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Anal Cheerleader Hazing
Nicolette (L) and Leona contemplate their imminent enemas

Featuring : Leona, Nicolette and Andre Chance

Length: 61.5 minutes



Nicolette and Leona are 2 hot coeds. Nicolette, dressed in a sexy cheerleader outfit, is eager to join Leona's sorority. So, Leona, with help from her boyfriend, gives Nicolette the hazing of a lifetime: spanking, wrestling, enemas, oral sex and more.

Leona also gets to suck her boyfriend's dick, and to lick his cum, while he fingers-fucks her holes and Nicolette's back-and-forth. Later, Leona gets punished alongside Nicolette, including a simultaneous enema while the 2 girls are stacked up on the boyfriend's lap.

Finally, Leona gets a wild butt/pussy ride on a Sybian, plus spanking, hot wax and lit candles up her pussy and ass.

Advanced Enemas, BJ and fucking machine for Asian Schoolgirl Ivy
Schoolgirl Ivy, lying down on top of her Master, soaks her up first enema of the day, until her belly gets distended. Later, she expels the enema on the toilet

Featuring : Ivy and Andre Chance

Length: 72 minutes



Ivy is an unusual schoolgirl who just LOVES enemas. Her Master agrees to give her the ultimate enema experience -- but first she must give him a blow job, while being simultaneously fucked by a large machine!

After a first enema, which she expels on the toilet, the “advanced” work begins… Ivy first gets lubed up with a stick of butter up her ass, and also gets her rectal temperature taken. Afterwards, she receives a very long, 30-inch (76 cm), colonic tube ENTIRELY up her ass, and then gets her ass double-stuffed with a metal anal speculum: with this setup, she can soak up more water -- flowing deep inside her -- while at the same time she expels into a bucket.

If that were not enough, she gets one more enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle, and gets spanked mid-enema until her butt is quite red! Finally, she expels into a bucket and, while still squatting on it, she again has to suck her Master’s cock.

Caning & Beer Enemas
Kitty, still covered in hot wax, gets a beer enema straight from the bottle!

Featuring : Kitty, aka Madison and Andre Chance

Length: 67 minutes



Kitty is a young redhead with a very wild streak. After having been subjected to punishment a number of times in the past, she has come to the conclusion that she likes punishment – she says it makes her “feel alive”...

A male Master helps her explore her pain-slut side with a rough treatment that includes a brutal caning, beer enemas directly from the bottle, a large bag enema, expulsion into a bucket, clothespins, spanking, paddling, hot wax, lit candles up her pussy & ass, and pussy “drilling” with a drilldo (a sex machine.)

(WARNING: alcohol enemas can be dangerous or fatal. Please see Enema Information & Safety)

Hogtie Enema and Anal Sex for Cheerleader
Athena, in hogtie bondage, has just soaked up a full-bag enema, while Veronica masturbates her

Featuring : Athena, Veronica and Andre Chance



Athena, now a cheerleader in college, returns to the dungeon where she was first introduced to kinky sex in her schoolgirl days (see her first film.)

There, she finds Veronica, a hot Latina, who makes her do some cheers – and then proceeds to place her on sex swing, strip her naked, put her in handcuffs, lick her toes, and oil her up all over!

But that’s just a warm-up! When Andre, her former school HeadMaster arrives, he places her in hogtie bondage, with Veronica’s assistance, then gives her an enema and fucks her in all 3 holes!

Afterwards, Athena learns how to be dominant, by practicing whipping, caning, etc, on Veronica, who gets tied up to the ceiling in a standing position, tiptoeing. Veronica’s butt turns flaming red, with pronounced welts!

Later, Athena gets to give Veronica an enema.

To finish up, the two girls take a bath together, and Andre makes both suck his cock.

