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Review by “Jane's Guide”, an independent review site “Jane's Guide”, an independent review site, gave us a “Vamp's Pick” Award, plus “Originality & Quality” Awards“Jane's Guide”, an independent review site, gave us a “Vamp's Pick” Award, plus “Originality & Quality” Awards
Updated Review by "Jane's Guide": Quality and Originality Awards, plus "Vamp's Pick"

“I was on the edge of my seat watching this, and I wanted more. Edgy ... diabolical!”

AlwaysArousedGirl reviewed this site back in 2009 when it was called Enemas.com and was under different ownership. She had this to say about it:
"Enemas.com [former name for EnemaWizardVideo.com] celebrates back-door cleaning out in a grand way... You'll see costumed young women and a wide array of implements and devices...On the site you'll also find a message board, personals,...and some helpful advice on getting started with enema play.
One really nice thing about Enemas.com is that you don't have to take my word for what's offered. Go to the site and peek in on each and every update. All are available for preview, so you can see the costumes and equipment and read the summaries before you hand over a credit card."
“All of that remains true, but it is so much better now! The site is significantly less expensive, and there is a lot more content with better organization.”

A Wizard of Ass Productions has taken over the place now, and they bring their own unique passion to it.”

“There are currently well over 135 video clips (wmv format) and 5,700 photos here now, and they are all smoking hot and very high quality.”

“This is not a site filled with bored looking folks with enema nozzles in their bum. You'll see lots of very adorable, fit, and young women taking real enemas and expelling them in a very sexually charged context.”

“The enema gear is varied. You'll find balloon nozzles, flow indicators, colonic tubes, funnels, and a lot more. There are some exotic (and even potentially life threatening) enemas given here. You'll see women taking grape juice, milk, and even beer. The site owner is responsible about explaining the dangers of alcohol enemas, which I appreciated.”

“Punishment, reward, medical, and sensual enemas are given on this site.”

“The tone of domination is very respectful and firm, and for some reason that polite and demanding combination was a zillion times hotter for me than the usual attempt at gritty conversation.”

“If you enjoy BDSM, there are a lot of elements of it here. Suspension, canes, vibrators, plastic wrap, bondage/enema chair, spankings, and roleplay are all over the place.”

“There is also a dose of lesbian and hardcore sex.”

“If I had to sum it up, I think that I would say it is about psychological and physical domination through liquid penetration. I think that this site will appeal to those that like to receive, as well as those that like to give.”

“I know that I was on the edge of my seat watching this, and I wanted more.”

“Edgy, respectful, and diabolical!”

—Vamp, at Jane's Guide

EnemaWizardVideo.com review by 'Fetish Fish', an independent review site
Updated Review by "Fetish Fish"

“You'd have to be crazy not to join Enema Wizard Video”

“EnemaWizardVideo has a lot more than just enemas to look forward to. There are also tons of insertions and blowjobs, a lot of bondage and fucking and much, much more”

“Some of the babes are even bound in straightjackets in a couple of the 51 movies. Most of the time, the liquids filling a babe's ass and/or pussy (usually 'and') is water, but sometimes what's being used looks creamy or even soapy”

“Two of the movies have what's called a 'girls-only' version of the scene, which is basically the same video with all the parts pertaining to men edited out”

“Extras include a blog and several diary entries from the models. There's also a message board and an 'Ask The Wizard' column, where user questions pertaining to enemas and the performances are answered”

“Considering how few enema sites are online, you'd have to be crazy not to join Enema Wizard Video. Not only is the content unique and high in quality, but also it's really hot, the babes are sexy and you get a ton of action”

—Master Graymalkin, at Fetish Fish

Review by 'Self Lovers World', an independent review site
Review by "Self-Lover's World"

“Rarely have I seen a site so lovingly dedicated to its subject matter”

“The name really says it all, but rarely have I seen a site so lovingly dedicated to its subject matter”

“Enemas.com [former name for EnemaWizardVideo.com] is that rare site that refuses to add commercial value by straying from its prime purpose, and instead revels in a fetish of all things its name suggests; watersports, anal play and filling young girls asses with as much water (and other fluids) as they can take”

“The detail that goes into the content here is without doubt some of the most impressive I've experienced and, not only shows a passion rarely seen on such a mainstream offering, but also allows visitors more than just the standard 'take a tour' to get to grips with things”

