Re-Mastering Partially-Released (or Formerly Censored) Enema Films

We at EnemaWizardVideo believe that some of the very best enema films, from a few years ago, deserve to be shown on this site in full (not just the enema portions), and also be restored and improved with today's superior technology.

There are really 2 separate issues:
The net result is that older enema clips are gradually BOTH being expanded into full films, AND also being transformed into higher quality (often, substantially higher.)

In many cases, the re-mastering includes previously censored scenes, typically involving enema expulsion or blow jobs/intercourse in bondage.



Being a recent release, it has been made available as a full film, and at high quality, when it was first released: Dirty Girls Require Deep Cleaning

Other new films include Hazel & Athena Sex-Swing Kinkiness, Cleaned Inside and Out, The Story of E(nema), Hogtie Enema and Anal Sex for Cheerleader, I Like to Be Used!, We Can Do This Enema the Hard Way or the Fun Way! , etc. etc. etc.


Lexine has been voted one of our most beautiful enema girls of all times! Back in the days when this site was called, only 2 short clips were released from this film, at low resolution.

The new owner re-mastered the original footage and released the FULL film at MUCH, MUCH HIGHER video quality than the original enema clips (triple the data rate and quadruple the pixel size!)

And the new release includes 86 minutes never seen on this site before!

Years ago, tiny video was OK; now we all want full-screen high quality :)

Lexine's Enema Hazing

Other restored and expanded films include Teaching the Cheerleader a Lesson, Enemas/Spanking/Anal Candle/Drilldo for Young Thief, Anal Catfights, Runaway's Med Exams & Enemas (*), Busty Cheerleader's Enema&Spanking Job Interview, Enema Spa for Vicki, Enemas and Specula for Young Student Nurse (*), Caning & Beer Enemas, etc.

(*) includes previously-censored footage