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Enemas/Spanking/Anal Candle/Drilldo for Young Thief
Sexy redhead Rachel

Featuring : Rachel and Andre Chance

Length: 65 minutes



Rachel is a beautiful, very young-looking 18 y.o., who wants to rent a room in a guy’s house. While he’s briefly away on the phone, she steals some of his belongings.

When he discovers her, he punishes her with OTK spanking, enemas (using a bag and a large syringe), and by stuffing up her butt with soy beans, plus forced enema expulsion into bucket, hot wax, lit candles up her ass & pussy.

For a final touch, he violates her pussy with a “drilldo” (a dildo attached to a rotating drill.)

Shandy and Paige's Anal Bondage Adventures
Straitjacketed Paige, in suspension bondage on a sex swing, together with Shandy, wearing a sexy dress

Featuring : Paige, Shandy and Andre Chance



A wild mix of bondage, spanking, enemas and sex in all 3 holes, plus girl-girl strap-on sex!

Paige, a former problem schoolgirl now in college, returns to the reform school where she had been disciplined some years before, at the prodding of her sexy friend Shandy, who’s looking for some help in finally seducing Paige.

The Headmaster plays along with Shandy’s scheme – and then takes advantage of both girls!

Enema SADIST: First Enema Gone Awry!
Tempest (L) and Jessica, appropriately wearing a 'Bad Girl' shirt

Featuring : Jessica, Tempest and Andre Chance

Length: 106 minutes



For Sadists Only! If you like to see girls cry from intense inflatable-balloon enemas in hogtie bondage, this is the film for you...

Gorgeous schoolgirl Jessica is such an extreme pain slut that she breezed through the severe punishment of Reform School having a grand time (see Jessica’s first film.) To try something different, the Schoolmaster gives her as a “slave-girl plaything” to his hot new girlfriend Tempest, to have fun with!

Tempest is initially astonished and, being new to S/M, she doesn’t really know what to do – but before long she discovers her Inner Sadist... Which is a powerful one!

With some help from her boyfriend, Tempest learns how to spank, paddle, belt, whip and cane Jessica (who, as usual, is as happy as a kid in the candy store!) The action is HEAVY, and by the end Jessica’s body is red and covered in welts all over...

Jessica also gets cherry tomatoes up her butt, clothespins on her nipples – and some tickling!

Tempest makes Jessica climb onto a Sybian. While Jessica rides it, she gets doused in oil, and rubbed with ice cubes – some of which get slipped inside breast pumps applied to her.

Next, Tempest gets to ride the Sybian herself, while oiled-up Jessica rubs herself all over Tempest from behind.

Tempest, though capable of doling out punishment, is herself quite delicate. She gets introduced to enemas in an over-the-top way by her sadistic boyfriend. For starters, he puts her in tight hogtie bondage together with super-slutty Jessica, who as usual has a grand time through everything.

Tempest had never been tied up or dominated before. She does barely OK with breast pumps, mouth gags, forced masturbation, extensive whipping, thermometers in all 3 holes, and a whole butter stick up her butt. Jessica, tied up alongside her, gets identical treatment.

Both girls also perform a BJ and a foot job, while still tied up.

But a large enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle proves too much for Tempest, and she breaks into tears and loud sobbing (through her mouth gag) for a long time! Jessica took her own enema alongside. Both girls then expel their enemas into buckets, while still hogtied together.

Tempest is still shaken after she gets freed up and finishes up on the toilet – still handcuffed to Jessica, who has to share the toilet. The girls straddle each other and cuddle up on the toilet seat, rubbing each other’s bellies.

The tears are very real: if they weren’t, you’d see Tempest on the podium at the Oscar awards!

Why did Tempest cry so much? Cramps, sure. Fullness, sure. But perhaps more than anything else it was the intensity of the complete experience: so much, so intense for her first time. Don’t try this at home!!

TRAILER AVAILABLE. See all trailers

Teaching the Cheerleader a Lesson
Ophelia doing cheers with her panties in her mouth

Featuring : Ophelia and Andre Chance

Length: 107.5 minutes



I’m sure you’ve always had a desire to teach a good lesson to some cheerleader. As luck had it, one of them screwed up badly in her competition. And she goes to her coach, begging for help! What a perfect opportunity to give her the discipline she badly needs...