Hogtie Enemas and Paddling for Slave Girl and Dominant Trainee
Alyssa (aka Elena), on the left, and Ivy, are tied up together and all oiled-up, about to receive simultaneous enemas

Featuring : Alyssa aka Elena, Ivy and Andre Chance

Length: 70 minutes



Lovely slave-girl Elena (aka Alyssa) continues her submissive training with an intense paddling and enema session in hogtie bondage, almost upside down. Her Master marks her yummy butt with a paddle that leaves a “SLUT” impression! He also whips her, paddles her pussy, takes off her tampon, and slips a suppository up her ass. He uses a hair brush to paddle her, and then shoves the handle up her pussy and her ass!

Finally, he gives her a full-bag enema, still in the same awkward position (hogtied nearly upside down) and makes her expel it into a bucket. Her belly is still visibly distended when she gets up – and she finishes up her expulsion on the toilet.

Next in stock for Elena is a session with Ivy, a lovely Asian who was a shy schoolgirl until recently, and is now blossoming as a dominant girl in training. Ivy gives Elena a good whipping and a paddling with a ping-pong paddle. Next, she swings her across her lap, and spanks her, masturbates her, and uses a riding crop and whip on her. Then, Ivy dons a strap-on dildo and fucks Elena in her pussy and her ass!

Afterwards, their Master puts both girls in hogtie bondage on a bench, covers them in oil, disciplines them with a belt, makes them suck his cock, and finally gives them a double enema; it’s hypnotic to watch the two flow indicators on their enema lines spin! Elena and Ivy later expel their enemas into buckets – still in bondage.

Mackenzie and Lexine's Sorority Hazing (ALL-GIRL)

Lexine, a gorgeous college girl, is desperate to join a sorority. She goes to Mackenzie, who belongs to that sorority, for help – and is put through an intense hazing.

Eventually, Lexine turns things around, and gets even for all she had to endure.

The net result? Multiple enemas (including with a colonic tube), spanking, peeing, bizarre anal penetrations, bondage, rectal thermometers and a lot more!

Anal Cheerleader Hazing 2
Alexis (L) and Arial soak up their simultaneous enemas

Featuring : Alexis, Arial and Andre Chance

Length: 72 minutes



Young and shy Arial, a very pretty blonde cheerleader, is eager to join Alexis’ exclusive sorority. But she’s in for a LONG HAZING, including brutal paddling and spanking, as well as enemas (which she’s made to expel in a bucket), douching and even pussy/ass penetrations with ice cubes. The hazing is delivered by Alexis, a hot blonde, and her boyfriend.

But sorority membership has its perks, including a sexy 2-girl simultaneous ride, squeezed together on a single Sybian (sex machine), plus a double-dildo (pussy+ass) Sybian ride.

To finish off, some “sisterly bonding”, with simultaneous double enemas for both girls, each sitting on each knee of Alexis’ boyfriend! The enemas later get expelled in buckets, in full view.

Not Your Typical Date: Jessie's S/M Enema Date
Jessie, in a straitjacket, is about to get an enema with a huge, hard squeeze bulb; she later has to expel the enema into a bucket, while still tied up

Featuring : Jessie and Andre Chance



Jessie, a flirtatious, sexy blonde – with tattoos but very feminine and with large breasts – goes on a date with an S/M Master.

Sucking the guy’s cock may not be too unusual on a date, but that’s barely the beginning: next is spanking, enemas (with ass-to-mouth bottle, followed by huge squeeze bulb), bondage, suppository, nipple clamps, paddling, whipping, belting, caning, straitjacket, hot wax, breast pumps and a huge fucking machine for Jessie’s pussy and ass!

Well, not exactly your typical date!

Submissive Training for Ruby: Enemas, Paddling, Straitjacket and More
Ruby, with arms and legs tied up, about to receive a full-bag enema with a huge metal nozzle. Her butt is still red from whipping. On the towel, notice the butter stick used to lube her up

Featuring : Ruby and Andre Chance

Length: 86 minutes



Ruby desires to work as a dominatrix – but she’s just a young girl who doesn’t know anything about S/M. So, she turns to an experienced Master. He’s willing to train her, but only if she first trains as a submissive!

