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  Straitjacket Pressed-Grapes Enemas
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Lilah is placed in straitjacket

Featuring : Alexis, Katia, Lilah and Andre Chance

Length : 83 minutes

Sex-slave Katia misbehaves, and she’s punished by her Master and by 2 other girls with French fries up her butt, and a milk enema, which she’s made to expel in a pail.

Afterwards, Alexis and Lilah get into a wrestling match. The loser, Lilah, gets forced into a straitjacket. She's also spanked, made to pee in a bucket, tormented with ice cubes, and administered an enema from the juice of grapes that Alexis presses with her bare feet. Afterwards, Lilah is made to expel the enema in a bucket.

Eventually, both Lilah and Alexis are tied together in the same straitjacket by the male master. He administers them double enemas, and makes them expel – while still tied up together – into buckets.

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enema scene

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

enema scene

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

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Age group (1) : Barely Legal / Teen
Bare feet
Bizarre Ass Penetrations
Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Clothing : Completely naked
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Ice cubes
Non-water Enemas
Pee into Bucket
Spanking : bare-hand
Spreader Bars
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diurClever move, and HOT, to use the straitjacket on one girl as a bondage device for the other girl, at the same time!

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Katia gets a milk enema
Lilah is placed in straitjacket
Alexis fondles Lilah
Lilah gets a grape up her butt
Lilah gets an enema from the grapes that Alexis just pressed with her feet
Lilah, in a straitjacket, soaking up grape juice and oil enema with a funnel
Lilah, after her grape-juice and oil enema, expels it all on the toilet, still in the straitjacket
Alexis' very first enema!
Lilah (L) and Alexis, tied up together, get simultaneous enemas
Lilah (below) and Alexis
Alexis (L) and Lilah expel their enemas, standing up

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Alexis My new girlfriend Alexis tells me about sorority life as we enjoy a cozy dinner. The conversation shifts to my old girlfriend Leona. Alexis gets easily jealous -- and I put her on the spot by reminding her that she's shy about doing some things that Leona was OK with doing; I'm talking about enemas, of course!

Alexis, not wanting to appear inferior to Leona, is eager to rise to the occasion. I tell her that it's the enemas -- and I emphasize that it's hard for me to date someone who's so stubborn about not doing enemas.

She claims she might consider trying them, but she's fearful. She says she feels that "things should come out of there, not go in!"

I tell Alexis that I think that enemas aren't so bad. "Neither do I", butts in Katia, my live-in sex slave! Today, she's even more annoyingly bratty than ever. So, Alexis and I spank her. Then Alexis roughly shoves a lit candle up her butt. When Katia "spits" it out, I take one of the curly french fries I was having for dinner, and shove it up Katia's butt. Voila', the curly fry dangling out of her rear end looks like a piglet's tail, and I have Katia make pig sounds! Katia gets a milk enema

Next, I decide to give her a milk enema, through a funnel connected to a large nozzle. Just then there's a knock at the door: it's my secretary/assistant Lilah. Good timing -- she and Alexis get to help out with the enema! The cold milk, straight from the fridge, flows from the funnel into Katia's colon. Afterwards, I make her expel into a metal pail. It looks like she's being milked! After further embarrassing her by making her perform a silly little dance, I send her off to the toilet. Katia at her brattiest and cutest self!

It turns out that both Alexis and Lilah have an interest in common: wrestling. Lilah is a mean wrestler (as you saw in Chocolate Birthday Enemas) but Alexis, who's taller, isn't too impressed. I propose a wrestling match: the winner will get to strip naked the other girl and to put the loser in a straitjacket!

Alexis, in spite of her 6" height advantage, hasn't reckoned with the fact that Lilah plays dirty: she bites and pinches nipples! Nonetheless, Alexis manages to yank off Lilah's panties and shove them in Lilah's mouth.

Alexis then pins down Lilah and bites her nipples -- an invitingly LARGE target... Lilah gains the Lilah is placed in straitjacket upper hand a few times but, not surprisingly, Alexis eventually prevails.

Alexis and I put Lilah in a straitjacket -- no easy job considering how feisty she is! Then we spank her.

Lilah announces she's getting desperate to pee... No problem: I make her straddle a bucket, and she pees there while standing up.

Lilah Then Alexis and I push Lilah against the wall, attach her ankles to a spreader bar, tie up the straitjacket to a hook on the wall, and spank her. But Lilah squirms so much that something rather unexpected happens...

We relocate to the bed. I push Lilah, still in the straitjacket and with her ankles in the spreader bar, to make her fall face down on the bed. Alexis climbs on top of her, pins her down and spanks her again. But Lilah bites Alexis' ankle. That girl is an animal! To retaliate, Alexis spanks her some more. Alexis fondles Lilah

But Alexis doesn't seem to know how to spank really hard: so, I teach her by spanking her!

We attach the spreader bar to a hook on the ceiling, slightly lifting Lilah's legs off the bed. She complains about getting hot in the straitjacket. No problem: Alexis and I pour water on her and then make her squeal by rubbing ice cubes all over her well-toned body.

Lilah gets a grape up her butt Slutty Lilah is getting aroused, and Alexis teases her pussy.

I decide to give Lilah an enema -- to show Alexis (who has never had one and is afraid of them) what enemas are like. But the enema I have in mind is unusual... Lilah gets an enema from the grapes that Alexis just pressed with her feet

I bring out a large bucket of grapes. I make Lilah eat one, I stick a second one in her ear, and I shove another one up her butt.

I make Alexis stomp the grapes in the bucket with her bare feet. Quite an old-fashioned scene! Then I fill up a squeeze bottle with the juice, and immediately (no camera cuts) give it as an enema to Lilah!!

Lilah, in a straitjacket, soaking up grape juice and oil enema with a funnel After she takes that, I further widen her butt with 2 fingers and shove in a little funnel. Into it, I pour more of the grape juice. While the level goes down slowly in the funnel, there's a lot of "bubbling up" and "gargling"! For good measure, I pour into the funnel some cooking oil, too...

Then I make Lilah expel into a bucket, while she's still tied up in the same position. She needs to pee -- again -- and she lets out a big pee stream while she expels the grape juice at the same time! Lilah, after her grape-juice and oil enema, expels it all on the toilet, still in the straitjacket

I lead her to the toilet and she expels some more there -- while still in the straitjacket.

Now I confront Alexis about being HER TURN to try her first enema. She's still shy... So, I loosen the arms of Lilah's straitjacket and place Alexis there, tightly tied up in Lilah's straitjacket embrace! Alexis' very first enema!

I push both girls onto the bed and, when they complain about the heat, I pour water on them. I make Lilah lick it off Alexis' face. Then I place the hot girls on their sides, and spank them at length.

Time for a double enema, in the same position. I use 2 red bags, with 2 large nozzles and 2 flow indicators. Lilah (L) and Alexis, tied up together, get simultaneous enemas You can see the balls in the 2 disks spin and spin as the girls soak up their respective enemas. Meanwhile, I masturbate both girls at once.

Lilah takes her full bag. Alexis takes about 1/2 (remember, this is her very first enema.)

At that point, with difficulty, I get the girls to stand up. Lilah (below) and Alexis While they're still bound together by the straitjacket, I place large buckets under them -- and they both expel while sometimes standing and sometimes squatting. Meanwhile, they kiss. Alexis (L) and Lilah expel their enemas, standing up

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