Spanking, paddling and multiple rounds of enemas are part of her extended punishment – painful and exquisitely humiliating.

Anal Catfights

Featuring : Alexis, Colette and Andre Chance

Length: 87.5 minutes



Shy Colette is curious about modeling, and I recruit her for a little shoot. She’s a cutie-pie, with her piggy tails and miniskirt. We end up kissing, and I lead her to play a game of "golf" with the club in her pussy...

My girlfriend, beautiful college coed Alexis, walks in on us. She gets jealous and all hell breaks loose! The girls get into a sexy catfight... Alexis, the winner, spanks Colette, hogties her, tortures her with ice cubes, and stuffs her with a butt plug. Alexis uses the devil’s tail at the other end of the butt plug to satisfy her horny pussy, while I make her suck my cock.

But when Alexis removes Colette’s butt plug, she just yanks it out. Ouch! Infuriated, Colette turns the tables on her: she spanks her, pins her down, and makes her hold the bucket that she pees into. Then, Colette and I give Alexis 2 enemas and make her expel into a bucket.

But Alexis has had enough! I guess she runs out of her earlier guilt about having hurt Colette... Being a good deal taller, she easily regains the upper hand on Colette, and lifts her off the ground – while I give her an enema in that awkward position.

Spanking, Bondage, Enemas and Sex
Roxy (L) and Veronica bend over to get spanked

Featuring : Roxy, Veronica and Andre Chance

Length: 54 minutes



Spanking, bondage, enemas and sex for Roxy & Veronica!

Veronica returns to her Master with a new girl in tow, a friend named Roxy. Roxy is new to S/M, enemas and anal play. To her surprise, she likes heavy spanking/paddling, and can take a good amount. But anal play scares her a lot! By contrast, Veronica loves enemas and can take a monster-sized metal nozzle without blinking...

Veronica’s Master spanks and paddles both girls. Then he hogties them together, fucks them in every hole, and gives them 2 rounds of simultaneous enemas – which they expel sharing one toilet side-by-side.

To finish up, simultaneous enemas for both girls while they’re tied up together on a table, with a spandex hood imprisoning Roxy’s head. Afterwards, they expel this latest enema into buckets and on the toilet

Kinky Spa : I've Never Been Cleaned This Thoroughly Before!
Jasmine, about to receive her first enema, still partially covered in clay

Featuring : Jasmine and Andre Chance

Length: 97 minutes



Massage, mud wrap, sponge bath, pee on toilet, enema, expulsion through speculum and on toilet.

After Jasmine refuses to pay, the spa attendant makes her give him a BJ and lick his ass. He also ties her up, spanks her, fucks her pussy, shoves a butt plug up her ass, gives her another enema, and cums into her mouth while she expels the enema into a bucket (sitting on an “enema high chair”)

Busty Cheerleader's Enema&Spanking Job Interview
Julia, with her hands tied up behind her, getting oiled up all over before her 2nd enema

Featuring : Julia and Andre Chance

Length: 61 minutes



A hot blonde with big, DD breasts – a former cheerleader just out of college – Julia has no idea of the spanking/enema/bondage ordeal awaiting her at her job interview!

She looks jaw-dropping when she arrives in her corporate clothes.

She learns that the job is to be a personal assistant for a master who runs a “reform school for girls”, involving corporal punishment! Though astonished, Julia coyly admits she's tired of the corporate world and is eager “for something different.”

But to get the job she must experience what it's like to “be on the other side”: to be a schoolgirl being punished! She must endure spanking, bondage, anal beads and enemas (one from a drinking bottle and one with an inflatable balloon nozzle; she expels them in a bucket.)

Manhandling Julia’s DD breasts, the prospective employer congratulates her on getting the job. He’d shake her hand – except that it’s tied behind her back!

Enema Spa for Vicki
Vicki, still partially covered in clay, nervously anticipates her upcoming enema

Featuring : Vicki and Andre Chance

Length: 113 minutes



Shy, young Vicki goes to her first spa treatment – without realizing that it’s an ENEMA SPA. After a sensual massage, mud wrap and sponge bath, Vicki is shocked to discover that the Extreme Cleansing regimen also includes a suppository and a large enema, which she's made to expel in buckets and on the toilet, in full view of the spa's male attendant.