That turns into a long ordeal for Ruby, including many enemas (from large squeeze bulbs and a full bag), hard paddling & belt whipping (incl. on her breasts), straitjacket and spreader-bar bondage, a machine (“drilldo”) fucking her pussy & ass, blindfolds, a suppository, enema expulsion in buckets and on the toilet – and even a hair brush that goes up her ass when it’s not being used to paddle her!

The Schoolgirl vs. the Pain Slut : Enema/Spanking/Caning Dominance

18 y.o. schoolgirl Ivy’s S/M lesson is how to become a dominant; she gets to practice on another girl, pain-slut Madison (aka Kitty), under the guidance of their master. But Madison is very feisty, and often turns the tables on Ivy!

With effort – and some catfights – Ivy learns how to spank, paddle, belt and cane a girl (while getting some of that back from the feisty submissive, as well as from her master every time she makes a mistake!) She also learns how to use a hairbrush for paddling – and its handle as a butt/pussy dildo. Finally, she learns how to put a girl in hogtie bondage, and torment her with suppositories, hot wax and large enemas (expelled into buckets and on the toilet.)

Next, Ivy learns breast paddling and pussy belting, practicing on another young girl, Madison, under the guidance of their Master. But Madison has done enough receiving, and is ready to dish it out! She puts Ivy in hogtie bondage and gives her a full-bag enema with a DOUBLE-BALLOON INFLATABLE NOZZLE. At long last, Ivy is given relief and allowed to expel in a bucket and on the toilet, but not before getting a large grape pushed up her ass!

After Madison leaves, Ivy takes a shower and pees in it; then, she gets cleaned up inside by her Master! He ties her up to a sex swing, and puts her legs in a spreader bar. He lubes up her tight entrance by ramming a whole butter stick up her ass.

Next, he gives her several enemas with an extra-long COLONIC TUBE; ultimately, he inserts about 26 inches (66 cm) of it, with a nearby ruler to prove it! With no camera cuts, you'll see the full insertions and withdrawals of the monster tube.

Finally, Ivy is allowed to expel in buckets, which she does at length. She also pees at length.

The Story of E(nema)
Alyssa (below) and Samantha get simultaneous enemas!

Featuring : Alyssa aka Elena, Samantha and Andre Chance

Length: 76 minutes



Schoolgirl Samantha, young and beautiful, continues her S/M learning. She’s given a lovely slave girl, Elena (aka Alyssa), to dominate. But Samantha is inexperienced and Elena, who’s more aggressive, ends up turning the tables on her! Great wrestling and pussy eating...

Next, their Master makes both suck his cock, and gives them a double enema – with both girls stacked up on his lap, nearly upside down! For lube, he makes Samantha lick Elena’s butthole, and then he uses a stick of butter, which goes up Samantha’s tight end.

While holding their full-bag enemas, Samantha (with a very distended belly) and Elena need to suck their Master’s cock again. Then, after they expel the water in buckets and on the toilet, the Master cums into their mouths.

Finally, he teaches them spanking, paddling, caning and belt whipping – and he ends up subjecting Samantha and Elena to all those things while they’re tied up together! Masturbation and ice cubes soothe the poor girls as they endure their S/M initiation...

(Note: the title is a reference to the erotic classic “Story of O”)

Enemas and Specula for Young Student Nurse
Missy's belly is VERY full from her latest enema. Note the large metal nozzle on the exam table

Featuring : Missy and Andre Chance

Length: 68 minutes



Missy is a lovely 18 y.o. student nurse who failed her exams for the enema clinic (see her previous training session.) So, she gets a new round of training in the form of receiving a series of enemas – including with an antique, large metal syringe, with a gigantic metal nozzle, and with a large douching squeeze bulb. She also gets a suppository, a vaginal speculum exam, and her temp simultaneously taken orally, vaginally and rectally.

