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  The Schoolgirl vs. the Pain Slut : Enema/Spanking/Caning Dominance
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Ivy pours hot wax on Madison, who's holding a full bag of enema water

Featuring : Ivy, Kitty, aka Madison and Andre Chance

18 y.o. schoolgirl Ivy’s S/M lesson is how to become a dominant; she gets to practice on another girl, pain-slut Madison (aka Kitty), under the guidance of their master. But Madison is very feisty, and often turns the tables on Ivy!

With effort – and some catfights – Ivy learns how to spank, paddle, belt and cane a girl (while getting some of that back from the feisty submissive, as well as from her master every time she makes a mistake!) She also learns how to use a hairbrush for paddling – and its handle as a butt/pussy dildo. Finally, she learns how to put a girl in hogtie bondage, and torment her with suppositories, hot wax and large enemas (expelled into buckets and on the toilet.)

Next, Ivy learns breast paddling and pussy belting, practicing on another young girl, Madison, under the guidance of their Master. But Madison has done enough receiving, and is ready to dish it out! She puts Ivy in hogtie bondage and gives her a full-bag enema with a DOUBLE-BALLOON INFLATABLE NOZZLE. At long last, Ivy is given relief and allowed to expel in a bucket and on the toilet, but not before getting a large grape pushed up her ass!

After Madison leaves, Ivy takes a shower and pees in it; then, she gets cleaned up inside by her Master! He ties her up to a sex swing, and puts her legs in a spreader bar. He lubes up her tight entrance by ramming a whole butter stick up her ass.

Next, he gives her several enemas with an extra-long COLONIC TUBE; ultimately, he inserts about 26 inches (66 cm) of it, with a nearby ruler to prove it! With no camera cuts, you'll see the full insertions and withdrawals of the monster tube.

Finally, Ivy is allowed to expel in buckets, which she does at length. She also pees at length.

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The entire feature-length film, split into parts
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This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Suppository for Madison (after bondage, spanking and paddling)

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Ivy gets paddled, belt whipped and caned for being clumsy about administering enema to Madison. Madison gets 1 3/4-bag enema with red bag and flow indicator, with extensive belt whipping and masturbation mid-enema; spanking, masturbation, hot wax and candle up pussy while holding the water; expulsion into bucket and on toilet

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Ivy gets breast pump, suppository, oil cover, tickling, and full-bag enema, in spreader-bar bondage; double-balloon inflatable nozzle and flow indicator. Masturbation with vibrator during enema. Distended belly. Grape up the butt. Bucket & toilet expulsion.

NOTE: These enema clips will get re-released as a FULL FEATURE film. The full-film version will include footage never shown on this site before. Furthermore, the re-release will be at MUCH HIGHER video quality than the original enema clip. Please stay tuned! (details)

(as zipped files)
"Sneak preview" photo sampler, from the earlier part of the film (with Ivy and Kitty, aka Madison)

Sets 1-4 are from the last part of the film (with only Ivy)

(in alphabetical order)
Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Age group (2) : College co-ed
Ankle shackles or cuffs
Bare feet
Belt Whipping
Butt Plug (incl. Vibrators/Dildos used anally)
Character : Schoolgirl
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Schoolgirl uniform
Colonic tubes (catheters) for enemas
Dildos (used vaginally)
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Nozzles - Inflatable double balloon
Ethnicity : Asian
Ethnicity : White
Hair color : Black
Hair color : Redhead
Hogtie bondage
Hot wax
Paddles - Hair brush
Pee into Bucket
Pleasure Enemas
Positions : On Toilet
Setting : Bathroom
Sex Swing
Spanking : bare-hand
Spreader Bars
Suspension Bondage
Taking shower
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squeeze(NEWEST COMMENT) More 30" colonic tubes, 34fr and bigger!
intensea butter stick up the ass seems like an excellent way to open up tight rear entrances for such a sizable colonic tube like the one used on Ivy!
hotbdsmvery original and sexy concept, of submissive girls who strive to explore their dominant side

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Ivy pours hot wax on Madison, who's holding a full bag of enema water
Ivy expels her enema on the toilet, while still in bondage
Ivy, on a sex swing, with her legs in a spreader bar, is about to receive an enema with a long COLONIC TUBE

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Schoolgirl Ivy looks even more like a doll than usual, in her school outfit and pigtails. She has come back to me for "more adventures"...