When she needs to pee mid-session, on several occasions, she’s made to pee in a bucket, on the massage table.

Next, it’s time for a large bag enema with a double inflatable BALLOON NOZZLE, expulsion into buckets through a metal anal SPECULUM, more enemas through the speculum, a super-large enema with a very long, 30" (76 cm) COLONIC TUBE, so difficult to fully insert that Vicki needs to be lubed up with a stick of butter up her tight entrance. All enemas are expelled into buckets, in full view, and Vicki gets her vaginal temperature taken during one of the enemas.

The enemas are so intense that, to make them bearable, Vicki is allowed to masturbate with a vibrator; she cums after the first big enema, and almost cums a second time.

At the end, Vicki confesses that she has no money to pay for the long sessions! As a punishment, the spa attendant spanks her hard across his lap, until her butt turns quite red.

Not Your Typical Date: Eden's S/M Date
Eden, still immobilized by the mummifying cling-wrap bondage, expels her enema into a bucket, from a high chair

Featuring : Eden and Andre Chance

Length: 115.5 minutes



Eden, a lovely blonde, is in for a big surprise when her date takes her home!

Before she knows it, she finds herself suspended on a sex swing! And, shortly afterwards, she’s hogtied and gets spanked... She also gets paddled and whipped at length, all over, including on her pussy. Her breasts get paddled and then receive nipple clamps and breast pumps. And she gets caned, too. But she likes it all!!

When she needs to pee, her date makes her pee through her panties, onto the floor, while still hogtied on the sex swing! After she gets released from the swing, she has to mop the floor with her hands tied up behind her back, and her panties down to her ankles – a very awkward, but intensely sexy, mopping job! While she stands up, her pussy gets finger-fucked.

Just when she thought her date couldn’t get any more kinky, she finds herself carried swung over the shoulder, then put down on a table and masturbated with a wand vibrator. She gets hogtied with cling wrap, and her ass gets stuffed up with anal beads.

While hogtied, she has to suck her date’s cock while her ass is still stuffed with anal beads. Next, while still immobilized, she is given a large enema, with a clear bag, a large plastic nozzle and a flow indicator; she has no choice but to soak it up to the last drop!

When it’s time to expel her enema, she gets seated on an enema “high chair”, still mummified with cling-wrap, and her only option is to expel into buckets below. She’s also given another enema in this position. After she’s finally freed, she finishes expelling her enema on the toilet.

How's that for a first date! But she likes it, and cums twice...

S/M Enema Debutante
Alexa gets to be a dominant for a while, by whipping Leila

Featuring : Alexa, Leila and Andre Chance

Length: 91 minutes



Leila, driven by curiosity, seeks out an S/M Master. Leila, a very fit brunette with long dreadlocks, is a wide-eyed and nervous first-timer. But she coyly admits that she likes to be at her Master’s mercy, and be told to do things. Perhaps unwisely, she blurts out: "I think I can handle anything you’ve got."

The Master takes her up on that! He ties her up, fucks her in every hole, cums in her mouth, and introduces her heavy paddling, whipping, enemas, vibrators and breast pumps.

The enemas, preceded by a suppository, are delivered using a red bag, a flow indicator and a large nozzle. They are administered while Leila sits tied up on a metal scaffold (“humiliation high chair”) – and she has to expel the water in the same position, into a bucket underneath her.

Afterwards, she finishes expelling her enema on the toilet.

Later, the Master brings in his lovely assistant Alexa, a sizzling blonde who give Leila more hard whipping and paddling, using leather and wooden paddles, and a belt. In addition, Alexa performs some very sexy scratching and biting.

At the end, the Master comes back to hogtie together Leila and Alexa, and finger-fucks their asses. Alexa, as an assistant-in-training who did a good job, gets a devil’s tail butt plug as a reward! (PS: no enema for Alexa this time, but you can see her take enemas in all her other films)

How to Give an Enema, Vol. 2 (Balloon Nozzles)
Lesbian enema for Missy, upside down, from Veronica, with a DOUBLE-BALLOON INFLATABLE NOZZLE!

Featuring : Missy, Veronica

Length: 39 minutes



Advanced Enema Techniques!

Missy and Veronica trade enemas with DOUBLE-BALLOON INFLATABLE NOZZLES.

First, Missy gives one to Veronica. Then Veronica reciprocates – while Missy is suspended UPSIDE-DOWN!

