patient and nurse with oil!

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