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  Enema Spa for Cheerleader Amber
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Amber, covered in clay, about to receive her first enema

Featuring : Amber and Andre Chance

Length : 86 minutes

A shy, young cheerleader, Amber, goes to her first spa treatment - without realizing that it's an ENEMA SPA! After a sensual massage, mud wrap and sponge bath, Amber is shocked to discover that the Extreme Cleansing regimen also includes a suppository, rectal and vaginal thermometers, and 2 large enemas, which she's made to expel in buckets and on the toilet, in full view of the spa's male attendant. A flow indicator on the hose will let you see the water flowing into her colon.

One of the enemas is administered with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle, in a fetching OB-GYN position on the treatment table, after a little masturbation to relax her; at the end, a rectal speculum replaces the nozzle, and water gushes out into a bucket.

Amber is made to hold each enema at length, and receives a sensual sponge bath while holding the water. Since she's petite and slender, her belly looks noticeably -- and enticingly -- distended.

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Suppository, rectal & vaginal thermometers, full-bag enema with flow indicator, sponge bath while holding water, distended belly, toilet expulsion

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Bag enema with double-balloon inflatable nozzle and flow indicator, in OB-GYN position. Sponge bath during enema. Bucket expulsion through speculum. Toilet expulsion.

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Bare feet
Character : Cheerleader
Clothing : Completely naked
Enema - Distended Belly
Enema - Hold the liquid (retention enema)
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Expulsion - Thru Speculum
Enema Flow Indicator
Enema Nozzles - Inflatable double balloon
Positions : On Toilet
Rectal Thermometers
Setting : Bathroom
Setting : Massage Room / Spa
Speculum - Plastic
Sponge bath
Vaginal Thermometers
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nokia1(NEWEST COMMENT) is amazing spa, is very hot and i like it
barrydudethis "enema spa" is a fantastic series that i'm very partial to...
aaeretention enemas rock!!! and amber is awesome :D :D :D

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Amber, covered in clay, about to receive her first enema
Amber, about to receive her 2nd enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Amber is a very lovely, sweet-looking cheerleader, visiting for the first time a spa. It's good to get hot customers like her at the spa I run. She tells me that she's been training hard for basketball season, and needs some soothing bodywork. I don't think she realizes that in my spa the sessions are far more thorough than "soothing bodywork"...

She eagerly demonstrates some cheers. A very sexy sight to behold!

When it comes time to undress for her session, she acts all shy, and insists on getting a towel.

She keeps herself wrapped in the towel when she slips under the massage sheet.

I have her lie face down, and convince her to finally take off the towel as I start the massage. I discover that her ears are quite red. She admits that she's embarrassed at being without clothes.

As we chat during the massage, I learn that she eats a fair bit of junk food. I break in the news that the session will include a "cleansing treatment", but I doubt she registers the full meaning of that...

I gradually peel off the sheet, to reveal her yummy nakedness and make her glisten all over with oil. Amber gets nervous again when I turn her to her side, and even more so when I turn her to lie on her back -- and quickly covers her breasts with her hands. But I continue the massage, and finally gets to feel her sizable, lovely breasts.

When I tell Amber about the clay treatment (mud bath), she blurts out, "It sounds dirty!"

Indeed, I explain to her, I'm making her "dirty" prior to cleaning her VERY thoroughly...

I have her lie face down, and start covering her up in clay; in particular, I pour some down into her inviting crotch.

Amber, covered in clay, about to receive her first enema It's quite a sexy sight to see Amber get all covered up in clay. I then have her turn over, and I repeat the process all over her front -- once again also pouring the clay straight into her crotch.

As we talk, I learn that she over-undulges in junk food. No problem! I have in stock for her just the treatment she needs...

For starter, a suppository. Amber is all alarmed, but I proceed anyway. First, I make it linger mid-entrance, and then I push it in deep, by digging my finger alongside.

While the suppository takes effect, I continue the sponge bath.

Then I take her rectal temp. You'll be able to see the numbers increase in the digital thermometer!

Amber's nervousness increases even more as I set up a red enema bag, and fill it up to the brim...