For additional embarrassment, she’s made to expel her enemas in the toilet in clear sight of the male doctor who performs her exams. Furthermore, her butt hole is spread out with a metal speculum right after an enema, which flows out into a bucket.

At last, to relieve Missy from enema cramps, the doctor rubs her belly and gives her a sensual oil massage – accompanied by masturbation with a vibrator. She has earned it, after her ordeal! A very tender and sexy post-enema "recovery" period...

Moxie's First and Last Enema: A Submissive's Weak Spot
Moxie receives her first-ever enema, while hogtied with straitjacket and spreader bar

Featuring : Moxie and Andre Chance

Length: 50.5 minutes



Moxie can take a SEVERE beating, including spanking, caning, large paddles, hairbrushes and belts. Even on her pussy and breasts. Even while her butt is stuffed up with a suppository and a pig-tail plug.

She is not a pain slut, i.e. someone who truly enjoys pains. She suffers the pain, at times to the point of noticeable shaking, but she truly wants to be a good slave, and do whatever it takes to please her Master.

However, enemas TERRORIZE her to the point of uncontrollable crying and sobbing! She cries nonstop while she soaks up an enema bag, in hogtie bondage in a straitjacket and spreader bar. When freed at last, she’s gone for good, saying that this is her first and last enema! She was never seen again...

Hazel & Athena Sex-Swing Kinkiness
Hazel, looking enticing in her sexy outfit

Featuring : Athena, Hazel and Andre Chance

Length: 96 minutes



Hazel’s Dirty-Girl side comes out with a vengeance, now that she has overcome her initial shyness... She and Andre reminisce about her first enema experience – both giving and receiving it – last time.

Hazel admits that she would love to give Athena another enema – and do so on a sex swing, and also admits that she would like to learn how to tie up a girl.

When Athena arrives, she’s in for a surprise, from Hazel and Andre scheming behind her back! Athena, who had over-stepped her boundaries last time, essentially taking advantage of Hazel, really has no choice but to submit herself to be the “toy” at the disposal of Hazel and Andre.

Hazel and Andre turn the playful Athena into their “shared toy” for bondage, enemas and sex! They make Athena perform oral sex on them; Andre fucks Athena’s pussy. (Note: a girls-only edit of this scene is also available.)

It’s now Hazel’s turn: she gets hogtied and experiences a “drilldo” (fucking machine.) Then she gets an enema, while still hogtied, and later expels it on the toilet. Finally, she experiences hot wax for the first time.

Lexine's Enema Hazing
First enema, with double-balloon inflatable nozzle, for Lexine, in bondage with spreader bar and mouth gag

Featuring : Lexine and Andre Chance

Length: 111 minutes



A giggly college girl — a gorgeous brunette named Lexine — is eager to join an exclusive sorority.

The admission price: an intense HAZING delivered by the boyfriend of one of the sorority girls.

The punishment includes dressing up as a nurse, and receiving a perverse medical exam, including a rectal thermometer – plus enemas, enema, expulsion, spanking, paddling, whipping, bondage, peeing, bizarre objects up her pussy (zucchini and bread stick!), and other humiliation.

One of the enemas is delivered with a double inflatable balloon nozzle, while Lexine is in bondage.

Dirty Girls Require Deep Cleaning
Hazel and Andre give an enema to Athena

Featuring : Athena, Hazel and Andre Chance

Length: 83 minutes



An art model, Hazel, gets seduced by Athena, an assistant photographer. What follows is a huge mess with chocolate, whipped cream and pee on the floor – followed by a deep cleaning that includes enemas for both girls.

Athena nervously awaits for her chance to prove herself as an assistant photographer to Andre. She even clambers on a bar hanging from the ceiling while waiting (a very fetching position!)

When the lovely art model Hazel arrives, for what she believes to be simple nude photos, Athena begins to spin her devious – and messy! – web of seduction...