For the first enema, Missy makes Veronica lean against a table, oils her up, and ties her up to the table. After some spanking, Missy administers an enema using a double-balloon nozzle, a red bag and a flow indicator. During the enema, Missy masturbates Veronica with a magic-wand vibrator. Afterwards, Veronica expels her enema into a bucket, in full sight, and finishes up on the toilet, with Missy straddling her lap.

For the second enema, Veronica suspends Missy from the ceiling by her ankles! She gives Missy an enema with a double-balloon nozzle, a red bag and a flow indicator. During the enema, the girls masturbate each other. Missy is petite, and after soaking up a full bag, her belly is noticeably distended... After being released from bondage, Missy expels her enema into a bucket and on the toilet.

(See also Vol.1 and Vol.3)

Straitjacket Pressed-Grapes Enemas
Lilah is placed in straitjacket

Featuring : Alexis, Katia, Lilah and Andre Chance

Length: 83 minutes



Sex-slave Katia misbehaves, and she’s punished by her Master and by 2 other girls with French fries up her butt, and a milk enema, which she’s made to expel in a pail.

Afterwards, Alexis and Lilah get into a wrestling match. The loser, Lilah, gets forced into a straitjacket. She's also spanked, made to pee in a bucket, tormented with ice cubes, and administered an enema from the juice of grapes that Alexis presses with her bare feet. Afterwards, Lilah is made to expel the enema in a bucket.

Eventually, both Lilah and Alexis are tied together in the same straitjacket by the male master. He administers them double enemas, and makes them expel – while still tied up together – into buckets.

How to Give an Enema, Vol. 1 (Basic Enemas)
Missy (R) undressing Veronica, and about to give her an enema

Featuring : Missy, Veronica

Length: 68.5 minutes



Missy and Veronica will teach you how to give an enema to your partner! They demonstrate on each other, starting with a very basic enema, and progressing to more complex ones. You’ll learn techniques about Pleasure Enemas, and you’ll enjoy the sexy sensuality and vivaciousness of Missy and Veronica!

A perfect movie to share with your enema-shy partner, or to introduce them to enemas for the first time.

In Vol. 1, Missy kisses, undresses and oils up Veronica. Then she masturbates her with a vibrator and takes her rectal temperature. She gives her a full-bag enema using a red bag with a standard nozzle and a flow indicator. Veronica holds the water with the help of a butt plug and some masturbation. Afterwards, she expels her enema on the toilet.

Next, they trade roles: Veronica gives Missy a suppository and an enema across her lap, using a giant squeeze bulb with a long, hard nozzle. Missy, with a noticeably distended belly, expels her enema into buckets, in full view, while sitting on an “enema high chair”! Then she finishes up on the toilet.

(For more advanced techniques, see Vol.2 and Vol.3)

Enema/Gyno Clinic: Krystal & Nurse Leona
Krystal, with nurse Leona

Featuring : Krystal, Leona and Andre Chance

Length: 66 minutes



Sexy nursing student Leona and a male doctor give a VERY thorough exam -- and a series of enemas – to an extremely shy, young Asian girl named Krystal.

ALL of Krystal's orifices are looked into, with flashlights. Vaginal and anal specula for her 2 tightest holes! All along, super-shy Krystal tries to "protect her modesty" – a losing battle... Looking inside Krystal's pussy, it's obvious that the shy slut is getting very turned on... Her basal temp (vaginal and rectal) is also taken.

To help relax Krystal, the nurse gives her an oil massage. Then it's a series of 6 enemas with a squeeze bulb, alternately delivered by the nurse and the doctor. Afterwards, to help Krystal retain the water, the nurse and the doctor masturbate her!

You'll get to watch (and hear) her expelling the enemas on the toilet. She gets bad cramps, and the doctor rubs her belly. To console her, the nurse strips naked and has a sexy cuddle with her on the bed, while the doctor rubs both girls with baby oil.

Chocolate Birthday Enemas

Featuring : Lilah and Andre Chance

Length: 100 minutes



Birthday girl Lilah goes to a job interview, and ends up in a rough and sensual game of complete chocolate cover – followed by a sponge bath and 3 enemas to clean her inside and out! She also gets butter sticks and bananas up her butt, a rough “birthday spanking”, a round of “drilldo” (sex machine), and cum in her hair.