As I again take her temp, this time in her pussy, it becomes very clear that Amber is getting turned on: I scoop out a good bit of pussy juice with the thermometer's tip! Once again, you'll be able to watch the temperature rise. Yours will, too...

I keep the thermometer inside her pussy as I penetrate her trembling rear hole with a sizable enema nozzle. Then I start the water! The flow indicator on the hose spins and spins as Amber's colon slowly fills up.

Her tender ears are quite red, most likely from the intense embarrassment... Probably from the same reason, she's unusually quiet.

While the enema water flow, I continue Amber's sponge bath. She's getting thoroughly cleaned up inside and out...

I finally withdraw the thermometer, and turn Amber to her side to reveal her deliciously distended belly. The enema and the sponge bath both continue.

In spite of Amber's several pleas to stop the enema, I continue until the bag is empty to the last drop -- so empty the when I turn it upside down, not even a drop comes out.

I still leave Amber attached to the enema setup, and I continue sponge bathing her while she holds the water. I use the sponge to massage the cramps in her lovely belly.

I finally free her from the nozzle, and leave her to massage her swollen belly as she continues to lie on her side, holding the water. I then resume her sponge bath.

Amber again complains about cramps. I help her up. Standing up makes her distended belly even more pronounced... I lift her up in my arms and carry her to the bathroom.

You'll be able to hear her expel at length on the toilet, as she uneasily squirms around on the seat; sometimes she rubs her belly, and sometimes I rub it.

Amber re-emerges from the bathroom after her cramps finally went away. When I tell her about her upcoming next enema, she's very nervous, because her previous one hurt so much...

Amber, about to receive her 2nd enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle To help the next enema, I use a little "gravity assist": I place Amber on her back, and raise her legs on a bar suspended from the ceiling -- a very fetching OB-GYN position. Then I raise the lower part of the exam table, so that Amber is somewhat slanting backwards, to help push the water deeper up her colon.

Next, to help Amber receive her enema, it's time for something unorthodox: a little masturbation. She gasps when I start fingering her pussy -- but I discover that she's quite wet down there...

I tell her to masturbate, but Amber is too shy for that, and soon stops. She looks totally irresistible as she nervously waves around her legs while I get the enema ready.

She gets even quieter, almost frozen from nervousness, when I bring out a double-balloon inflatable nozzle!

I lube up her trembling entrance, and try to insert the nozzle, but Amber's butthole is so tight that the large balloon nozzle cannot easily penetrate. So, I widen her up first with a finger and then with two and finally three. After that, I manage to finally penetrate Amber's shy entrance with the balloon nozzle, and I then inflate the nozzles and I place her feet on the suspended bar (like stirrups.)

Increasingly uncomfortable, Amber is being very quiet. I start the water...

The flow indicator, attached to the enema line leading to a red bag, spins and spins as Amber gets mercilessly filled up. Amber starts whining about the enema, and sounds like she's on the verge of crying.

I calm her down by giving her a sensual sponge bath -- but I keep the enema water flowing until she has soaked up the whole bag to the last drop. She's getting cold because of the sponge bath; I cover her with towels -- except for her tender crotch -- while she holds the enema.

I take away the towels, and deflate and withdraw the balloon nozzle. Amber, uneasy, holds her belly and fidgets with her toes.

To her surprise, I quickly re-penetrate her butt with a transparent round speculum, a bit like a funnel ("anuscope"): immediately as soon as I remove the plunger blocking up the speculum, water gushes out of Amber's over-inflated belly, into a little bucket below her.

I quickly replace the plunger, and switch to a larger bucket! Once again, it's a major flow as soon as I take out the plunger.

I give her a little relief that way, but then I withdraw the speculum -- and make her hold the rest of the water at some length, while I rub her belly.

When I finally let her stand up, I can feel that her belly is still full of water. I swing her over my shoulder, and carry her to the toilet. There, she finally looks happier -- with her endearing, bratty, smile -- as she expels, sometimes rubbing her belly. You'll be able to clearly hear the rest of the water coming out of her.

An intense session for her first spa visit!

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