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  Enema Spa for Vicki
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Vicki, still partially covered in clay, nervously anticipates her upcoming enema

Featuring : Vicki and Andre Chance

Length : 113 minutes

Shy, young Vicki goes to her first spa treatment – without realizing that it’s an ENEMA SPA. After a sensual massage, mud wrap and sponge bath, Vicki is shocked to discover that the Extreme Cleansing regimen also includes a suppository and a large enema, which she's made to expel in buckets and on the toilet, in full view of the spa's male attendant.

When she needs to pee mid-session, on several occasions, she’s made to pee in a bucket, on the massage table.

Next, it’s time for a large bag enema with a double inflatable BALLOON NOZZLE, expulsion into buckets through a metal anal SPECULUM, more enemas through the speculum, a super-large enema with a very long, 30" (76 cm) COLONIC TUBE, so difficult to fully insert that Vicki needs to be lubed up with a stick of butter up her tight entrance. All enemas are expelled into buckets, in full view, and Vicki gets her vaginal temperature taken during one of the enemas.

The enemas are so intense that, to make them bearable, Vicki is allowed to masturbate with a vibrator; she cums after the first big enema, and almost cums a second time.

At the end, Vicki confesses that she has no money to pay for the long sessions! As a punishment, the spa attendant spanks her hard across his lap, until her butt turns quite red.

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NOTE: Part 1 and later parts are a re-release as a FULL FEATURE film of what in the past had been released on this site in the form of just the enema clips.
This full-film version includes 28 minutes of footage never shown on this site before.
This re-release is also presented at HIGHER video quality than the original enema clips. (details)

Massage. Clay (mud) wrap.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Suppository. Sponge bath.
Pee in bucket. Bag enema with large nozzle. Expulsion in bucket, through plastic speculum, and in toilet

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Enema with double balloon inflatable nozzle; bucket expulsion through metal anal speculum.

Vibrator masturbation and vaginal temperature mid-enema.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Pee in bucket. Butter stick up ass. Enema with 30" (76 cm) colonic tube; bucket expulsion

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(in alphabetical order)
Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Bare feet
Butt turning red
Clothing : Completely naked
Colonic tubes (catheters) for enemas
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Nozzles - Inflatable double balloon
Masturbate oneself
Orgasms - Girls cuming
Pee into Bucket
Positions : On Toilet
Positions : OTK
Setting : Bathroom
Setting : Massage Room / Spa
Spanking : bare-hand
Speculum - Metal
Sponge bath
Vaginal Thermometers
User comments

UserComment (newest at the top)
cary112(NEWEST COMMENT) am i the only one that sees the Maria Sharapova connection?
robertoceanI really like to see her on her back with legs up getting an enema.
squeezeI very much like the long colon tube, a large diameter would be better. Watching her get the bag refilled was great
blastoffThis lovely girl can surely take A LOT of enemas!

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Vicki, still partially covered in clay, nervously anticipates her upcoming enema
Vicki, holding inside a whole bagful of water with the help of a double-balloon inflatable nozzle, recovers from her orgasm (notice the nearby vibrator.)
Vicki masturbates while gradually receiving a 30-inch (76 cm) colonic tube

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Vicki, still partially covered in clay, nervously anticipates her upcoming enema Vicki is a beautiful, shy young girl with a sexy, exotic accent. She look adorable in her pig tails and backless top.

She's the first client at my new Total Cleansing Spa.

Vicki admits she has never been to a spa. I tell Vicki that she will remember this first visit: "it'll be memorable..."

You'll enjoy spying on her as she undresses behind a screen. In particular, her lovely, perky breasts are quite a sight.

She's very shy, and needs some coaxing to undress naked. She then quickly hides under a sheet. But, in the course of the massage, I gradually peel off her sheet, while she lies face down, until she's completely and delightfully naked.

I discover that her ears are fairly red -- no doubt from the embarrassment... When I turn her to her side, and then on her back, she shyly covers up her breasts with her hands, till I move them to the side and massage her lovely, sizable breasts.

While she waits for the next treatment, a clay (mud) wrap, she lies down naked, nervously fidgeting her legs in an exquisitely Lolita-esque manner.

I cover up Vicki with clay, with my hands, while she lies face down. She seems to like it, but adds that "it's a strange sensation". I tell her that she'll be experiencing "several strange sensations" today! After she's all covered up in clay, and I even pour some liquid clay down her crotch, I make her turn over.

