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  Busty Cheerleader's Enema&Spanking Job Interview
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Julia, with her hands tied up behind her, getting oiled up all over before her 2nd enema

Featuring : Julia and Andre Chance

Length : 61 minutes

A hot blonde with big, DD breasts – a former cheerleader just out of college – Julia has no idea of the spanking/enema/bondage ordeal awaiting her at her job interview!

She looks jaw-dropping when she arrives in her corporate clothes.

She learns that the job is to be a personal assistant for a master who runs a “reform school for girls”, involving corporal punishment! Though astonished, Julia coyly admits she's tired of the corporate world and is eager “for something different.”

But to get the job she must experience what it's like to “be on the other side”: to be a schoolgirl being punished! She must endure spanking, bondage, anal beads and enemas (one from a drinking bottle and one with an inflatable balloon nozzle; she expels them in a bucket.)

Manhandling Julia’s DD breasts, the prospective employer congratulates her on getting the job. He’d shake her hand – except that it’s tied behind her back!

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NOTE: Part 1 and later parts are a re-release as a FULL FEATURE film of what in the past had been released on this site in the form of just the enema clips.
This full-film version includes 22 minutes of footage never shown on this site before.
This re-release is also presented at HIGHER video quality than the original enema clips. (details)

Undressing. OTK Spanking

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Vaginal and anal beads in bondage. Open mouth gag.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Finger-fucking ass. Multiple enemas: with squeeze bottle, and with single balloon nozzle (attached to clear bag.) Enema expulsion into bucket.

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Anal Beads
Bare feet
Breasts (3) : Large
Character : Cheerleader
Clothing : Completely naked
Enema - Distended Belly
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Nozzles - Inflatable double balloon
Hair color : Blonde
Positions : OTK
Spanking : bare-hand
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anja1972(NEWEST COMMENT) A sweet sinful darling, who probably deserves her punishment.
crado7a mouth watering video and a smashing girl

dancer6,I once met a dancer6 down by the river trent...
A Wizard Of Ass (webmaster)@gravishna : we love gags, too! :) Here's a listing of enema movies that include mouth gags.
@ebere : as you discovered, these type of films is very, very hard to produce. It takes a nearly full-time effort by multiple people, and a substantial expense, to consistently find enema girls like these! This fascinating topic of how to find enema models is discussed on our message boards
gravishnai love mouth gags during enema scenes
eberegreat job indeed... but i wouldn't rush to just envy... i'm a pro photographer, and i tried to produce homemade enema films, and it was INSANELY HARD! finding girls was practically impossible, though i live in a major area. i ended up spending a small fortune, and the only girls i could ever find were only so-so looking, and only willing to take lame enemas, and little more. That experience gave me a new respect for how hard it is to make movies like this!!
dancer6I envy his job
naughtymeWOW! that's all i can say

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Julia reveals her awesome DD breasts
Julia feels how warm her butt is after her spanking!
Julia's first enema, from a drinking bottle
Julia, with her hands tied up behind her, getting oiled up all over before her 2nd enema

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Julia reveals her awesome DD breasts Julia is a hot blonde with big, DD breasts. She looks sexy, and yet out of place, in corporate clothes as she comes for a job interview. She's a recent college graduate who studied business.

I discuss with her my needs for a personal assistant for my business. All she knows from the help-wanted ad is that I'm involved in the "educational" field. She doesn't know that I run a "reform school for girls"! Her eyes almost pop out when I tell her.

I tell her that there's corporal punishment involved, and that it's probably an over-the-top job for her; with her schooling, she should stick to office jobs... But she coyly admits that she's tired of the corporate world and that she's looking "for something different", for another "side within her."

I prod her about her "hidden wild side"... Shyly, she tells me that only her boyfriend gets to see that side. She finally admits that she like to "dance" for him -- the kind of dance she learned from a stripper who went to college with her.

But she resists showing me her sexy dance, even though I loosen her up with some wine. I tell her that if she continues being shy, then her job will be strictly behind a computer, dealing with numbers. The threat persuades her!

When she finally takes off her shirt, she reveals her delectable DD breasts.

She admits that she used to be a bit of a bad girl, as well as a cheerleader, before her parents pressured her into business school.

Julia I coax her into trying on a cheerleader outfit I have (a souvenir from the school that subcontracts me to discipline several of its girls!) By some miracle, she manages to squeeze her melon breasts into the tiny outfit! I make her do some cheers. Lots of lovely bouncing...

I tell her I want to see her as a schoolgirl. If she wants the adventurous job as my assistant in punishing the girls, she must first "experience what it's like to be on the other side"! With hesitation, but also intrigue, she goes along... I give her an outfit (yes, another souvenir...), and tell her to put her hair up in piggy tails. Quite a sight to see a cheerleader morph into a schoolgirl!

I ask her to crawl all over the floor, to look for something I lost there. When she doesn't find it, I spank her. "What for?" "To let you find out what the schoolgirls go through!"

When she resists, I give her the ultimatum: "if you want to become my personal assistant, you must submit." Julia feels how warm her butt is after her spanking!

I swing her onto my lap and I spank her at length. She's so embarrassed that her ears turn as flaming red as her butt!

I bring out anal beads. First, I force them into her mouth, then up her pussy. When she starts squirming around too much, I place her wrists in bondage behind her back. Then the beads (still inside her pussy) go back into her mouth, and finally up her butt.

After I withdraw 2 of the 4 anal beads, Julia starts getting more feisty and calling me a pervert. I shut her up with a mouth gag, and then pull out the remaining 2 beads.

Then I finger-fuck her butt. While I have 2 fingers up her ass, I spank her at the same time. Julia's first enema, from a drinking bottle

I get a drinking plastic bottle. After squirting some water into her mouth through the ring opening in her gag, I use the rest to give her an enema -- directly from the bottle.

Julia, with her hands tied up behind her, getting oiled up all over before her 2nd enema I manhandle her lovely DD "melons" at length, before covering them in baby oil. I proceed to squirt oil all over Julia, giving her a breathtakingly sexy all-over glisten.

The first enema was just a sneak preview! I now use large, clear enema bag, attached to an inflatable balloon nozzle. First, I pour cold water all over Julia. She's still on her belly, with her hands bound behind her back. Then I stick the nozzle into her mouth, through the ring in the gag. I open the clamp too quickly, and end up giving her quite her quite a jolt of a "mouth enema"!

Then the nozzle goes in her opposite entrance, and I inflate the balloon inside her butt. I re-open the clamp, and make her soak up just about the whole bag. When I deflate the balloon and withdraw the nozzle, I turn Julia to her side and feel up her belly: quite deliciously distended in its fullness!

Afterwards, I make her expel in a bucket -- while she still has her hands bound behind her back. Quite a good flow! As I make her kneel up, and again fondle her mega breasts, I tell her she got the job!

A Wizard of Ass

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