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  French-Maid Seductress Likes Her Punishment!
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Emily gets her 3rd enema with a monster-sized metal nozzle

Featuring : Emily and Andre Chance

A seductive, flirtatious French maid misbehaves and gets punished by her male employer with spanking, 3 rounds of enemas (one with a huge metal nozzle), expulsion in toilet and bucket, 4 fingers up the butt, nipple clamp, and a “drilldo” (fucking machine.)

However, she’s such a nympho that she ends up enjoying everything! She redeems herself with a steamy striptease.

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enema scene

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

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Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Bare feet
Clothing : Completely naked
Enema - Distended Belly
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Nozzles - Very Large Metal Nozzle
Finger-fucking ass
Nipple clamps
Pee into Bucket
Positions : On Toilet
Setting : Bathroom
Spanking : bare-hand
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myfirstenemaher accent, her body and her personality are all SUPER SEXY

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Free large thumbnail photos :

French maid Emily at work (not for long!)
French maid Emily, snooping
French maid Emily, spanked across the ironing board
Emily, with nipple clamp, on ironing board
Emily, about to receive her first enema
Emily gets put in bondage
Emily, being subdued. Not easily, since she's feisty and oiled up!
Emily gets her 3rd enema with a monster-sized metal nozzle
Emily gets her 3rd enema with a monster-sized metal nozzle
Emily, about to get 'drilled'

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Detailed description of the entire film :

French maid Emily at work (not for long!) I finally got myself a beautiful French maid! She looks enticing in her sexy outfit, with her little braids and her cute accent.

French maid Emily, snooping I leave her with some work to do, and dash off to run errands. But shortly after I leave, she starts snooping around. She helps herself to stuff from my fridge. She looks inside a box where I keep sex toys and steals a vibrator. Then she starts masturbating with it!

To her chagrin, I catch her in the act! When I confront her, she doesn't sound very apologetic. So, I push her onto the ironing board and start spanking her! When I look under her sexy/slutty skirt, I find that her butt is getting nicely red.

French maid Emily, spanked across the ironing board She's squirming around, and I tell her that she's free to go -- but I'll call the police. She blurts out that she doesn't have her immigration papers in order, and begs me not to call the police! I tell her that she must accept her punishment then...

For starters, I slip a blindfold on her. I spank her again. As I strip her down, I discover deliciously sexy clothes. The little slut sure knows how to dress!

She begs me not to hurt her too much. I explain that it's not so much a matter of hurting her as it is of humiliating her...

I tie her hands behind her back, push her against the ironing board and I shove the vibrator she stole from me in her mouth. Then I use it to penetrate her pussy, and finally her tight butthole. However, the slutty girl admits she's enjoying it! My "punishment" isn't working...

So, I spank her WHILE the vibrator is still inside her butt!

She tries to sweet-talk me by offering to entertain me with a striptease. I let her do it, but warn her: "You'd better be good!"

Emily, with nipple clamp, on ironing board Her striptease is actually pretty good. But I'm certainly not letting her go free yet! By now, it's pretty clear that she's a nympho. I tell her that I'll give her some new sensations... For starters, I pinch and bite her nipples. Then I apply a nipple clamp with a little bell on it. I chase Emily around the room, spanking her and making the bell ring! The bell rings some more as I make Emily straddle the ironing board and play with herself. Then I douse her in oil. So much oil that the nipple clamp just falls off!

Emily, about to receive her first enema I tell her it's time for a new experience, and ask her if she ever had an enema. The silly French girl doesn't even know what "enema" means. I bring out a large douching bulb with a long, huge nozzle. First, I make her deep-throat it, then I shove it in her pussy -- to the hilt. Finally, up her tight butt.

It's her very first enema. To my surprise, she says she likes it. Her face is in a grimace one moment, and in a smile the next... She taunts me by saying, "Maybe this would be punishment for American girls..." What a slutty and insolent girl!!

Emily gets put in bondage Well, I'm not making much progress in terms of "punishing" her, since she seems to like everything I do to her, but -- hey -- I'm not complaining! For her second enema round, I push the long, fat nozzle all the way up her ass, "to the hilt". I allow her to masturbate. Then I let her make a mad dash to the toilet. All glittery from the oil, she expels, and also pees. You'll get a good view of her pee jet, while she rubs her belly. Then I rub her belly. Emily, being subdued. Not easily, since she's feisty and oiled up!

Afterwards, I again slip a blindfold on her, and put her hands in restraints, behind her back: not easy, since she's all covered in oil, and she's very feisty! But I finally subdue her, and calm her down by masturbating her... She starts insulting me, without realizing that I understand French! I punish her with a gigantic metal nozzle! (Diameter at its widest point: 1.5" = 4cm; Insertion length: 4" = 10cm)

First, I swing her over my lap. I masturbate her with the vibrator she had stolen from me. Then I widen up her rear entrance with 4 fingers at once. With some effort, I penetrate her rear entrance with the monster nozzle. Emily gets her 3rd enema with a monster-sized metal nozzle I start the enema, using a red bag and a flow indicator.

After she soaks up the whole bag, I make her squat on a bucket and expel there. Emily gets her 3rd enema with a monster-sized metal nozzle From time to time, I masturbate her. I feel up her belly: quite full... She says she likes the sensation of the fullness! I again cover her in oil and I spank her glistening butt till it becomes red.

Then I take off her blindfold, and make her sit on my lap, while I masturbate her and bite her ear. She still has her hands tied up behind her back. A very sexy moment...

One last new experience for Emily: I introduce her to the "drilldo" (a "kinky machine.") Emily, about to get 'drilled' I use it on her breasts, in her pussy and on her clit. The French nympho is radiant with joy!

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