She’s made to pee into a bucket, and also to expel all her enemas there. The first enema is directly from a squeeze bottle, the 2nd is from a bag (with a large nozzle), and the 3rd one is with a long colonic tube.

Enema Spa for Cheerleader Amber
Amber, covered in clay, about to receive her first enema

Featuring : Amber and Andre Chance

Length: 86 minutes



A shy, young cheerleader, Amber, goes to her first spa treatment - without realizing that it's an ENEMA SPA! After a sensual massage, mud wrap and sponge bath, Amber is shocked to discover that the Extreme Cleansing regimen also includes a suppository, rectal and vaginal thermometers, and 2 large enemas, which she's made to expel in buckets and on the toilet, in full view of the spa's male attendant. A flow indicator on the hose will let you see the water flowing into her colon.

One of the enemas is administered with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle, in a fetching OB-GYN position on the treatment table, after a little masturbation to relax her; at the end, a rectal speculum replaces the nozzle, and water gushes out into a bucket.

Amber is made to hold each enema at length, and receives a sensual sponge bath while holding the water. Since she's petite and slender, her belly looks noticeably -- and enticingly -- distended.

Nurse Kitty's Punishment
Kitty (aka Madison)

Featuring : Kitty, aka Madison and Andre Chance

Length: 83 minutes



Nurse Kitty is a young, hot redhead. But she's a fake nurse. I know her secret and I threaten to expose the truth. To avoid that, she accepts an intense punishment for her lies.

Her punishment includes spanking, whipping, getting the whip handle up her ass, and receiving multiple enemas, which she has to expel in a bucket. She also pees there. The initial enemas involve squeeze bulbs; later, Kitty gets a full-bag enema, with a flow indicator, while in bondage.

Furthermore, Kitty gets nipple clamps, ice cubes, and her underwear shoved entirely up her pussy!

Brutal Sex Therapy for Jeannie
Jeannie expels her enema on the toilet

Featuring : Jeannie and Andre Chance

Length: 106 minutes



Jeannie is an exotic-looking girl of Southeast Asian ethnicity. She has a great natural tan, and lovely breasts. Her sexual hang-ups are causing problems with her boyfriend. So, she goes to a sex therapist. He explains that the way to get rid of sexual hang-ups is to explore a wide variety of kinky acts. When she agrees to do "whatever it takes," he leads her into a brutal erotic journey – and won't let her change her mind about going along.

The kinky acts include enemas (even one with her own pee!) and bizarre anal penetrations...

Malena Trades Her Bad Grade for Corporal Punishment

Featuring : Malena and Andre Chance

Length: 98 minutes



Malena is a coy – and hot – Latina, with youthful braids, a sexy miniskirt and sizable breasts. She goes to visit her teacher in his house, determined to get a bad grade changed. If she fails, she’ll lose her scholarship – so she’s rather desperate. The teacher agrees to raise her grade, but only if she submits to extensive corporal punishment.

It takes spanking, many enemas, ice cubes, hot wax, clothespins on nipples, and a lot more, to change Malena's grade from F to A+...

Lena & Katia: Intimate Double Punishment
Katia (left) and Lena have to share a single toilet to simultaneously expel their enemas

Featuring : Katia, Lena and Andre Chance



Lena is beautiful in her miniskirt. She has seductive, lush hair. But she’s a pathetic would-be athlete, lacking discipline.

Her trainer gives her an ultimatum: be punished – or be expelled from the team. She learns about discipline alongside 18 y.o. sex-slave-in-training Katia, through enemas, spanking, paddling, hot wax and more.

To expel their enemas, Lena and Katia have to share a single toilet!

Nicolette's Tutor Teaches her a Lesson
Nicolette gets a sponge bath in the kitchen sink!

Featuring : Nicolette and Andre Chance

Length: 80 minutes



In her slutty miniskirt and stockings, bratty Nicolette is a hot student, with lush, long brown curls. But her mind is not on her studies, and she’s failing her classes.

At her tutor’s place, while he steps out, she snoops around his box of spanking, enema and sex toys. He catches her red-handed, and punishes her for being a bad student and a snoop. Under the threat of having her parents informed of everything, Nicolette submits to the tutor’s kinky punishments – and he uses on her the same toys she discovered while snooping.