I show her a large box, similar to the one where she hid a friend last time. But it's now my turn to hide a girl there: Madison (aka Kitty), whom you saw in previous films, and has become even prettier than she was.

Note: Formerly Kitty, now goes by Madison, a name she changed to in order to escape trouble she got into when pretending to be a nurse.

Why Madison? Because she's a pain slut. And today, I want to teach Ivy how to discipline another girl.

Ivy launches into today's "lesson plan" with her usual naive enthusiasm. But she has not reckoned with the fact that Madison is a dominant girl who, far from accepting Ivy's inexperienced discipline, pounces on her, pins her down, and basically turns the tables on her before Ivy can even start!

So, instead of Ivy spanking Madison, it's the opposite... All along, I yell out to my student Ivy to be aggressive, but realistically a submissive can't learn to become dominant just like that! Hence today's extended lesson.

In the course of the catfight, Madison strips off Ivy. Ivy finally manages to straddle Madison and spank her. I help my fledging student Ivy by handing her a pair of thumb cuffs, which she eagerly applies to Madison. With that aid, Ivy is now in condition to give Madison a good spank and an extended paddling, with a thick slab of cardboard!

Next, it's time for a suppository! While I spread out Madison's butt cheeks, Ivy inserts a suppository up her butt. Better still, under my guidance, Ivy first teases Madison's butthole with the suppository, and partially inserts it -- and lets it pop out -- several times, before giving a final push, and dipping her finger deep up Madison's slutty rear entrance.

Ivy's next lesson is about hogtie bondage. Tying up someone who's already partially in bondage, with thumbcuffs, doesn't sound so hard, does it? But Ivy is a shy schoolgirl, while Madison is a fireball who gives her the hardest time. In fact, Madison even manages -- in spite of her partial bondage -- to pin down a startled Ivy, and at times to slip a hand into her panties and play with her pussy. Madison toys with Ivy like a cat with a mouse...

Only with the greatest effort, and coaching from me, does Ivy manage to put Madison in hogtie bondage, with wrist and ankle restraints, plus the earlier thumbcuffs.

Then I swing Ivy across my lap and spank her for being so pathetic as my student! Next, Ivy gets even with Madison with some spanking. But Madison, being a pain slut, is having the time of her life -- while Ivy's hand gets hurting... I teach Ivy how to paddle, and she practices her skills by smacking Madison's bottom with a spatula and then a hairbrush.

Next, I direct Ivy to use the same hairbrush to penetrate Madison's pussy with the handle. Then it's back to spanking with it. I notice something -- Ivy's hands are covered in Madison's love juice. The pain slut is getting so turned on, it's incredible! You'll be able to clearly see that in close-up.

Guess where the handle gets shoved into next... Yes, up Madison's butt! To the hilt! Then it's again used for spanking, and then up her butt, then yet more spanking.

Ivy is radiant with happiness when I tell her that I'm going to teach her how to give Madison an enema.

I have Ivy assist me in tying up Madison to a bed, and setting up her enema. Every time Ivy makes a mistake, I punish her with a spanking, or paddling, often after pushing her on top of hogtied Madison!

Ivy and I tie up Madison to the four legs of the bed, face down, and I instruct Ivy on paddling and whipping Madison, which she does at some length. I also teach Ivy how to cane, and let her practice her caning strokes on the helpless Madison who, being a pain slut, barely bats an eyes and appears to be enjoying the whole thing.

Ivy and I lower Madison's panties, and simultaneously cane and belt her butt, each of us from one side.

