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  Enemas and Specula for Young Student Nurse
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Missy's belly is VERY full from her latest enema. Note the large metal nozzle on the exam table

Featuring : Missy and Andre Chance

Length : 68 minutes

Missy is a lovely 18 y.o. student nurse who failed her exams for the enema clinic (see her previous training session.) So, she gets a new round of training in the form of receiving a series of enemas – including with an antique, large metal syringe, with a gigantic metal nozzle, and with a large douching squeeze bulb. She also gets a suppository, a vaginal speculum exam, and her temp simultaneously taken orally, vaginally and rectally.

For additional embarrassment, she’s made to expel her enemas in the toilet in clear sight of the male doctor who performs her exams. Furthermore, her butt hole is spread out with a metal speculum right after an enema, which flows out into a bucket.

At last, to relieve Missy from enema cramps, the doctor rubs her belly and gives her a sensual oil massage – accompanied by masturbation with a vibrator. She has earned it, after her ordeal! A very tender and sexy post-enema "recovery" period...

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NOTE: Part 1 and later parts are a re-release as a FULL FEATURE film of what in the past had been released on this site in the form of just the enema clips. This full-film version includes about 10 minutes of footage never shown on this site before. Part 4 contains 15 seconds of enema bucket expulsion footage previously censored and never released before!
This re-release is also presented at MUCH HIGHER video quality than the original enema clips (65% higher data rate and double the pixel count!) (details)

Medical exam: Suppository; vaginal exam with metal speculum; simultaneous thermometers in all 3 holes

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

2 enemas with large, antique metal syringe: one in OB-GYN position and one while lying face down. Distended belly. Toilet expulsion

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Massage. 3 enemas with large douching squeeze bulb, with long, hard nozzle; distended belly; toilet expulsion

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

2/3 enema bag with very large metal nozzle, flow indicator and red enema bag. Distended belly. Enema expulsion into bucket through metal anal speculum. More expulsion on the toilet.

Note: This remastered version contains 15 seconds of enema bucket expulsion footage previously censored and never released before!

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

(Recovering after an intense series of enemas!) Oil massage; masturbated with vibrator.

Note: This scene had never been released before!

(as zipped files)
"Sneak preview" photo sampler; the full photo set will be released later

(in alphabetical order)
Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Bare feet
Character : Nurse
Clothing : Completely naked
Cramps from enemas
Enema - Distended Belly
Enema - Squeeze bulb or Bottle
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Expulsion - Thru Speculum
Enema Nozzles - Very Large Metal Nozzle
Enema Syringe
Ethnicity : Asian & White
Oral Thermometers
Positions : On Toilet
Rectal Thermometers
Setting : Bathroom
Speculum - Metal
Tattoos (B) : Small and limited
Vaginal Thermometers
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user_2448(NEWEST COMMENT) Baby oiled pussies & anus. Baby oiled vibrators for smooth as silk penetrations. Baby oiled cock & rectum. Mine done by 2 nurses....Total orgasms...
newbie-galMissy can surely take a lot of enemas... it's clear that she struggles with them... and it's good to see the "recovery" period after the enemas, that's something rarely shown!
tightbuttsmakemehardrectal thermometers: so small, yet so powerful :) i love the way you "sneak in" rectal thermometers in numerous films, even those without a medical theme!
menzthat antique enema syringe is a great touch, i like that it's ominous metal, large and with a long plunger that pushes the water in, in, in...

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Missy gets her temps taken (one more thermometer goes in her mouth)
Missy opens up for her next enemas
Missy's belly is VERY full from her latest enema. Note the large metal nozzle on the exam table

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Missy, looking killer-cute in her nurse uniform, assumed that today would be her first day on the job as a student nurse. Instead, she is surprised to find out that she's in for more training -- done on her!

I explain that she made many serious errors in the written exam I had given her.

I tell her to take off all her clothes and lie on the exam table! She's still a little coy, but finally strips naked.

First, I re-demonstrate the correct way of inserting a suppository. I make Missy bend over and demonstrate what happens if the suppository isn't pushed well inside (one of the mistakes she made on the exam): it pops right out! Then I do it right, and dip my finger well inside her butt.

Next, I explain how to correctly use a metal anal speculum. To show to her how to do it, I use it first for a vaginal exam, so she can see. I make her lie on her back, with her legs raised on two blocks.

Normally, one uses lube before a vaginal exam, but -- as you'll be able to see for yourself -- the slutty girl is so wet that she's OOZING out! When I hold some of her love juice up for her to see, she blurts out: "If you keep touching me there... What am I supposed to do?"...

In reality, this is the FIRST time that I'm "touching her there" today. Just the anticipation is making her wet... I like that! (Remember a previous film, where the patient Krystal got super-wet in anticipation of her exam?)

I insert the metal speculum up Missy's pussy, while explaining to her how to do it. Then I spread it out to the max. You'll enjoy a deep view into her pink pussy while she's enticingly spread-eagled.

When I withdraw the speculum, it is SOAKED in pussy juice! I drip some on her nipple.