Next, I cover up her front in clay, including her lovely breasts and tender neck. I again pour some liquid clay down her crotch. I turn her over and do one more layer of clay. By now, Vicki is shivering -- in part because of the water's evaporation and, no doubt, in part because of the sensual experience. Her nipples are practically exploding...

I temporarily cover her with a towel, and bring out the next tool in Vicki's cleansing session: a suppository! I lift the towel off her butt and insert the suppository deep up her butt, as you'll be able to see in exquisite close-up.

Then I continue giving her a sensual sponge bath. Afterwards, I leave her shivering for a while (from the evaporating water) before covering her up in a towel again.

Vicki is VERY inquisitive when I set up the enema bag! She has never had an enema before, but senses that it will be something major... She eyes me very nervously as I fill up the enema bag to the brim.

While Vicki nervously eyes the large, and very full, enema bag, she shyly tells me that she needs to pee.

Vicki gives me a panicked look when I bring her a bucket! I strip her of her towel, and tell her to straddle the bucket, on the bed. After some coaxing, she does that, and finally lets out a good jet of pee.

Then she lies down again, and fidgets while awaiting her enema -- her very first one, it turns out. I use the a large nozzle, attached to the bag with a flow indicator. First, I use the nozzle to rinse her some more from the clay. Then I stick the nozzle up her butt. As she fills up, Vicki says it's a "strange sensation"...

I continue giving Vicki a sponge bath as the enema fills her up (and you'll see the flow indicator spin and spin.) She tells me that she can't decide whether she likes the enema or not. And then adds that "it feels good". In light of those words, I hasten to add more water to the almost-empty bag!

I turn Vicki to the side, and feel her inflating belly. She's smiling one moment and frowning the next, as if trying to decide whether she likes the enemas or not.

I make her soak up the water to the last drop (for a total of about a full bag, making allowance for the water I used to rinse off the clay). And then I leave her holding the water for an extended period -- with no camera cuts. As she lies on her side, you can see how distended her belly is. She rubs it, eyes the empty bag, and fidgets with her feet, anxiously waiting for relief. Relief comes in the form of a hollow nozzle (a plastic speculum), which I insert in her virginal opening after removing the enema nozzle. Water immediately flows out from Vicki's overfilled belly. (She's fairly petite.) The look she gives me is an enticing mix of surprise, relief and embarrassment.

I again put more water into the bag, and use the expulsion nozzle to deliver more water up Vicki's colon, while periodically using the same nozzle to give her relief.

Her facial expressions are very enticing: one moment, she's making a face like "I can't believe I just went through all this", and the next she's smiling broadly, as if to say "though strange, this is actually nice!". Once in a while she makes a grimace indicative of cramping.

She's still retaining a good amount of water. I make her stand up, and feel her still-distended belly. I send her to the toilet to finish off. You'll be able to watch her sit there for a while, making faces of relief and embarrassment as she loudly lets out the rest of the water.

She denies that she enjoyed the enema, and she gasps when I tell her that her first bag was just a "preliminary" one...

When Vicki emerges from the toilet, she's very nervous about the prospect about this next, "more thorough" enema. She get even more nervous when I bring out the double balloon nozzle! To calm her down, I tell her to lie down and masturbate. Her boyfriend doesn't need to hear about this, I tell her, but this will make the enema a lot easier. My argument is a good selling point for the idea; she admits that she sometimes experiments with her boyfriend, for example by masturbating in front of him. A little more at ease, Vicki lies face down on the spa table, and starts masturbating after some more coaxing.

Her masturbation indeed helps to let me slide the large balloon up her tight rear entrance. She tells me she prefers to masturbate with vibrators, and I give her one (to be precise, I stick it up her pussy.) I tell her to masturbate extra hard with the vibrator, because I'm going to inflate the balloons -- both the one inside her and the one outside -- really big! As soon I inflate the balloons, some of the earlier enema water still inside Vicki backs up into the translucent balloon nozzle!

Then I start the water. You'll see the flow indicator on the enema line spin and spin as Vicki's colon gets filled up, while she keeps masturbating with the vibrator. The help the water flow deeply into Vicki, I tilt the spa bed, so that Vicki's legs slant up. Vicki squirms, writhes and moans under the increasingly intense sensations. Meanwhile, I take her vaginal temperature -- maneuvering the thermometer between the vibrator and the balloon nozzle!