Then we set up Madison's enema. When Ivy is sloppy in helping me, or can't answer questions about how to administer enemas, I belt and cane her, after pushing her on top and across a tied-up Madison.

Ivy, with some effort, inserts a large green nozzle up Madison's butt. Then we start the enema, with a red bag and a flow indicator. I turn on the motor in the exam table, and lift Madison's legs, stretching out her bondage chains. When Ivy acts yet again clumsy, accidentally spilling some water from the bag, I push her on top of Madison (while the enema proceeds) and give her butt a few good hits with a belt.

While the ball spins and spins -- and Madison soaks up more and more -- Ivy masturbates her, and dips 2 fingers in her pussy. While all that is going on, I start hitting Madison's butt and legs with a belt. Once, I hit Ivy, too, of course by mistake...

Ivy pours hot wax on Madison, who's holding a full bag of enema water After Madison soaks up the enema bag to the last drop, we make her hold it for an extended period, while Ivy masturbates her and fingers her pussy, sometimes spanking her. As if that weren't bad enough, Madison is made to hold the water even longer while Ivy learns how to drip hot wax on her!

Finally, Ivy blows off the candle, and uses it to masturbate Madison -- who's still holding her water.

Ivy, at my bidding, frees Madison from the nozzle and places a bucket under her butt to expel her enema water into. Even though she has a full bag of water inside of her, nothing comes out. Of course, the downward-slanting, tied-up position doesn't exactly help; nor does the candle still inside her pussy. Or maybe Madison is feeling embarrassed, or simply wants to be difficult.

At any rate, I give her an ultimatum: expel, or else more water. When nothing comes out, it's more water! I refill the bag, and Ivy re-inserts the large nozzle. After Madison soaks up about 1/3 of her second bag, her pride breaks down, and she finally begs for relief. But, when Ivy pulls out the nozzle and we give her a bucket, still nothing comes out! I shove the nozzle back in, and it's yet more water! From time to time, Ivy also gives her some spanks and stirs around in Madison's pussy with the candle. All along, you'll be able to see the flow indicator spin and spin like crazy!

Around the time that Madison has soaked up over 1.5 bags, she finally breaks down and really begs for relief. And this time she finally sends out several jets into the bucket, while still tied down in her awkward position. Not too much comes out, though, even when I dip two fingers up her butt to force it open. Obviously, the downward-slanted position and the strong flow pushed the water deep up her colon. I get tired of waiting. First, I have Ivy free her hands and re-tie them behind her back, and also free her feet and tie them together with a short chain. After she gets up and I pat down her wet butt, so she won't drip down on my floor, I sent her off -- shackled -- to the potty.

Sitting on the toilet, Madison finally lets out a major flow, and continues to do so for an extended time, with her hands still tied up behind her back, while Ivy rubs her belly.

Madison emerges from the bathroom, looking much happier now that she's free of the 1 2/3 bags of water inside of her! She's still tied up: her ankles are shackled together, and her hands are tied up behind her back.

Ivy is very eager to learn more S/M by practicing it on Madison.

Next on the kinky curriculum is how to spank breasts. When Ivy lifts Madison's shirt, she reveals a sexy, slutty bra, and very erect, pierced nipples. The slutty girl is obviously very turned on... Ivy makes those nipples even bigger by squeezing and tugging them. Then she paddles them with a strap -- at length and hard! Madison's breast turn an enticing shade of red... I also whip her breasts.

Next, Ivy and I take turns belting Madison's pussy, after we spread out her legs. I then hold Madison's legs straight up, by the chains still attached to her ankles, while Ivy uses the belt and a strap mercilessly on Madison's tender pussy and breasts, all of which turn red.

Madison has been a great submissive for Ivy to "practice" on as she learns being a dominant. But it's now time to give Madison a little reward -- in the form of turning the tables on Ivy! In particular, I give Madison the pleasure to administer an enema to Ivy...

