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  Punishment is a REWARD for Me!
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Inflatable double balloon nozzle for Miss Kitty, almost upside down on her Master's lap. Notice the clothespin on her nipple and thigh, and the butt marks from the earlier caning

Featuring : Miss Kitty and Andre Chance

Length : 106 minutes

Miss Kitty is a fiery, dominant brunette who wants a job as a disciplinarian at a reform school for girls. However, she must first learn to submit to the male schoolmaster. Arrogant Miss Kitty boasts that “Punishment is a REWARD for me” – and so she gets put to the test!

The master subjects her to the range of punishments that reform-school girls have to endure: enemas, spanking, paddling, caning, suppositories, ice cubes, clothespins, breast pumps, etc. Miss Kitty is also humiliated by being led around the room like a dog on a leash, by having to pee into a house plant, and by having to give the master a blow job while her butthole is stuffed up with a pig-tail plug.

She even gets an enema with a double inflatable balloon nozzle, while she’s virtually upside down, on her master’s lap, with clothespins on her nipples – and that makes her cum!

Miss Kitty handles everything well, including heavy caning and paddling. It becomes obvious that she wasn’t lying when she said she ENJOYS pain. Impressed, the male master offers her the job and gives her a reward in the form of a ride on a double-dildo fucking machine.

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Suppository, strip-tease and walk on leash

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Large squeeze-bulb enemas and toilet expulsion

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Double inflatable balloon nozzle, and bucket expulsion.

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Bare feet
Blow Job
Breast pumps
Butt Plug (incl. Vibrators/Dildos used anally)
Clothing : Completely naked
Cum in mouth
Enema - Distended Belly
Enema Nozzles - Inflatable double balloon
Fucking machine - reciprocating piston
Ice cubes
Lap dance
Leash - Led on walk/crawl
Pee into Bucket
Positions : OTK
Spanking : bare-hand
Submissive Attitude - Humiliated / Embarrassed
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mercurialThat enema almost upside down with that huge nozzle is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty gets a taste of cum
Miss Kitty, with cum on her lips
Miss Kitty, with ice cubes on her chest, gets fucked by a Black Magic Machine; later, the 2nd dildo goes up her ass
Miss Kitty gets whipped while being double-fucked by a Black Magic Machine
Miss Kitty gets a good paddling
Miss Kitty realizes she's about to get caned
Miss Kitty gets a brutal caning
Miss Kitty about to experience an enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle
Inflatable double balloon nozzle for Miss Kitty, almost upside down on her Master's lap. Notice the clothespin on her nipple and thigh, and the butt marks from the earlier caning

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Detailed description of the entire film :

A fiery brunette, Miss Kitty, comes to see me upon learning that I run a Reform School for Girls. She wants me to hire her as an assistant.

I'm very skeptical about her skills when I learn that she has an "interest" in the subject but no experience. One doesn't become a dominant just like that!

Miss Kitty She's wearing an elegant velvet dress. I start testing her by making her do a striptease for me. As she strips, I discover she's wearing a very sexy bra/panties set composed of a flimsy mesh, and metal rings strategically placed around her nipples. So enticingly presented, her nipples are just "calling out" to have something done to them! So, I squeeze and bite them. Miss Kitty gives me a hard time about being so aggressive... In return, I give her a harder time with an ice cube! However, I discover that she actually enjoys it, as I rub the ice cube on her nipples and on her belly... I insert it into her mouth, and tell her that -- if she wants to be a dominant as my assistant -- she first needs to learn to be submissive!

A naturally dominant girl like Miss Kitty bristles at the very thought of being submissive! I know it's going to be a good test for her... I start taming her with a collar and a leash. Miss Kitty resists so hard that she breaks the chain! I replace it, and make Miss Kitty crawl around the room. I taunt her that it's "good practice" for her to learn how to tame the girls, if she ever becomes my assistant.

