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  Moxie's First and Last Enema: A Submissive's Weak Spot
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Moxie receives her first-ever enema, while hogtied with straitjacket and spreader bar

Featuring : Moxie and Andre Chance

Length : 50.5 minutes

Moxie can take a SEVERE beating, including spanking, caning, large paddles, hairbrushes and belts. Even on her pussy and breasts. Even while her butt is stuffed up with a suppository and a pig-tail plug.

She is not a pain slut, i.e. someone who truly enjoys pains. She suffers the pain, at times to the point of noticeable shaking, but she truly wants to be a good slave, and do whatever it takes to please her Master.

However, enemas TERRORIZE her to the point of uncontrollable crying and sobbing! She cries nonstop while she soaks up an enema bag, in hogtie bondage in a straitjacket and spreader bar. When freed at last, she’s gone for good, saying that this is her first and last enema! She was never seen again...

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The entire feature-length film, split into parts
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OTK spanking and paddling with a tawse. Whipping. Paddling with a hard-leather large paddle.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Suppository. Butt plug with pigtail.
While stuffed up with butt plug: nipple clamps with bell, caning, crawling on all four, paddled with leather tawse and hair brush, pussy spanking, pussy and breast paddling with leather tawse, belt whipping on ass and breasts, panties stuffed up her mouth.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Undressed down to her stockings. Whipped, belt whipped and caned while standing up. Whipping includes breasts and pussy. Red butt.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Enema in straitjacket, while straddling a large cylindrical structure, stripped down to her fishnet stockings, with legs in spreader bar. Enema delivered with red bag and flow indicator. Uncontrollable crying and sobbing (from embarrassment) while taking enema.

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Age group (3) : Mid/Late 20s (post-college)
Belt Whipping
Breast striking or impacting
Butt Plug (incl. Vibrators/Dildos used anally)
Butt turning red
Character : Submissive
Clothing : Only wearing socks or stockings
Clothing : Socks or Stockings
Crawling on all four
Crying / Breaking into tears
Enema Flow Indicator
Ethnicity : White
Hair color : Black
Hair length (4) : Long (below shoulders)
Hair style : braids (normal size)
Height (1) : Petite
Hogtie bondage
Nipple clamps
Paddles - Hair brush
Paddles - Tawse (the school strap)
Panties-related action
Positions : On all 4
Positions : OTK
Pussy striking or impacting
Red enema bag
Spanking : bare-hand
Spreader Bars
Tattoos (C) : Medium
Thumb cuffs
Whipping (flogger)
User comments

UserComment (newest at the top)
kinky lass(NEWEST COMMENT) my favorite part is the interplay of spanking & anal insertions.
tightbuttsmakemehardthose pig-tails butt plugs are an exquisite mix of punishment, stimulation and humiliation! I'm always glad to see them

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Moxie is very nervous about trying enemas for the first time
Belt whipped with a belt, while stuffed up with a butt plug and a suppository
Moxie receives her first-ever enema, while hogtied with straitjacket and spreader bar

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Moxie is very nervous about trying enemas for the first time Moxie, looking pretty in pigtails, red dress and black fishnet stockings, is a slave of Missy Kitty. Moxie gets sent to me by Missy Kitty for special extra training. It turns out that Missy Kitty has been disappointed with Moxie, and asked for my help to "break her in" – also informing me that Moxie has never had an enema, and is really scared of them.

Moxie wants to be a good slave, and make her mistress happy by serving me. I warn her that "I'm not the easiest person to please"...

As a warm-up, I swing her across my lap, while I sit on a chair, and spank her hard at some length. When I lift the hem of her red dress, I reveal a butt that's getting red. But, throughout the spanking, Moxie barely bats an eye. Missy Kitty had indeed told me that Moxie deals very well with pain.

But I'll test whether that's really true!

I get her off my lap, and I make her crawl on all four to fetch numerous paddles, often carried with her teeth. [Note: this idea was suggested by a poster on our user forums]

Moxie appears well-trained: before I can even say anything, she kneels down on the floor and presents her butt for the paddling! A nice change from the insolent schoolgirls I often deal with...

I use many implements on her poor butt: thick cardboard slab, leather clapper paddle, flogger. And in a variety of positions: OTK, an all 4, leaning against wall. I make her say "thank you" every time I strike her.