Freed from her restraints, Madison is quick to pin down Ivy and put her in bondage, enjoying the sweet anticipation of revenge. I help by providing a double-balloon inflatable nozzle!

But, first, Madison swings Ivy across her lap and spanks her. Then she undresses her, tickles her and slaps her breasts at length. Her breasts turn nice and pink... For extra stimulation, Madison applies a breast pump. She had never used it before, and ends up over-inflating! While I pin Ivy down, Madison yanks out the breast pump, and re-applies it. Quite some marks on Ivy's nipples after the pumps are taken out...

Madison gets naked and places an equally naked Ivy across her lap. Then she douses her in baby oil while I set up the monster nozzle. Madison then tickles Ivy who, all oiled up, squirms like crazy all over her lap!

Time for the double-balloon inflatable nozzle... Madison inserts the first balloon with difficulty while I hold her butt cheeks spread.

Ivy emits quite a squeal when Madison inflates the inner balloon! I verify that it's well-inflated by tugging on it. As expected, it remains firmly lodged up inside. Next, Madison inflates the outer balloon -- quite a sight!

I make Ivy stand up on the bed. The balloon nozzle enticingly dangles from her sweet rear end... I direct Ivy to lie on her back. As she moves around, she can really feel the inflated balloon inside her! Madison and I attach Ivy's ankles to a spreader bar, and then we fasten her wrists to it, too. A very fetching stretch! Even more so with the balloon nozzle sticking out of her butt...

Hogtied, slutty-girl Ivy is absolutely radiant with happiness! The big enema lover that she is, Ivy looks happy throughout her session. The flow-indicator ball keeps spinning and spinning as Ivy colon gets progressively full. Meanwhile, Madison rearranges her through several fetching positions.

Even though Ivy thoroughly enjoys the enema, it's still a lot of water to take. So, Madison helps her with a vibrator. Meanwhile, Ivy's belly is growing...

Madison and I don't stop the enema until Ivy has taken the water to the last drop and the bag is as flat as a pancake. Then we make her hold the water while Madison continues masturbating her with a vibrator.

Ivy's colon is so over-filled with water that she leaks around the balloon nozzle. Madison mercilessly continues to make her hold the water at length. A great scene for lovers of retention enemas! Between the intensity of her full belly and the intensity of the vibrator, Ivy squirms around like crazy in her restraints...

When I finally relent and disconnect the balloon nozzle from the enema hose, water squirts out of the nozzle. Madison and I free Ivy from the nozzle. Ivy is very eager for more substantial relief on the toilet, but I direct Madison to first tie up her wrists behind her back and her ankles shackled with chains. When Ivy stands up, her distended belly becomes even more pronounced. She's desperate to go, but I make her hold the water even longer, while Madison and I feel the size of her belly and masturbate her with a vibrator.

Ivy expels her enema on the toilet, while still in bondage As if Ivy hadn't endured enough yet, I make her lick a huge, "globe" grape and have Madison slip it up Ivy's butt! At that point, we let her go. All shackled up in chains, Ivy still manages an instant sprint to the toilet. I torment her some more by stopping her at the "sweet moment" -- just as she's about to sit down -- and make her sit facing the other way. You'll enjoy watching her squirm around as you hear the sound of the expulsion water and of her peeing.

After Madison leaves, Ivy takes a shower and pees in it; then, she gets cleaned up inside by her Master! Ivy, on a sex swing, with her legs in a spreader bar, is about to receive an enema with a long COLONIC TUBE He ties her up on a sex swing and he lubes up her tight entrance by ramming a whole butter stick up her ass. Next, he gives her several enemas with an extra-long colonic tube; ultimately, he inserts about 26 inches (66 cm) of it, with a nearby ruler to prove it! With no camera cuts, you'll see the full insertions and withdrawals of the monster tube. Finally, Ivy is allowed to expel in buckets, which she does at length. She also pees at length.

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