Vicki is looking increasingly happy. Perhaps she's one of those girls who don't mind -- or even like -- enemas, after all? After the spinning ball stops and the bag is totally empty, Vicki wiggles her butt and the vibrator like crazy, while I fondle her neck and earlobes.

I can see the water inside her butt periodically back up into the translucent nozzle, only to then return into her butt. Her ears are getting really red. Her breathing is getting harder... She cums!

Vicki, holding inside a whole bagful of water with the help of a double-balloon inflatable nozzle, recovers from her orgasm (notice the nearby vibrator.) This is a REAL orgasm, like for Missy Kitty and Elena. Don't expect her to scream or be very loud. Real orgasms, like this one, are typically fairly quiet. You can see in Vicki's expression -- a mix of bliss and embarrassment -- how real the orgasm was!

As you might expect, she's very eager now for relief from the full bag of water still inside her, not mention the still-inflated double balloon nozzle.

I lower the bed platform, so that Vicki is horizontal again. She holds her belly and makes twisted faces, complaining from cramps. I make her hold the water, still plugged up by the balloon nozzle, while I fetch an anal speculum. Vicki's constantly-changing facial expressions are priceless! I finally deflate the balloons and withdraw the monster nozzle.

Vicki's butthole still stretched out from the balloon nozzle, I'm able to easily slip in the metal anal speculum. Water immediately jets out of Vicki's overfilled colon.

Taking advantage of Vicki's open rear-entrance state, I slip an enema nozzle into the gaping metal anal speculum , and water Vicki's thirsty entrance some more, several times (sometimes I just use the hose, without nozzle.) At one point, I widen up the speculum.

After I finally withdraw the speculum, time for more enemas! I refill the enema bag to the brim. Vicki, probably nervous at the thought of being "tethered" to an enema line again, tells me that she needs to pee. I bring her a bucket, and make her pee into it, at length and in full view, right on the massage table.

Vicki masturbates while gradually receiving a 30-inch (76 cm) colonic tube Unknown to Vicki, her next enema is going to be an especially intense experience with my new, 30" (76 cm), colonic tube, longer and wider than previous ones. To prepare her for her upcoming ordeal, I direct her to lie on her back and to masturbate with a vibrator. While she holds her legs straight up, I lube her trembling rear entrance to perfection with a whole stick of butter! I shove it straight it up her butt, so that it stays there halfway inside. When she finally "spits it out", it is perfectly molded to her tight entrance, and it has been molded into a shape fascinatingly similar to that of a dildo.

The colonic tube is so long that it spans the entire length of Vicki's legs, or the distance from her pussy to her head.

Of course, the difficulty if inserting such a long, and fairly thick, tube is exactly why I turned to one of the best way of lubing up a girl's tightest passage: a stick of butter. I smear it on the tube, too, and -- after one last brief insertion of the butter stick up Vicki's ass -- I insert the tube's tip and start the enema. As usual, you'll get the see the flow indicator spin and spin as Vicki's colon fills up.

As you can imagine, inserting a 30" large tube up a girl's ass is not an easy matter. I have to repeatedly insert and withdraw the tube, as well as twist it around. It all goes to prolong your enjoyment, and Vicki's mix of pleasure and discomfort, which you'll see in her face. To make the experience more bearable, she furiously masturbates with the vibrator.

Vicki soaks up just about the whole bag and I'm still not finished inserting the endless tube. I quickly refill the bag, during which time Vicki "spits out" most of the tube. Oh well, it goes right back in! I finally manage to insert it just about "to the hilt", within a barely a couple of inches from 100% insertion.

I then place a long ruler on the bed, and slowly withdraw the tube. With no camera cuts, you can see the whole length of the tube get withdrawn from Vicki's overfilled colon. You'll VERY CLEARLY see, next to the ruler, that the length of the inserted portion was 26" (just short of the full 30", and longer than the insertions in most of my past films.)

Vicki is full at the bursting point -- and she expels at length into buckets I hold for her, while masturbating furiously. She's still on her back with her legs held up. I periodically make her hold it while I empty out the bucket's contents.

The session has at last come to an end, and I write up the spa's bill for Vicki. She confesses that she's unable to pay! She offers to help out with some future work -- but that's not enough for me. I swing her across my lap and spank her at length, till her butt is quite red!

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