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  Cleaned Inside and Out
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Athena, in bondage, nervous about her imminent enema

Featuring : Athena and Andre Chance

Athena looks super-sexy in her elegant red dress and seashell bra...

When she walks into the S/M dungeon where she’s an apprentice dominant, she discovers an enema bag and a large wedge pillow, just like the one she recently used to give Natalia an enema... Her Master decided that it’s now her turn to be on the receiving end, in the same position!

First, he ties her up and make her soak up a full bag. Next, he make her expel her enema into buckets, and finish up on the toilet.

Afterwards, it’s time for some paddling. Athena, who’s not too keen on getting spanked, makes some of the cutest squeals of any girl!

Andre takes pity of her and gives her a break from spanking; instead, he fucks her in every hole!

Having cleaned her up inside, earlier, it’s now time to soap her up and then clean her out with a garden hose!

To finish up, triple-whammy stimulation for Athena: riding a fucking machine, plus a wand vibrator, plus hot wax. Not surprisingly, she cums!

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The entire feature-length film, split into parts
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This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Strip-tease, oil cover, wrist restraints (with a chain attaching them together), anal beads

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Enema, in kneeling position and still handcuffed, with large plastic nozzle, flow indicator and red bag (soaks up full bag.) Gets masturbated mid-enema. Enema expulsion into bucket (while still in kneeling position, and later while squatting over the bucket.) Wand vibrator. Enema expulsion continued on toilet. Pee from a standing position while straddling toilet.

(as zipped files)
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(in alphabetical order)
Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Age group (2) : College co-ed
Anal Beads
Ass Fucking
Bare feet
Bathing in sink
Blow Job
Body size (1) : Slender / Fit
Breasts (2) : Medium
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Sexy / Skimpy
Cum in mouth
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Flow Indicator
Enema Nozzles - Large Plastic Nozzle
Ethnicity : White
Finger-fucking pussy
Fondling/stroking breasts
Foot Job
Fucking machine - reciprocating piston
Hair color : Brunette
Hair length (3) : Shoulder-Length
Hair type : wavy
Height (2) : Average height
Hosing Off/Dousing/Spraying with water
Hot wax
Lifting and carrying someone
Masturbate others
Orgasms - Girls cuming
Paddles - Other
Paddles - Riding crop
Pee into Bucket
Positions : Kneeling (up)
Positions : Lying down
Positions : On Toilet
Positions : Squatting
Positions : Straddling
Pubic hair : Trim
Pussy Fucking
Red enema bag
Setting : Bathroom
Setting : Dungeon-esque Room
Skin tone (B) : Medium dark / Tanned
Suspension Bondage
Tattoos (A) : None
Wand vibrator
Wrist restraints
User comments

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dazzla(NEWEST COMMENT) what a cutie
dietcokeI think that was your hottest scene yet. She is very cute! I would like you to not empty the bucket between scenes, let her fill it up!
quenchmybottom*HOT* girl!! it's great how u start out with some teasing, such as the striptease scene and the oil, and then get progressively very hardcore and very intense

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Athena, in bondage, nervous about her imminent enema

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