“The couple of videos I downloaded made for uncomfortable viewing and left me with a worry that these girls didn't seem to be enjoying this stuff too much at all. I guess for some people that's all part of the turn on, and the site assures us that all the girls are well looked after”

“If this is your thing - and you'll hopefully know already whether it is or not - then you'll definitely want in”

Self Lover's World

Review by 'Guide2Porn', an independent review site Review by "Guide2Porn"

"It is clearly a true labor of love by a real enema fetishist. We highly recommend this site whether you're into enemas or not... You might find it curiously attractive"

"Have you ever wanted to see a pretty young woman have a tube inserted up her ass and have water drip fed into her rectum? Or hear her whimper quietly in discomfort as the fluid fills her colon and her pretty butt is smacked to a gentle blush? Well that's the theme of this unique site and, unless you're already an enema enthusiast, you really won't realize how fascinating this can be unless you see it for yourself"

"It is immediately apparent that a tremendous amount of care and attention has been lavished on this site by its developer 'The Wizard of Ass'. It is clearly a true labor of love by a real enema fetishist. But don't be put off by the apparent niche interest. If you like pretty women with shapely butts, and maybe more than a hint of sexual punishment, then you may well find this site genuinely intriguing"

"It amazed us how willingly these lovely young women accept their bizarre punishment. Don't worry, Guide2Porn would never knowingly publicize a web site which genuinely abused or degraded anyone. It is quite apparent that The Wizard has won the confidence of these girls who then allow him to do what he does to them - even dare we suggest to the point of enjoying it!"

"The videos are what really makes this site work so well. There are some 30 feature films from 1 to 1.5 hours long"

"The photographic series of camera stills shot during the shooting of the feature films (200-300 images per film). They are good quality and worth collecting in their own right. We also found them useful for deciding whether it's worth downloading the videos"

"Bonus content includes an enema advice column, message boards and a section on enema equipment"

"Excellent tour giving a true idea of what the site is like in the members area with many free - albeit low resolution - images in the preview pages"

"We highly recommend this site whether you're into enemas or not. This is what self expression, freedom and the internet is all about. Why not go over and take a look. You might find it curiously attractive"


Review by 'Janes Guide', an independent review site, giving us 'Original & Quality' Awards
Earlier review by "Jane's Guide": Quality and Originality Awards

"It's obvious that it's a labor of love site as well as a commercial venture. If this is your kink, it's a great site"

"It's nice to see an enema/anal play website that is so obviously truly into the content they are producing. On the whole, it ends up feeling a lot more respectful of the subject matter that way, providing a ton of great info, and still being hot"

"The site is focused on the kink of enemas, with young female models being on the receiving end"

"He does a great job of giving a very detailed overview of what each set of photos/video includes: what kind of sex, enema, and sometimes bdsm play is in each series"

Jane's Guide

Review by 'Fetish Fish', an independent review site
Earlier Review by "Fetish Fish"

"All in all, Enemas.com [former name for EnemaWizardVideo.com] is exceptionally teasing, suspenseful and erotic"

"Some sites take their fetishes seriously and Enemas is one site where you know that the content producers are passionate and enthusiastic about their niche"

"In fact, just in case you are new to the sensational world of Enemas you'll find an area on this site where you can get an Enema 101 lesson and there's another section where you can read all about how one particular teen became an enema slave. There are also extra links to live girls and colonic and anal photo galleries and there's an active and free message board where you can discuss the site, the models or anything else"

"The top page menu is easy to use and the site allows members and non-members to experience some of the same content"

"While enemas are the order of the day, there are other kinky elements like spanking, peeing and bondage"

"Quality and camerawork is good and sound is superb"

"I watched an erotic film with a sexy babe... There's an element of domination as she's spanked and then fed grapes, although her butt was especially hungry for them. Water washes the globes deeper into her ass before she's allowed to expel them. Other episodes contain Sybians, bondage, suppositories, squeeze bulbs, syringe enemas and more. Scenes are slow, meticulous and reality driven, which suits the fetish and some girls are pleasured by the enema, while others struggle"

"Those into the complete process of play and enema will appreciate the length of the movies and the deep penetration aspect of the enema. Fetishists will definitely get off on this amateur site"

—Mistress Tracy, at Fetish Fish

[EnemaWizardVideo.com notes: The "teen enema slave" is Katia, who also has a diary. The "Enema 101" section is for both novices and advanced players.]

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