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  Enema SADIST: First Enema Gone Awry!
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Tempest (L) and Jessica, appropriately wearing a 'Bad Girl' shirt

Featuring : Jessica, Tempest and Andre Chance

Length : 106 minutes

For Sadists Only! If you like to see girls cry from intense inflatable-balloon enemas in hogtie bondage, this is the film for you...

Gorgeous schoolgirl Jessica is such an extreme pain slut that she breezed through the severe punishment of Reform School having a grand time (see Jessica’s first film.) To try something different, the Schoolmaster gives her as a “slave-girl plaything” to his hot new girlfriend Tempest, to have fun with!

Tempest is initially astonished and, being new to S/M, she doesn’t really know what to do – but before long she discovers her Inner Sadist... Which is a powerful one!

With some help from her boyfriend, Tempest learns how to spank, paddle, belt, whip and cane Jessica (who, as usual, is as happy as a kid in the candy store!) The action is HEAVY, and by the end Jessica’s body is red and covered in welts all over...

Jessica also gets cherry tomatoes up her butt, clothespins on her nipples – and some tickling!

Tempest makes Jessica climb onto a Sybian. While Jessica rides it, she gets doused in oil, and rubbed with ice cubes – some of which get slipped inside breast pumps applied to her.

Next, Tempest gets to ride the Sybian herself, while oiled-up Jessica rubs herself all over Tempest from behind.

Tempest, though capable of doling out punishment, is herself quite delicate. She gets introduced to enemas in an over-the-top way by her sadistic boyfriend. For starters, he puts her in tight hogtie bondage together with super-slutty Jessica, who as usual has a grand time through everything.

Tempest had never been tied up or dominated before. She does barely OK with breast pumps, mouth gags, forced masturbation, extensive whipping, thermometers in all 3 holes, and a whole butter stick up her butt. Jessica, tied up alongside her, gets identical treatment.

Both girls also perform a BJ and a foot job, while still tied up.

But a large enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle proves too much for Tempest, and she breaks into tears and loud sobbing (through her mouth gag) for a long time! Jessica took her own enema alongside. Both girls then expel their enemas into buckets, while still hogtied together.

Tempest is still shaken after she gets freed up and finishes up on the toilet – still handcuffed to Jessica, who has to share the toilet. The girls straddle each other and cuddle up on the toilet seat, rubbing each other’s bellies.

The tears are very real: if they weren’t, you’d see Tempest on the podium at the Oscar awards!

Why did Tempest cry so much? Cramps, sure. Fullness, sure. But perhaps more than anything else it was the intensity of the complete experience: so much, so intense for her first time. Don’t try this at home!!

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The entire feature-length film, split into parts
(WMV format, with no DRM)

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This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Spanking and paddling in bondage

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Cherry tomatoes up Jessica’s butt. Tempest finger-fucks Jessica’s pussy

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

(Jessica on the receiving end) Paddled by Tempest with a riding crop and a wooden board. Whipped with a belt. Caned by Tempest and Andre. Clothespins on her nipples. Tickled.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Sybian ride (both girls), dousing in oil, ice cubes, breast pumps

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Both girls hogtied side-by-side: vibrators, BJ, whipping, foot job

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Both girls hogtied side-by-side, including mouth gags: drenched with oil, rectal temperature taken, lubed up with butter sticks, and simultaneous enemas (Tempest gets a double-balloon inflatable nozzle.)

Tempest breaks into tears by the end of end of the enema.

Enema expulsion into buckets and on toilet.

(as zipped files)
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(in alphabetical order)
Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Bare feet
Belt Whipping
Blow Job
Breast pumps
Butt turning red
Character : Schoolgirl
Clothing : Completely naked
Cramps from enemas
Crying / Breaking into tears
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Nozzles - Inflatable double balloon
Foot Job
Gags - Open
Hogtie bondage
Ice cubes
Oral Thermometers
Positions : On Toilet
Rectal Thermometers
Setting : Bathroom
Spanking : bare-hand
Vaginal Thermometers
Welts from whipping/paddling/caning
Whipping (flogger)
User comments

UserComment (newest at the top)
astakask(NEWEST COMMENT) Tempest isn't so mouthy in the end.
spankforeverI love the way that you take obviously *INexperienced girls and you train them on how to spank, whip, etc other girls. I notice that you do that in a number of your films. It looks very authentic, and for me it's much more satisfying than seeing a jaded dominatrix type
charles_mewow, one of the most intense enama scenes ive ever watched!!
luc1i enjoy enema films... but enjoy them a lot more when they have a HARD EDGE. so i was very glad to come across this film!

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Tempest (L) and Jessica, appropriately wearing a 'Bad Girl' shirt
Jessice, bent over the swing, gets a good paddling from Tempest, with a 'SLUT'-imprinting leather paddle

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