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CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE. Rachel gets an enema with an antique metal syringe!

Rachel gets an enema with an antique metal syringe!

Mini Review - It's nice to see  an  enema/anal play website that is so obviously truly into the content they are producing. On the whole,  it ends up feeling a lot more respectful of the subject matter that way,  providing a ton of great info, and still being hot. The site is focused on the kink of enemas,  with young female models being on the  receiving end. The preview has mostly description and thumbnails that don't link to larger images, but do give a good idea of the content inside. The layout is such that if you're a member you can click on the link beneath recent updates to get the content, visitors will be sent to a join screen. The format inside is downloadable zip files of photographs, and both streaming and downloadable movie files in Windows Media Player format,  with resolutions/file sizes offered for both broadband and dialup users. He does a great job of giving a very detailed overview of what each set of photos/video includes:  what kind of sex,  enema, and sometimes bdsm play is in each series. It's obvious that it's a labor of love site as well as a commercial venture. If this is your kink, it's a great site. —Jane's Guide , 05/18/2004 review

"It's nice to see an enema/anal play website that is so obviously truly into the content they are producing..."

Lexine is a gorgeous college girl who is desperate to join an exclusive sorority. She earlier endured a long and intense hazing initiation at the hands of Mackenzie, a hot brunette who belongs to the sorority...

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Morgan gets needles in her breasts prior to her enema. Click for larger version

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