In particular, she gets spanked OTK and she receives multiple enemas, including a a squeeze bulb with her own pee, and an enema with a colonic tube!

Wine Enemas for Patient and Nurse

Nina, a bratty and wild brunette, pigged out on ice cream and isn’t feeling well. Nurse Sasha, a sexy redhead, comes to her rescue, with an exam and enemas – including wine enemas.

Later, Nina decides to give the nurse “a taste of her own medicine,” with more wine enemas. The nurse/patient power struggle eventually leads to wild sex and rides on a sybian.

Cling-Wrapped Together: Double Enemas & More
Trinity is a little devil of a girl...

Featuring : Katia, Trinity and Andre Chance



Young Trinity looks deliciously impish in a skimpy devil's outfit she borrowed for a party. However, when she returns it late -- and with pieces missing -- she gets a hell of a punishment, including enemas, spanking, paddling, tickling, grapes & butter sticks up her butt, and ice-cube torture.

Katia, the runaway who became a live-in sex slave, gets discovered to have stolen one of the missing costume pieces. She gets tied up with Trinity using cling wrap, and gets punished alongside -- including a double enema.

At the end, Trinity gets a wild ride on a sybian.

Punishment is a REWARD for Me!
Inflatable double balloon nozzle for Miss Kitty, almost upside down on her Master's lap. Notice the clothespin on her nipple and thigh, and the butt marks from the earlier caning

Featuring : Miss Kitty and Andre Chance

Length: 106 minutes



Miss Kitty is a fiery, dominant brunette who wants a job as a disciplinarian at a reform school for girls. However, she must first learn to submit to the male schoolmaster. Arrogant Miss Kitty boasts that “Punishment is a REWARD for me” – and so she gets put to the test!

The master subjects her to the range of punishments that reform-school girls have to endure: enemas, spanking, paddling, caning, suppositories, ice cubes, clothespins, breast pumps, etc. Miss Kitty is also humiliated by being led around the room like a dog on a leash, by having to pee into a house plant, and by having to give the master a blow job while her butthole is stuffed up with a pig-tail plug.

She even gets an enema with a double inflatable balloon nozzle, while she’s virtually upside down, on her master’s lap, with clothespins on her nipples – and that makes her cum!

Miss Kitty handles everything well, including heavy caning and paddling. It becomes obvious that she wasn’t lying when she said she ENJOYS pain. Impressed, the male master offers her the job and gives her a reward in the form of a ride on a double-dildo fucking machine.

French-Maid Seductress Likes Her Punishment!
Emily gets her 3rd enema with a monster-sized metal nozzle

Featuring : Emily and Andre Chance



A seductive, flirtatious French maid misbehaves and gets punished by her male employer with spanking, 3 rounds of enemas (one with a huge metal nozzle), expulsion in toilet and bucket, 4 fingers up the butt, nipple clamp, and a “drilldo” (fucking machine.)

However, she’s such a nympho that she ends up enjoying everything! She redeems herself with a steamy striptease.

Cheerleader's Nurse Training
Eva (L), leading Raya astray

Featuring : Eva "St. Valentine", Raya and Andre Chance

Length: 94 minutes



What happens if a cheerleader with an attitude gets trained as a nurse? Trouble!

Eva got expelled from her boarding school, and disowned by her family. In dire need of a job, she goes to the master of the Reform School she knew from before.

Though rather surprised to learn that he also runs an enema/gyno clinic, she's eager to be trained as a nurse -- together with nurse student Raya. Under the clinic owner's direction, Eva and Raya practice on each other.

Raya, being in nursing school, looks down on her fellow trainee, a cheerleader who has just gotten expelled from school! And Eva, much as she tries to become a nurse, is fundamentally a bad-girl cheerleader...

The result? 2 badly-behaved nurses!

Eva acts difficult and has to be placed in a straitjacket during her examination, which includes an anal speculum and an enema -- which she's made to expel in a bucket.

But even nurse student Raya isn't too well behaved during the practice exam on her -- and she needs to be spanked and subdued. Her exam includes an anal speculum and an enema, too. With masturbation to shut her up!

Finally, both student nurses are told to practice giving enemas to their male instructor -- and also a blow job to make up for all the trouble they've caused!

This film venturs into the seldom-explored area where "medical" meets "punishment."

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