For starters, Athena leads Hazel to assume a variety of poses, while gradually disrobing her in the process.

Afterwards, Athena covers Hazel in chocolate, and licks it off her. Both girls get covered up in chocolate in the process, and they spank each other, which escalates into a whipped-cream fight!

When Hazel needs to pee, Athena makes her squat on a bucket – and pulls it away just as Hazel is peeing, making Hazel pee on the floor.

Dirty girls indeed!

Operation “deep clean up” begins with a bath and a shower. Next, Athena ties up Hazel to the shower head, and gives her an enema, which she expels in the toilet.

When Andre arrives and finds the big mess, he makes Athena clean it up, and then he enlists Hazel’s help in giving Athena an enema, administered while Athena precariously hangs (hands and feet) from a metal bar suspended from the ceiling! Hazel delivers the enema, while Andre holds Athena in place. Then Athena expels her enema into a bucket, in full view, while perched on an “enema high chair”.

Finally, a blow job for both girls – while Athena is still on the “enema high chair” where she just expelled her enema.

Intense Medical Exam & Beer Enema Revenge

A naughty redhead nurse gives an intense exam to a lovely brunette – including taking her rectal temperature, and giving her a sponge bath and a milk enema.

When the patient later discovers that the nurse was an impostor, she gets her revenge for all the heavy-handed treatment she received! In particular, she gets a turn at administering an enema – and gives the fake nurse a beer enema straight from the bottle!

Piled Up: Double Punishment for Nicolette & Katia
Katia on top of Nicolette, getting her enema

Featuring : Katia, Nicolette and Andre Chance



Bad-student Nicolette, a sizzling coed in a miniskirt, shows up unannounced at her tutor’s place, desperate for help with an imminent exam.

The tutor, who was in the middle of punishing nymphette 18 y.o. Katia, agrees to help Nicolette – but in exchange for punishment alongside Katia.

The girls get locked up in a box, drenched in oil, stacked up on the tutor’s lap and spanked. Later, while still stacked up on the tutor’s lap, they endure enemas, using red enema bags and flow indicators. Next, they have to expel the enemas into a big bucket, squatting side-by-side, in full view.

To finish up, it’s hot wax and getting their holes stuffed with cherry tomatoes and asparagus!

Runaway's Med Exams & Enemas
Missy nervously contemplates her upcoming enema with a monster-sized metal nozzle

Featuring : Missy and Andre Chance

Length: 87 minutes



Missy is a beautiful 18 y.o. runaway who trains as a nurse. She discovers that the training consists of receiving an extended med exam, and a gruesome series of enemas – including with an antique, large metal syringe, a gigantic metal nozzle and a long colonic tube. When she can’t take it any more, she gets immobilized in a straitjacket and receives yet another enema! Missy’s embarrassment is greatly increased by having to expel her enemas (into buckets and in the toilet) in clear sight of the male doctor who performs her exams.

The doctor even changes her tampon, shoves a suppository up her butt, and simultaneously takes her rectal, vaginal and oral temps. When Missy gets cramps from the enemas, the doctor rubs her belly and gives her a full-body massage.

TRAILER AVAILABLE. See all trailers

We Can Do This Enema the Hard Way or the Fun Way!
Misty expels her enema while in suspension bondage, as student nurse Paige looks on

Featuring : Misty, Paige and Andre Chance

Length: 81 minutes



Paige is a student nurse who needs to practice giving enemas. She convinces a schoolgirl named Misty to be her guinea pig!

Misty is nervous about the enema. So, Paige decides to “spice it up” by placing Misty on a sexy swing, and by warming her up with some light spanking!

Paige explains that “We can do this enema the hard way or the fun way!” Misty opts for the fun way... The “fun way” involves hogtie bondage, a vibrator, strap-on sex with Paige, and sex with Andre.

