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Membership & Billing

Q.: I have an issue/problem related to billing or my account (cancelling, forgotten password, change username/pass, etc.)

Please go to the Membership & Billing page

Q.: I really want to join, but your biller won't accept my credit card!

1) We also accept online checks (US) and Lastschrift, Automatische Incasso, Cargo Bancario, Direct Debit (EU)
2) Did you try another credit card?
3) Have you checked your balances?
If you're unable to join, please contact us.


Q.: I'm a new member. Where do I log in?

Select "Login" from the navigation bar at the top, or go here. To better protect your account, please make sure to log out when finished.

Q.: Help, I can't log in!! What do I do?

Please go here for advice.

Q.: When I try to download, I'm sometimes asked to log in again, even though I logged in less than a couple of hours before. This seems to happen, in an inconsistent manner, at random times!

Those are symptoms of someone else accessing your account. Only one person can be logged in at a time. If a second person logs in, then the first person gets automatically logged out (which will get caught at the time a download is attempted.)

Did you share your password? That's not allowed by the terms of your subscription. Or maybe you have a weak password, which someone else guessed? In either case, the remedy is to change your password immediately, to "lock out" whoever else is using your accoung.


This site is tested on Internet Explorer 8 & higher, Firefox and Chrome, running on PC's. Firefox (free download) is also available for Mac OS X and Linux, though we only test our sites on PC's. Chrome is available for free from Google: Link
At present, we do not support other browsers. This site will most likely work with other browsers and other operating systems, but we can't guarantee it.

Enabling JavaScript (typically, a default browser setting) provides extra site functionality but is not critically needed.

What computer/browser do I have?


Slow vs. Fast Internet Connection

Do you have fast Internet connection? Nowadays, most people do. In areas where DSL is not available, cable may be the next best.

If you surf the 'net a lot, especially for music or videos, you'll find that fast Internet connections are worth every penny! However, you can download large video files over an ancient dial-up modem: just leave it running while you do other things, or even overnight.
Do you have an ancient dial-up modem or a slow internet connection? Are you new to surfing sites with movies?

Q.: Is there any way to download movies faster? It takes hours. Why?

A.: Files containing movies tend to be quite large, because there's an immense amount of visual information in a film. So, if one maintains halfway decent quality (as we do in the downloadable films), the file size will be very large. Alternatively, if the file size is forced to be small, the quality will be mediocre at best.

The remedy? Fast Internet connections or patience! In some cases, the problem might be short-lived, caused by network or server overload: for more information, please see this post on our user forum

Downloadable Video

The format we use is for all our video on this site is Microsoft Windows Media. Do you have the latest version of the Windows Media Player? If your operating system is Windows 7 or 8, then you can use the newest Windows Media Player 12. If your operating system is Vista or XP, then you the newest version of Windows Media Player that you can run is version 11.

You can download Microsoft Windows Media for free from the Microsoft site. (Most store-bought computers come with it pre-installed.)

To download our videos, do NOT right click on the download buttons. Simply do a regular (left) click on it.

The 101 BASICS : how to download and view the videos
(En français) Comment télécharger et voir les films
(In italiano) Come si fa a scaricare e guardare i film

Technical Notes:

Bitrate and pixel dimensions have increased over time. Currently, downloadable video is being released at a 1,700 kbps bitrate, with 720x480 pixels (648x480 if expressed as square pixels.) In terms of file size, that works out to about 13 MB per minute of video. The codec (encoder) used is Windows Media Player 11, using variable bitrate (i.e., the bitrate is automatically allocated where needed most based on the the demands of the scene's visual complexity, and on average it is 1,700 kbps.) In short, that means large files but high video quality.

Downloadable video files from our older films might have lower bitrates. Many have been re-issued at higher rates, and others will be re-issued in the future.


Our target pixel size for photos is 1,440 x 1,080 (for our older content it used to be 1280x960 or 1024x768.) For best viewing, please make sure that your monitor resolution is set no higher than that. You should also set the "Color quality" of your display to the maximum, such as "Highest (32 bit)."