Miss Kitty is now down to her stockings and slutty underwear. I make her put on a rubber dress. Quite sexy, and it makes her look more like a dominatrix... Which makes it all sweeter for me to swing her across my lap and start spanking her! Alas, she doesn't bat an eye, though I'm hitting her hard. I'm beginning to discover that she likes spanking, just like she liked ice cubes.

Switching gears, I start dousing her in baby oil. Then I bring out a butt plug with a pig tail. I make her lick, but since she resists I have to pinch her nose and shove the dildo up her throat.

After widening up her butthole with a finger, I tease her with a suppository and then slide it up her butt; the butt plug goes in immediately after the suppository! A great "back-to-back" double insertion...

Then I further humiliate Miss Kitty by making her wiggle her butt, as well as walk around -- with the pig tail sticking out of her butt. Miss Kitty growls at me! When she "spits out" her tail, I roughly shove it back in.

Miss Kitty gets a taste of cum For all the grief she has given me, I tell her that she has to suck my cock! I'm happy to discover that the slutty girl is rather good at that... She still has the pig-tail butt plug inside her. I tell her that I'll cum in her mouth -- "to give her a sneak preview of more fluids that will be going inside her"! While she sucks my cock and licks my balls, I make her play with her nipples. Sometimes I pull her by the leash still on her neck, to bring her to suck me. Whenever she "spits out" her butt plug, I make her re-insert it! The wild-animal girl sometimes bites my fingers... I taunt her with a description of her upcoming enema. Miss Kitty, with cum on her lips I also make her tell me stories of girls she has spanked. Meanwhile, she holds the pig-tail inside her butt, so that it won't slip out again. Finally, I squirt a big load inside her expecting mouth...

It was a good blow job... So, I give Miss Kitty a reward in the form of a ride on the Black Magic machine! I make her lie on her back, and douse her in baby oil. I use the double-dildo attachment on her. For starters, however, I insert the vaginal dildo, and turn the attachment around, so that the anal dildo actually teases her clit. Miss Kitty quickly starts to enjoy the ride... I put two breast pumps on her, and remove her last item of clothing, her stockings.

Miss Kitty, with ice cubes on her chest, gets fucked by a Black Magic Machine; later, the 2nd dildo goes up her ass While Miss Kitty continues her ride, I rub many ice cubes all over her. Unbelievably, she likes ice cubes so much that she barely flinches... I detach the suction cups of her breast pumps and, after slipping an ice cube under each cup, I re-attach the pumps to Miss Kitty, trapping the ice cubes right next to her nipples!

Then I crank up the speed of the machine...

After a good ride, I pry loose the breast-pump cups from Miss Kitty's breasts, and remove the ice cubes from her near-frozen nipples!

Miss Kitty tells me she needs to pee. I make her lie on her back, and pee into my house plant! She's bladder-shy; so I squirt water on her, to "help" her. Finally, she pees, but her flow is too weak to send out a big jet; so the silly girl ends up mostly peeing on herself.

Miss Kitty gets whipped while being double-fucked by a Black Magic Machine Back on the Black Magic Machine, it's time for the double-dildo ride. I make Miss Kitty lie on her belly, and douse her again in baby oil. Then I slide the first dildo up her pussy. After another ride, faster than before, I widen up her butt with two finger; through her colon wall, my fingers can feel the other dildo still stuffing up her pussy. Then I replace my fingers with the butt dildo. During the double-penetration fuck, the ass dildo slips out a few times -- but I quickly replace it every time. I let Miss Kitty masturbate. Eventually, annoyed by her over-tight butt, I start whipping Miss Kitty, while she still rides the double attachment.

Afterwards, I stop the machine, and make Miss Kitty pull out and kneel on all four. Her breasts still bear the markings from the breast pumps, from quite a while ago. I whip her again, saying that it's time for her punishment...

Miss Kitty gets a good paddling Miss Kitty taunts me by retorting, "Punishment is a reward for me". The insolent girl! I test her by paddling her long and hard with a variety of paddles. I also reapply the breast pumps. Dousing her again in baby oils brings out the redness from the paddling even more. Then I make her kneel up, and I whip her ALL OVER -- including her butt, her breasts (she still has the pumps attached to them!), her belly and her pussy.