While Paige is busy giving Misty and enema, and fucking her with a strap-on dildo, Andre gives a surprise enema to Paige, as well as a surprise ass-fuck!

Both girls expel their enemas into buckets, in full view.

(Vol. 2)
After Misty leaves, Paige gets a reward from Andre for being such a good nursing student: a ride on a big fucking machine! Paige impales both her pussy and ass on a double-dildo attachment, and then rides the machine.

Next, she switches to a pussy-only attachment, and mid-ride, Andre slips an enema nozzle up her ass! Her belly gets noticeably distended after she soaks up the full bag. Then she expels her enema into a bucket while sitting on an “enema high chair” – and finally she takes a shower.

I Like to Be Used!
Lilla (tied up) nervously eyes the water still in the enema bag, while Athena masturbates her with a wand vibrator

Featuring : Athena, Lilla and Andre Chance

Length: 68 minutes



Lilla is a hot redhead who likes to explore S/M. She gets more than she bargained for after she places an “adult ad” – and finds herself becoming the “plaything” of an experienced Master and his gorgeous female assistant, Mistress-in-training Athena.

“Careful what you wish for!” Lilla’s wish lands her in an intense, long session of caning, whipping, enemas and sex.

In her ad, Lilla had said she likes rough play and to “be used.” Andre gets her all excited by showing her a large collection of S/M toys; then he grabs her, feels her rapid heartbeat, and tells her he’s going to “use” her – by giving her as a training toy to Athena!

While waiting for Athena to arrive, Andre offers Lilla grapes – and then proceeds to slip one up Lilla’s ass! That’s a new experience for her... “How are we going to get the grape out?” “That will be part of the fun tonight!”

When Athena arrives, Lilla is taken aback that such a young girl would presume to dominate her. Far from looking like a hard-boiled dominatrix, Athena looks just like the schoolgirl she used to be until recently...

But Athena quickly puts an end to Lilla’s snickering with some good paddling with a wooden ruler! She follows up with a hard leather paddle, and then some hair pulling and kissing.

Lilla’s butt is by now a lovely shade of red. Athena wastes no time in putting Lilla in wrist restraints, attached to a bar suspended from the ceiling.

It’s now time for whipping all over with a belt – including on her breasts and pussy. Lilla is by now flaming red almost all over her body. Through her mouth gag, she coyly admits that she has been liking it...

Next, enemas in bondage and enema expulsion into bucket and on the toilet for Lilla.

Finally, while handcuffed on a bed, Lilla’s pussy gets a good pounding with a strap-on from Athena, and she also gets to suck cock (Andre rejoins the girls at the very end.)

Cleaned Inside and Out
Athena, in bondage, nervous about her imminent enema

Featuring : Athena and Andre Chance



Athena looks super-sexy in her elegant red dress and seashell bra...

When she walks into the S/M dungeon where she’s an apprentice dominant, she discovers an enema bag and a large wedge pillow, just like the one she recently used to give Natalia an enema... Her Master decided that it’s now her turn to be on the receiving end, in the same position!

First, he ties her up and make her soak up a full bag. Next, he make her expel her enema into buckets, and finish up on the toilet.

Afterwards, it’s time for some paddling. Athena, who’s not too keen on getting spanked, makes some of the cutest squeals of any girl!

Andre takes pity of her and gives her a break from spanking; instead, he fucks her in every hole!

Having cleaned her up inside, earlier, it’s now time to soap her up and then clean her out with a garden hose!

To finish up, triple-whammy stimulation for Athena: riding a fucking machine, plus a wand vibrator, plus hot wax. Not surprisingly, she cums!

How to Give an Enema, Vol. 3
Veronica, handcuffed to a rail in her cheerleader outfit, has no choice but to expel her enema from height

Featuring : Veronica and Andre Chance

Length: 76 minutes



Andre demonstrates advanced enema techniques, involving a huge metal nozzle and a double-balloon nozzle, using his sexy assistant Veronica as a very willing "guinea pig."