In Windows Vista, right-click on an empty area of the screen (i.e. on the background), and choose "Personalize". Then click on "Display Settings", and you'll be able to set the Resolution and Colors.
In Windows XP, right-click on an empty area of the screen (i.e. on the background), and choose "Properties". Then select the Settings tab, and you'll be able to set the Screen resolution and the Color quality.

Zipped files:

Photo sets are made available as zipped files. That means that you can download a lot of photos with a single click. Make sure to UNZIP ("unpack") the files before viewing the photos. In principle, you could simply look inside the zipped file (which shows up as is it were a folder) and double-clicking to start viewing the photos. However, this process is slower.

The remedy? Just go inside the zip file and select all the photos. Then drag-and-drop the photos onto your desktop or some other location where you want to store them. Now you'll have the old zip file (which is OK to delete) and the EXTRACTED photo files.

Technical Notes:

Except for older photo sets, 1,440 x 1,080 is our standard size – but only for photos that have that same 4:3 aspect ratio (width over height). If the photo has a different aspect ratio, our policy is to size the photo so that the width is never more than 1,280 AND the height is never more than 1,080. Why? Otherwise, your viewing program will simply scale down the photo. We ARE ASSUMING here that your screen is set to no more than 1,440 x 1,080 resolution, which should cover most people.

For example, in the case of vertical photos, you'll encounter pixel dimensions such as 700x1,080, or 500x1,080, etc. – depending on how "narrow and tall" the photo is. If we made a vertical photo to be, for example, 2,000x3,000 , it'd simply be scaled down by your viewing program. Pixel sizes exceeding the screen resolution are wasteful (unless you're going to print the photo in poster size, which is unlikely): they lead to unnecessarily large files sizes or, for a give file size, they require greater compression.

File sizes vary (they are compressed at a fixed JPG compression setting of 8, "high"), because some photos have far more detail – not to mention different dimensions – than others. On average, photos seem to be roughly 180 KB, but sizes vary all over the map. Our oldest photo sets tend to have a fixed file size of 130 KB, which is a legacy from the days when storage and download times were a much bigger issue than today.

What's a "Zipped file"?

A zip FILE is a collection of files (for example, photos) bundled together, so that they can be downloaded at once and stored together. As you download a zip file, you save it on your computer (like any file), and later you "unpack it."

To make an analogy, a zip file is like a shipping box. You stuff the goodies inside, then send it, then unpack it. Much better than dealing with each item individually...

Even if takes a long time to download a large zip file, it's a lot more convenient (and easier on the wrist!) that downloading photos one by one. You can just start a couple of downloads, and then come back later.

How does one "unpack" the zip files? It depends on your operating system:

Technical Problems with this site?

Hint: Have you tried hitting the "reload" button on your browser? It solves the problem a good many times!

Unresolvable Problems

If your tech problems still persist after you try the above tips, please contact us. Cut-and-paste the questionnaire below into your email or user-forums post, and fill in your answers. The filled-in questionnaire is highly recommended to speed up resolving your problem.


To help us better assist you, please fill out entirely. NOT TO BE USED FOR BILLING PROBLEMS (see above.)

- Which site are you experience a problem on? The site you're currently on is

- Do you have a current membership to our site?

- Are you on a PC or a Mac?

- What's your operating system? (e.g., "Windows 8", "Windows 7", "Windows Vista", "Windows XP", or "Mac", etc.)

- What browser are you using?

What computer/browser do I have? (opens in separate tab.)

- Are you using a home computer or a computer in a corporate enviroment?

- What kind of connection do you have to the Internet (e.g., dialup modem, DSL, cable, corporate network)?

- What page(s) on this site does the problem affect?

- If your problem is with downloadable video, did you try a simple "regular" (left) click on the link?

- Is the problem new (in other words, the particular feature worked before -- and then stopped working), or has it never worked for you?

- Describe *in great detail* exactly what sequence of actions you took (where you clicked, what happened, what messages you got)

- Have you tried accessing the site from a different computer? Did that make any difference?

Thanks for your patience, and for your assistance in solving your technical problem.

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