But the more I whip her, the more she smiles! This girl is a PAIN SLUT (just like Kitty. Something about that name?!?)

I make her stand up, legs spread apart, and paddle her even harder. I also use a belt and a hairbrush -- and make sure to include her pussy and breasts. Miss Kitty gets more and more turned on!

I make her bend over, hands on the floor and legs spread apart. I hit her with my meanest paddle until, at last, I reach her limit! Her butt is flaming red by now. I give her a little break, but keep her in the same position.

Upon bringing out a water container and a large douche bulb, I taunt Miss Kitty: "Remember, when you were licking my cum, I told you there'd be a lot more liquid?"

For starters, I make her deep-throat several times the long, hard nozzle. Then it goes up her opposite end! I give her 3 rounds of enemas with the large douche bulb. Miss Kitty seems unable to make up her mind whether she likes this new experience or not... Judging from how she glares at me, I think that she's leaning towards not!! I make her stand up, and feel the fullness of her belly. Then I let her dash to the toilet. You'll be able to hear her expulsion. While she's seated on the potty, I finally free her from the breast pumps, and again feel her belly -- to be "filled up more substantially soon"...

Miss Kitty realizes she's about to get caned Afterwards, it's time for caning! I make Miss Kitty lie face down on a large exercise ball, and cane her butt until she can't take it any more. Miss Kitty gets a brutal caning I tell her I'll stop if she apologizes for her arrogance, but the smartass girl won't! So, I cane her breasts, then back to her butt, her feet and inner thighs. After the heavier caning on the breasts, Miss Kitty finally breaks down and apologizes for her earlier impertinence!

But when she doesn't thank me for the rest, I cane her breasts some more and slap her face.

Time for a much-larger enema! Miss Kitty's eyes go wide when I bring out a red enema bag, on a stand, and fill it up to the brim -- pouring on her the excess water in the pitcher.

Miss Kitty is unfazed by spanking, whipping, caning and ice cubes -- but it's clear that enemas scare her... I scare her even more when I bring out the double inflatable balloon nozzle. She nervously massages her sore breasts as she watches, transfixed, while I assemble the device! Miss Kitty about to experience an enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle

I make her sit on my lap, facing away from me, and lean forward to assume a position nearly upside down, with her upper arms on the floor, and her hips on my lap. A great position to admire all the welts from the paddling and the caning! I masturbate her for a while. Now, at last she finds it within herself to finally say thank you! Inflatable double balloon nozzle for Miss Kitty, almost upside down on her Master's lap. Notice the clothespin on her nipple and thigh, and the butt marks from the earlier caning

But she's too quiet. So, I liven things up by putting clothespins on her thighs, breasts, and even nipples... When I tell Miss Kitty that she can masturbate, if she wants to, her hand instantly jumps to her pussy! Even though it means that she needs to precariously balance herself, almost upside down, on just one arm...

She masturbates with such zest that, having her on my lap, it feels like being in an earthquake! The clothespins on her nipples shake wildly with her motions. Her hand enticingly grazes my crotch...

I insert the outer balloon up her butt, with relative ease, and then inflate both balloons. I start the enema -- and the flow indicator spins, while Miss Kitty and her clothespins shake.

About halfway through the bag -- bang! -- Miss Kitty has a big orgasm... I give her a little relief by pausing the enema. She tells me that now she needs to go. Too bad -- I don't care! She came too soon. I resume the enema. Resigned, Miss Kitty resumes masturbating...

Without mercy, I make her soak up the enema bag to the very last drop, when the flow indicator stops and the bag is as flat as a pancake. I free her from the balloon nozzle, and make her retain the enema water, while I feel up her belly -- which is visibly distended! She begs for relief. I make her sit on my lap, facing me, and expel into a bucket underneath.

I tell her that I'll give her a chance as my assistant. The ordeal seems to have finally "softened her up", and "broken up her barriers"; we kiss...

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