I tell Moxie that Miss Kitty is on the verge of dropping her, and that she must REALLY impress me if she wants me to put a good word for her. As I say that, I wield my large, hard paddle on her! Moxie starts shaking and trembling before I even strike her! She doesn't do too well when I hit her several times (as she correctly points out "she doesn't have much meat on her butt"), but she endures it obediently.

It's becoming clear what's going on: Moxie is NOT a pain slut (unlike girls such as Missy Kitty or Kitty, aka Madison). She suffers the pain, to the point of uncontrollable shaking, but she truly wants to be a good slave, and do whatever it takes to please her master.

Acting on a tip from Missy Kitty, I challenge Moxie with something that scares her: things up her butt! I make her hold in her mouth a butt plug with a pig tail, while I unwrap a suppository...

She's so nervous and tight-butted than even getting the suppository up her ass takes some effort. Next, I stuff up her shy hole with the butt plug, which gives her an enticing tail. She's kneeling on all four. I expose her breasts, with pierced nipples, and apply on her a nipple clamp with a little bell.

I "test" the setup by smacking her butt; the bell indeed rings...

Next, I cane her WHILE her butt is plugged up with the pig tail (and the suppository, of course.) I then apply a second nipple clamp with a bell, and make her crawl around the room on all four – with bells ringing and tail swaying!

I again use the clapper paddle on her, but now while she's loaded up with the butt plug. I also paddle her with a hairbrush. With every smack, the butt plugs shifts around inside her, which amplifies the sensation.

Then I give her poor butt a rest – and proceed to spank and paddle her pussy! [Note: the pussy-spanking idea was suggested by a poster on our user forums]

Belt whipped with a belt, while stuffed up with a butt plug and a suppository Next, I paddle her breasts. Well-trained Moxie even volunteers to lift her arms, to help me better reach. It's clear, though, that she's approaching her limits. But I push her limits some more with a belt, which I use to smack her butt and her breasts.

To spread her legs further apart – and to muffle her screams – I take off her panties (currently, halfway down her legs), and stuff them up in her mouth. When I use the belt for direct hits on her pussy, the pain is so much that her butt ejects out the plug, like a projectile! I punish her with more belt whipping on her thighs. Then I make her strip down to her stockings and stand up, leaning against the wall, with her legs spread open.

For starters, I give her butt a good licking with a belt. Then some caning. Next, I use a new flogger on her butt, on her pussy and on her back. The bells on her nipples ring a lot...

I finally remove her nipple clamps, and tell Moxie to take out her nipple piercings.

I make her stand again, with legs wide spread, and I continue flogging her on her ass, back, breasts and pussy.

She's taking her whipping well... Time to move on to something that frightens her far more: enemas! I tell her to get on all four, and to back up onto a large cylindrical pillow.

She admits that an enema is what scares her the most. To my astonishment, she starts sobbing uncontrollably!!! I had never, ever seen anything like that! You'll be able to hear her sobs as I tie up her feet to a spreader bar, and apply thumb cuffs on her hands.

I can't believe how someone, especially someone who can handle heavy whipping, paddling and caning, could get to terrorized by a little enema. I ask her why she's so afraid. In between sobs, she mumbles something about "being rude"... It seems that she's terribly embarrassed.

(Later on, I was told by her mistress Miss Kitty that Moxie's fear is not a physical one, but rather a psychological one, something of a phobia about her body functions. She had never even let any boyfriend watch her pee – let alone watch something so intimate and, in her view, "embarrassing" as taking an enema.)

It becomes clear that even a little enema will have more effect on Moxie than all the extensive earlier whipping!

For extra measure, I put her in a straitjacket! Between the straitjacket and the leg spreader bar, she's quite hogtied – naked except for her fishnet stockings.

Moxie receives her first-ever enema, while hogtied with straitjacket and spreader bar As I fill up the red enema bag, Moxie is already very jittery – and I haven't even started the enema yet! She screams when I insert the nozzle up her butt. And cries, sobs and even shivers throughout the enema! A flow indicator on the hose lets you visualize the water.

Moxie looks like she's going to die, and I free her after she soaks up half a bag (keep in mind, though, that Moxie is quite petite.) Still in the straitjacket, she makes a mad dash to the toilet.

Epilogue: later, shortly after I freed her from the straitjacket, Moxie bolted out of the house as quickly as she had bolted to the toilet! She yelled that she'd NEVER take an enema again... You have seen Moxie's first and last enema! Neither myself nor her mistress Miss Kitty ever saw Moxie again... Somehow that doesn't surprise me!

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