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  Cheerleader's Nurse Training
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Eva (L), leading Raya astray

Featuring : Eva "St. Valentine", Raya and Andre Chance

Length : 94 minutes

What happens if a cheerleader with an attitude gets trained as a nurse? Trouble!

Eva got expelled from her boarding school, and disowned by her family. In dire need of a job, she goes to the master of the Reform School she knew from before.

Though rather surprised to learn that he also runs an enema/gyno clinic, she's eager to be trained as a nurse -- together with nurse student Raya. Under the clinic owner's direction, Eva and Raya practice on each other.

Raya, being in nursing school, looks down on her fellow trainee, a cheerleader who has just gotten expelled from school! And Eva, much as she tries to become a nurse, is fundamentally a bad-girl cheerleader...

The result? 2 badly-behaved nurses!

Eva acts difficult and has to be placed in a straitjacket during her examination, which includes an anal speculum and an enema -- which she's made to expel in a bucket.

But even nurse student Raya isn't too well behaved during the practice exam on her -- and she needs to be spanked and subdued. Her exam includes an anal speculum and an enema, too. With masturbation to shut her up!

Finally, both student nurses are told to practice giving enemas to their male instructor -- and also a blow job to make up for all the trouble they've caused!

This film venturs into the seldom-explored area where "medical" meets "punishment."

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Breast exam. Vaginal and rectal thermometers.

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Straitjacket. Metal anal speculum

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Enema in straitjacket bondage.

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Multiple enemas for Raya. NOTE: These enema clips will get re-released as a FULL FEATURE film. The full-film version will include footage never shown on this site before. Furthermore, the re-release will be at MUCH HIGHER video quality than the original enema clip. Please stay tuned! (details)

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Bare feet
Blow Job
Character : Cheerleader
Character : Nurse
Character : Schoolgirl
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Schoolgirl uniform
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Medical Enemas
Medical Exams
Medical Play or Medical Toys
Pee into Bucket
Positions : OTK
Rectal Thermometers
Spanking : bare-hand
Speculum - Plastic
Spreader Bars
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leisureman(NEWEST COMMENT) As for a first try of your "early releasing clips", I was very happy to get such an exiting video as the "Cheerleader's nurse training" number four! Andre, Eva and Raya know how to play play a pleasuring hot and smiling comedy. Bravo!
lordmastera big strength of this film for me is the way you successfully mix the medical and the disciplinarian elements. well-done!

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Nurse student Raya
Eva, a cheerleader trying to become a nurse!
nursing student Eva, about to get examined
Eva, fearing her imminent anal speculum exam
Unruly Eva gets a 'taste' of her imminent enema!
Eva (L), leading Raya astray
Badly-behaved student nurse Raya gets spanked
Eva about to give Raya an enema with a huge squeeze bulb
Raya finishes expelling her enemas
Raya sucks my cock while Eva licks my balls

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Nurse student Raya Raya just started nursing school. Her blond curls look adorable under her nurse's hat. She is eager for an internship and comes over to my clinic for a job interview. When I tell her that my clinic is primarily an enema one, she admits that she has no experience giving enemas. When I ask her if she ever received one, she gets so nervous that she even mispronounces the word "enema"!

I tell her to come back tomorrow for a double-training session with another prospective nurse. We'll practice giving examinations and enemas "on all of us"...

Eva, a cheerleader trying to become a nurse! The other nurse-in-training is bad-schoolgirl Eva, who eventually got expelled from her boarding school, and disowned by her family. (She took all her previous punishment for nothing! See Reform School for Girls: Eva in Forest.)

Eva comes to me, desperate, begging me to give her a job. She looks hot in her schoolgirl uniform, with miniskirt, knee-high white socks, shiny black shoes and formal dark-blue jacket! A uniform that she no longer has the right to wear...

She's puzzled about my 2nd profession at the clinic. As I play with her adorable schoolgirl's braids, I explain to her that there's overlap. In particular, enemas can be a great tool of punishment (as she discovered in the forest not long ago!) or they can be a tool of healing. They can also be pleasure for some people. She's skeptical...

I tell her I'll give her a chance as an assistant. She's clearly nervous at the thought that she'll have to learn how to give enemas. I ease her out of her outer clothes (a lovely deja vu from last time...) and I slip a sexy nurse's uniform on her. The red cross is perfectly positioned on her breasts! Before starting the nurse training session, I make her do some cheers! She's not so great at that, but quite sexy. Hopefully, she'll be better as a nurse than as a cheerleader!

Raya arrives and I introduce the two new nurses-in-training. There's awkwardness between them. They know they'll be practicing -- including enemas -- on each other... Raya, who's in nursing school, looks down on the younger Eva, a school dropout. Raya establishes her dominance by teaching Eva a cheer and making her do it.

nursing student Eva, about to get examined We start the exam on Eva. Raya listens to Eva's heartbeat, and realizes that it's beating really fast. She's getting nervous... And for good reasons! I announce she'll be receiving a breast exam, basal temperature taking -- vaginal and anal -- and then the enema.