First, an OTK enema using a huge metal nozzle, which Veronica expels on the toilet, initially while standing above it, handcuffed to the towel rack. Next, an enema using a double-balloon nozzle, while hogtied, expelled into a bucket and on the toilet.

To round up the action, Veronica experiences bondage, spanking, paddling, whipping, caning, vibrators, oil cover, ice cubes, and a metal anal speculum.

Oh, and speaking of “roundness”, Veronica’s lovely melons get subjected to heavy-duty nipple clamps, with weights attached.

Note: Veronica is a pain slut – the experience amounts to pleasure enemas for her.

(See also Vol.1 and Vol.2)

Upside-Down Enema and Colonic Tube Enemas
Veronica gets an enema upside down

Featuring : Veronica and Andre Chance

Length: 32.5 minutes



Veronica is a hot Latina with sizable breasts. She likes enemas – and she gets plenty of them!

After a little strip-tease, she gets hogtied to a bed by her Master, who whips, paddles and canes her. Now “warmed up” for her first enema, she gets filled up with a full bag. How does a fully-inserted 16" (40 cm) colonic tube sound? Well, how about if that tube gets RE-INSERTED 4 TIMES?! That’s what she gets! She later expels her enema into buckets, while still hogtied, and then finishes up on the toilet.

Next, she gets placed upside-down on an “inversion table” and receives an enema in that position! She later expels it into a bucket and on the toilet.

Not Your Typical Date: Anais' S/M Date
Veronica, who is fucking Anais with a strap-on, is about to get an enema with an inflatable double-balloon nozzle

Featuring : Anais, Veronica and Andre Chance



Veronica, who lingered at her lover Andre’s place, enjoys doing a little strip-tease dance. When she’s surprised by the unexpected arrival of Andre – bringing home his date Anais – Veronica hides away.

Sexy Anais is rather surprised to find a chain dangling from the ceiling of what she expected to be a living room... And a lot more surprised when she discovers Veronica in the apartment!

Veronica is all flirty towards Anais who, in spite of her provocative dress, is painfully shy. Anais admits that she hasn’t had many adventures in her past, but has been wanting to "try something new"...

Scared-bunny Anais finds herself on a sex swing, with her hands tied up behind her. Veronica explains to her that she likes bondage “because I love being tied up and feeling helpless, and they can do whatever they want to me” – which turns her on. Anais admits that she sometimes fantasizes about such things.

Her wish comes true when Veronica & Andre introduce her to hogtie bondage, spanking/paddling and enemas.

Andre gives Veronica an enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle while Veronica fucks Anais with a strap-on dildo! Then, while holding her own enema water, Veronica in turn gives Anais an enema!

Both girls expel their enemas into buckets.

Finally, Andre makes both girls suck his cock. He also fucks Anais’ pussy and feet.

Enema Sex and Hogtie Spanking for Kinky Chica
Veronica, hogtied, has no choice but expel her large enema into buckets

Featuring : Veronica and Andre Chance



Veronica is a spicy Latina with large breasts and a hot body that resists being confined in her sexy, skimpy clothing! She continues her exploration of kinky sexuality with her Master – and discovers the joy of enema sex when, after her enema, she gets fucked in every hole and on every surface on her body! (Feet, breasts, hands, ...)

She soaks up her enema, hogtied to a table, after a suppository and a rectal thermometer. She admits that she has reached the point where she likes enemas.

The newest toy for Veronica is a “drilldo”: a spinning dildo attached to a drill.

As always, plenty of spanking, paddling and whipping while hogtied in different positions.

Veronica, tightly hogtied reclining back on a wedge, gets breast pumps on her lovely melons, and a monster-sized metal nozzle forced up her yummy tight ass by her Master! To lube her up for such a large object, a whole stick of butter goes up her ass first!

Then Veronica gets filled up with a full-bag enema, which she expels into buckets (still hogtied) and finally on the toilet.

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