Missy gets her temps taken (one more thermometer goes in her mouth) Then it's time to take her temps. I put a slender thermometer in her mouth and one in her pussy. Next, I move the one in her pussy to her butt, and insert a digital one in her pussy. You'll be able to see the readout climb up -- and your temperature will undoubtedly rise, too... Now, Missy is stuffed up with 3 thermometers at once.

After withdrawing the thermometers, it's time for enemas! Like last time, I start out with a large, antique metal syringe. I teach Missy how to check the water temp, and how to fill up the syringe. Then I deliver her first enema while she's still in her OB-GYN position.

She's already whining that she needs to go. The earlier suppository is undoubtedly helping... Ignoring her pleads, I make her lie face down, and give her a 2nd enema with the huge syringe.

Finally, I take pity on her. I make her stand up and notice that her belly is quite distended. Those syringes are big, and Missy is a tiny girl. I let her dash to the toilet. You'll get to hear quite an outflow, while she squirms on the seat.

Missy opens up for her next enemas Back on the exam table, Missy lies face down. I make her spread out her legs wide, and demonstrate how to use the large douching squeeze bulb, with the long, big, hard nozzle. In fact, I make Missy struggle with filling it up properly, without left-over air inside.

I insert it up Missy's butt, "to the hilt", and squeeze it out to the last drop. For round #2, I have Missy kneel on all four.

Finally, for round #3, I use a new position not yet done in my films: I position the squeeze bulb upright on the exam table -- and have Missy sits on it, while I squeeze the bulb! Afterwards, I make Missy hold the water while she sits on my lap and I rub her belly, noticeably distended (remember, Missy is petite) from the 3 hefty squeeze bulbs plus, most likely, water still in her from the earlier enemas. When, at last, I let her go, she makes a mad dash to the toilet. You'll, once again, get to hear a fair bit of water come out, while at times she rubs her belly and then I rub her belly.

When Missy emerges from the bathroom, it's time for a full-bag enema.

Missy cracks out a nervous smile when I present her with "an old friend from last time": the huge metal nozzle...

I make her lie face down, and rub her down all over with baby oil. Her body turns enticingly shimmering.

As I prepare the enema, Missy nervously swings her lower legs. What a delicious nymphette she is -- she looks straight out of the movie "Lolita" (the newer version) when she first is revealed sunbathing on the lawn!

The sheer size of the monster nozzle becomes clear when I first slip it inside her clenched fist. Officially, it's to train her on the procedure -- but works wonders to make Missy feel nervous, even though she took the same nozzle up her butt last time. Indeed, I want today's session to have at least some element of punishment -- her bad performance with the exam certainly doesn't call for a reward!

I make Missy spread out her legs wide open. Her butt is very tight. First, I widen it up with a finger. Then I decide to further lube up the nozzle by first slipping it up her wet pussy. This is the first time I ever inserted the huge metal nozzle there. When I take it out, the nozzle opening is full of pussy juice. It doesn't show well on the video, but I assure you that it's there. The slutty girl is getting turned on -- in spite of all her usual whining about getting big objects up her butt.

This time I insert the nozzle up her butt BEFORE attaching it to the water line. Doing that brings out the "butt plug" quality of the nozzle.

Missy is very tense, and so it's quite a struggle to ram in such a huge nozzle. As you saw in the earlier film with Missy's first medical exam, the diameter of the nozzle's widest point, measured with a ruler, is 1.5" (38 mm)!

When I finally succeed, it's quite a sight: through the hole (not yet connected to the enema line), water still inside missy from the earlier enema drips out...

Missy's belly is VERY full from her latest enema. Note the large metal nozzle on the exam table I connect her to the nozzle, attached to a red bag, with a flow indicator, and I start the enema. Missy starts squirming around a lot about halfway through the bag, and begs me to stop. I continue, and turn her to the side. Her belly is quite distended! I make her soak up more water, and finally give her relief after she has taken in about 2/3 of the bag (which, for a petite girl like Missy, is a lot of water.)

I make Missy turn face down again. I pull out the huge nozzle (a mesmerizing sight that you'll get to revisit in slow motion) and quickly re-penetrate Missy's overstretched entrance with a metal speculum! I widen the speculum and the water immediately gushes out. A lot of unusual gurgling sounds -- probably caused by the air inside her colon from her earlier squeeze-bulb enemas.

You'll be able to view, in extreme close-up, the water that's still inside Missy! After I finally pull out the speculum, Missy makes a mad dash to the toilet. She still has a fair bit of water inside: her belly is still distended, and she's having cramps (with all that air, I'm not surprised!) I rub her belly. You'll be able to hear her second round of expulsion on the toilet.

When she finally emerges from the bathroom, she's still having cramps, and seems a little freaked out (Missy is very emotional, as you saw in previous films )

I calm her down with a sensual oil massage. It's clear that she still has water and air trapped inside, and I rub her belly till her cramps go away. Then I give her a "treat" in the form of a vibrator. I let her masturbate, while I use the vibrator on her and slip 2 fingers up her tight butt -- till she cums.

Now better-trained, Missy promises she'll be a good student nurse...

A Wizard of Ass

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