Nurse student Raya and I start by each examining one of Eva's breasts, and trying the "nipple pinch response". Then we continue undressing Eva, who's acting increasingly more resisting -- she's still more of a schoolgirl than a nurse trainee!

But Raya and I pry open her legs, put on some gloves and give her a vaginal exam. In the process, we find that the little slut has been getting turned on... Raya takes Eva's vaginal temp; when she pulls out the thermometer, she finds it's drenched in pussy juice! That embarrasses Eva... And we embarrass her even more by giving her a rectal exam! Raya and I take turns inserting a finger into Eva's rectum. Then we both do it at once, and stretch out Eva's tight hole in opposite directions! Afterwards, Raya takes Eva's rectal temp. All along, Eva keeps whining...

Eva, fearing her imminent anal speculum exam When I bring out a metal anal speculum, Eva starts squirming so much that she gets out of control! Raya and I, with sustained effort, manage to subdue her and put her into a straitjacket. Good practice for Raya, to learn how to manage difficult patients! Since Eva is still kicking around, Raya and I have to be unorthodox: we calm her down with a good spank, and we tie her ankles to a spreader bar, which gets attached to the exam bed!

Raya gives Eva another rectal exam, using 2 fingers. As I insert the metal speculum in her butt, Eva screams so much, you'd think she's being killed! Silly schoolgirl!

Unruly Eva gets a 'taste' of her imminent enema! Time for the enema. We use a red bag, with a flow indicator. Eva complains that she's thirsty. No problem -- I give her a "mouth enema"! Then Raya inserts the nozzle up Eva's butt. Halfway through the bag, Eva starts whining a lot. To shut her up, I tell Raya to masturbate her, and then I "lend a hand" myself. This is the kind of unorthodox technique that Raya won't learn in nursing school!

We make Eva take the full bag, to the last drop, till the flow indicator stops. Afterward, I make her expel in a bucket, in full view. Quite a flow! She probably pees, too, because she was complaining she had to, though it's hard to tell which is which. She's still in the straitjacket, with her feet bound to the spreader bar. A good amount of water comes out of her. Finally, Raya frees her from the spreader bar, and Eva finishes up on the toilet -- still in the straitjacket. You'll be able to hear this second part of her expulsion.

It's now time for Eva to learn nurse skills by practicing on Raya. But Raya feels desdain for the idea of a school dropout practicing on her. She's so conceited... She thinks she's a great nurse, when in fact she's just a beginning student!

Eva (L), leading Raya astray Eva and I start by doing a breast exam on Raya, including the "nipple pinch response." But when it's time for the vaginal exam, Raya just walks away! What an attitude... So, Eva and I just grab her, and swing her across our laps! Badly-behaved student nurse Raya gets spanked Raya starts squirming; in response, Eva and I subdue her with a spank. Raya is being such a baby... As I undress her, I find that she, too, has a penchant for slutty garments under her nurse's clothing.

Eva is radiant with happiness at finally being "on the other side"!

I start by inserting a plastic speculum in Raya's pussy. Then Eva widens the rectal entrance with a finger; I widen it some more with 2 fingers -- which I then stretch out in opposite directions.

Eva about to give Raya an enema with a huge squeeze bulb I examine Raya's sphincter with a small plastic speculum. Then I use a large douche squeeze bulb to give her a douching. I re-use the same squeeze bulb (which has a rather large and stiff nozzle) to give her an enema -- Raya's first one ever! She whines but she takes it. Then I let Eva give her a second enema, with the same bulb.

Afterwards, I stick a finger up her butt -- and feel the water inside her.

Time for a full-bag enema, with a flow indicator. I insert the nozzle up her butt, and let Eva re-insert it for practice. Then we start the flow. To convince Raya to take the full bag, I instruct Eva to masturbate her. When Eva puts a finger, and then two, up Raya's pussy, she can feel the nozzle that's inside the rectum. Raya soaks up the whole bag, to the last drop.

Raya finishes expelling her enemas While Raya is still across my lap, Eva puts a bucket under her, and Raya expels there, in full view. At one point, when the flow stops, I insert a finger up her butt, and feel the water still inside her. Then I insert a second finger and spread out her butthole, which makes the outflow resume! She expels a fair bit. Then she finishes off on the toilet, and you'll be able to hear a lot more come out...

Raya sucks my cock while Eva licks my balls When she returns from the toilet, there's a new surprise in stock for Raya: it's time for more practice -- this time on me! I make the two student nurses take turns giving me 4 enemas with a squeeze bulb. But I also make them pleasure me by sucking my cock, licking my balls and inserting fingers in my ass (sometimes taking turns; sometimes, both girls at once.) A little unorthodox -- but, hey, that's the least they can do to make up for the grief they gave me! Eventually, I cum in their awaiting mouths. They are now fully trained!

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